Surplus Sales of Nebraska Privacy Statement

Effective March 1, 2020

This privacy statement discloses what information we collect and how that information is used in the course of doing business with us, using our website, or using our website tools.

What information we collect and how it is used:
During you visit and use of our website, we will collect the IP Address of the device you are using. This information helps us by providing general geographical information, helps in determination and elimination of fraudulent activity, and may be used for internal marketing analysis. We also collect device specific data like the type of device you are using, the browser type and version used, and other technical information which helps us tailor our site to better serve the broad spectrum of equipment used to browse our website. Our website requires the use of cookies. We issue and store a unique alpha-numeric identifier, which has no meaning to anyone outside of the internal use of Surplus Sales of Nebraska. We do not store any personal identifiable information within our cookies, which may allow third parties or malicious actors to discover anything identifying our customers or users of our website. These internal cookies allow us to maintain continuity while you use our website, identify your session to support your shopping cart and checkout process, identify you when you return or operate multiple browser sessions. We also use third party tools which issue additional cookies to your browsing session. These cookies have no link to any personal identifiable information you may give us. These cookies are used on a much broader scope to give us analytical information regarding use or our site, usage trends, and tracking effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Provided Voluntarily:
During the use of our site, we may request your email address, phone number or other information in order to communicate with you, based upon a request for information, notification of stock change, price change, or other requested status update. You will have the right to request we stop such communication, or delete your contact information. If you provide this information voluntarily for general marketing purposes, you will have the ability to adjust the frequency of such contact. While placing orders with us, you will be required to provide more detailed information about yourself including but not limited to billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and payment details. This information is kept strictly confidential as a matter of doing business with Surplus Sales of Nebraska. While we may share some of the provided information with a third-party vendor for purposes of processing a payment, shipping your package, or other such required activity in order to fulfill your order; Surplus Sales of Nebraska will never sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal information to anyone for any other purpose. After doing business with us, you may request this information be deleted. While we may not be able to immediately fulfill the deletion request due governmental or regulatory records retention requirements, we will make note of your request and fulfill it upon the expiration of any retention period. You may also provide us with a logon and password during the use of our website. We use this to protect your personal information, allow you to access previous correspondence, review previous orders, view shipment tracking information, or other services. You also may request this information be deleted. Without this information, there will be no way to access any previously provided personal information through our website. Surplus Sales of Nebraska staff will not be able to provide you with this information either by telephone or email, nor shall our staff ever request this information from you over the phone or email. Surplus Sales of Nebraska will never store your password in either plain-text nor encrypted format, but instead we use a proprietary algorithm to one way encrypt your password into a hash token to only be recognized again when you provide your password to logon again. If you lose your password we may request other identifiable information, require a response via previously known contact methods, or other inquiry in order to verify your identity before providing a method to reset logon keys. We take your privacy seriously and request you help us by not using the same password on other websites, not sharing your password with others, not using a link sent to you by email requesting your user name or password.

Securing your information:
Surplus Sales of Nebraska takes securing your information and our information seriously. We are constantly keeping up with the latest technology and attempts to thwart such technology. We make every attempt to maintain the most secure environment and mitigate both known and unknown threats as discovered. Sensitive personal information is encrypted and stored on servers isolated from the website, only exchanging such information at the moment of request. We maintain a secure facility with controlled access.

Updates to this Privacy Statement
From time to time, Surplus Sales of Nebraska may update this privacy statement. Updates will be posted here, on our website.

While our website will not contain any content inappropriate to younger age groups, we will not knowingly communicate or do business with those under the age of majority.

Do Not Track
Some browsers implement Do Not Track (DNT) settings. Currently our website does not acknowledge or identify this technology.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policy or your information, please contact us at or write us at:

Surplus Sales of Nebraska
601 South 14th Street Suite 100
Fort Calhoun, Nebraska 68023, USA