Weathers Equipment
Weathers Universal
Tone Arm Blank - 1-3/4" Wide
(EQP) WEA-UTA1.3/4
Weathers universal tone arm blank. 1-3/4" wide base. "Feather-Lite", solid walnut designed by Paul Weathers. These were marketed as "Universal Tonearms" for the Weathers Hi-Fi systems. Very rare indeed. Click here for more information on these marvelous tone arms.
$19 each - $15 (5+)
Weathers Universal
Tone Arm Blank - 1-5/8" Wide
(EQP) WEA-UTA1.5/8
Weathers universal tone arm blank. 1-5/8" wide base. "Feather-Lite", solid walnut designed by Paul Weathers. These were marketed as "Universal Tonearms" for the Weathers Hi-Fi systems. Very rare indeed. Click here for more information on these marvelous tone arms.
$15 each - $12 (5+)
Weathers TK2215
New in the Box - Never Used
33 1/3 rpm Turntable
(EQP) WEA-TK2215
SYNCHROMATIC SUPER "66" turntable direct from the 1960's to you. Includes original box, manual and paperwork.

Highlights in the manual include a "Feather-lite solid walnut viscous damped tone arm" with "LDM Stereo Cartridge" which is diamond. Solid walnut base, two synchronous timing motors with independent simultaneous direct drives, precision 12" aluminum platter and a unique "new" shock suspension system are among the other features. Turntable seems to be ready to go with RCA output plugs and standard AC plug.

All sales final. We state this product appears new, albeit from the 60's. No warranty is offered or implied. On the turntable, the old shipping foam rubber stuck to the aluminum deck and the aluminum may be oxidized in places. Even on the best TK2215 the aluminum has no coloration under the arm rather than the normal slight discoloration from age elsewhere on the deck. We believe the original aluminum decks were coated with something that yellowed slightly over the years. The foam pad under the tone arm took this coating off leaving bright aluminum.

For our second version, the TK2215P, the stylus has been removed and we are unable to locate replacements. Your chance for a bargain on this classic turntable.

The third version we have has a built in preamplifier. Two pilot lamps show on the left deck. I only have a few and these are rather rare.
$549 each
Weathers TK2215
New unit, missing stylus and / or cartridge. Possible foam rubber problem or other blems.
$400 each

New preamplified unit, as clean as they come.
***SOLD OUT***
Weathers turntable aluminum deck. New, never used. Click here for picture.
$25 each

Weathers turntable aluminum deck and walnut base, 4 sides. Click here for picture.
$39 each
Synchronous Weathers
Turntable Motor
(MOT) 31761R
Synchron turntable motors from the once famous Weathers turntable. A synchronous motor achieves its predetermined RPM and stays there. In this case, 600 RPM. Shaft rotates clockwise looking at shaft end. Brand new excess from Compass Technical, the last producer of Weathers products from the 1960's.
RPM: 600
Power: 110vac 60 Hz 5 watts
Shaft: 0.062" x 15/16" long
Casing: brass
Mounting: 4 tabs, 2 each side spaced 2" center to center.
$19 each
Weathers Tone Arm Base
Weathers tone arm base. Black rubber. 2.486" outside diameter.
$12 each - $11.25 (6+)
Cinch AC Jack
7 amp / 120v
(CNE) 82-183
Cinch AC jack. 7 amp, 120v. UL listed. Purchased for use on Weathers line of the 1960s. Mates with 2 pin cheater cord (right). 1-1/4" c-c mount holes. 5/16" c-c terminals. NOTE: Works with all non-polarized Columbia Electronic cables, including (WCC) CHEATCORD.
$1.50 each - $1.30 (25+), $1.07 (100+)
8 Foot Cheater Cord
16 Gauge / 7 amp
Socket end 2 round pins, same size, non polarized. AC cord 2 blade, non-polarized. UL Listed. 16 gauge rated at 7 amps. 8' long. Brown. Excess new / unused stock from Weathers Turntable manufacturing of the mid 60’s.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Copper Colored Bottom Cover
for Weathers Pre-Amp Box
Aluminum copper colored bottom cover for Weathers pre-amp box. 3-1/4" x 5-1/2".
$1.50 each - $1.25 (10+)
Weathers PS-60
Pre-Amp Cover
Weathers PS-60 pre-amp cover. Aluminum cover for Weathers pre-amplifier. 3-1/4" x 5" x 1"H.
$1.50 each - $1.25 (10+)
Weathers CA66
Empty Stylus Case
Brand New!!! Weathers CA66 empty stylus case. Black tutone case. 2-5/8" x 3-5/8" x 1-7/8"H. Historically, one of the finest cartridges of its time. (Too bad its just the case).
$3.75 each - $3.25 (10+)
Wood Audio
Amplifer Cabinet
Compass Technical made a stereo amplifier / tuner back in the 60's and this is the cabinet. I have a hundred or so new, still in the wrapper. The real, authentic WALNUT veneer over wood is beautiful. This cabinet contains NO METAL.
Outside: 15-3/8" x 10" x 5-3/4"H
Inside: 14-5/16" x 9-1/8" x 4-1/4"H
$29 each