Panel Lampholders with Lens
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Double Lamp Panel Indicator
(LMP) VM205-5
Marco double lamp panel indicator. Fits in 1/2" x 1-1/4" hole with back bracket. Use two midget flange bulbs (not included).
$18 each
Green Lens Panel Indicator
Green lens panel indicator. Requires T1-3/4 bayonet bulb like #47 (not included). Fits 3/4"D hole. 1/4" "QC" terminals.
$5 each
Converter Lens
(LMP) A0014
O&S converter lens. Use a midget flange bulb in this T3-1/4 bayonet housing. Fits any T3-1/4 (like #47) socket. Flat red lens. 3/4"D.
$8 each - $7 (6+)
Adjustable Iris Dimmable Red Lens
Dialight adjustable iris dimmable red lens. Male thread. 0.364" outside diameter. Knurled body: 0.570" outside diameter.
$10 each
1" Panel Indicator
125v / 75w
Dialight 1" panel indicator. 125v, 75w. O-ring seal on lens. Screw terminals. 1" red glass lens. Fits 1"D hole. 3" overall length. Use candelabra base lamp up to 75w, 125v.
$22 each
Red Glass Lens
(LMP) 19-0531-200
Dialight red glass lens. 1" diameter. Smooth outer surface. Mfg. P/N: 19-0531-200.
$7 each - $6 (6+), $5 (25+), $4 (100+)
1" Glass Replacement Lens
(LMP) 80-0511-200
Dialight red glass replacement lens for Dialight panel indicator. 1" diameter. Female thread.
$12 each - $6 (10+)
Incandescent Soft Glow Lamp
(LMP) MDL-2632A-7
Tec Lite incandescent soft glow lamp with prism lens. 24v. Solder cup terminals. 1.345" overall length. Requires 3/8"D mounting hole.
$2 each - $1.75 (10+), $1.50 (25+), $1.25 (100+)
Lamp Holder for Cartridges
(LMP) 508-8745-504
Dialight lamp holder for cartridges. Requires 250 series cap. Turret terminals. 0.375" mounting hole, 1.406"L, up to 0.40" panel thickness. Fits cartridges: (LMP) 1869, 2222 C4-2H, CML008 on this page.
$8.50 each - $7.75 (6+), $7 (25+)
Map Reading Light
(LMP) 312MAP
Map reading lamp. Black anodized aluminum body. Push on to maintain. Push again to off. Orange indicator illuminates and unfiltered light escapes the adjustable slot (0 to 1/2"L) on bottom side. 2.58" overall length, 1.2" behind panel depth. Fits 0.625"D hole. Includes 1813 pilot lamp (14.4v @ 0.1 amp).
$25 each - $21 (6+)
Red Glass Indicator Lamp Cap
(LMP) 80-10-1560-RED
Thorn Electrical Components red glass indicator lamp cap. Convex cap, smooth face, frosted inside surface. External thread mount. Lamp NOT included, T-1-3/4. 0.0625"L x 0.75" diameter. DC: 1981. NSN: 6210-01-083-0976.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
Tec Lite Neon Panel Lamp
(LMP) 43A127940PT2
Transistor Electronics Corp. TEC lite neon panel lamp. Pin 1: 0 to +6v DC input. Pin 2: 90 to 120v DC supply. Pin 3: +3v DC common. Fits 3/8" hole. Incorporates a NE-2V, 1 mA lamp.
$4.75 each - $4.25 (10+), $3.75 (25+), $2.99 (100+)
Reflective Jewel Lens Panel Lamp Holder
(LMP) 502-8136-2133-102
Dialight reflective jewel lens panel lamp holder. Lights yellow. T-3-1/4 lamp (not included). Screw-in mount. Miniature bayonet base. 1.968"L x 1"D, 0.25" max panel thickness, 0.688" mounting hole. Nickel body, 2 tab solder lugs. Alt. P/N: WU39820, 132-033, 810B433. NSN: 6210-00-299-5440.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
Panel Lamp
(LMP) 52-1363-0991-332
Dialight panel lamp. Round frame / lens. Chromium steel body, 2 screw terminals. Uses T-3-1/4 bulb (not included). 2.217"L x 0.933"D. Needs 0.688" mounting hole. Alt. P/N: HF2296, 400847-3. NSN: 6210-00-034-3891.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Vintage Drake Red Glass Lens Assembly
(LMP) 208
Vintage Drake red glass lens lamp assembly. Mounts in 0.69"D hole via lens / bracket hole. Use threaded bulb like #46 (6.3v) or #1477 (24v) on this page. 1-5/8" overall length. NSN: 6210-299-5934.
$14 each
Dome Lens
(LMP) 81-2237-300
Dialight dome lens. Clear smooth glass. 0.55"D male threads.
$5 each - $4 (10+), $3.50 (50+)
Blue Convex Lens
(LMP) 310601-0114
Dialco / Dialight blue convex lens, chromium body. Uses bulb type S6 (not included). 2.24"L x 1.375"D. New, old stock. Original package. NSN: 6210-00-199-8625.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
Dialight Panel Lamp Holder with Clear Plastic Lens
(LMP) 169-1137-203
Dialight panel lamp holder with clear plastic lens. 0.83"L x 0.75"D. Internal thread mount. 27 threads per inch, 0.688" thread diameter. Uses T-3 1/4 Lamp. Alt. P/N: TC222WC, LC19CN, MIL-L-3661/19. NSN: 6210-00-989-9885.
$5 each - $4 (10+), $3.50 (50+)
Blue Jeweled Lens
(LMP) LG-B-11.16
Blue jeweled diamond lens. Blue 3/4" chrome body. 11/16" male threads. 3/4" x 13/32".
$5.50 each
Amber Jeweled Lens
Amber jeweled lens. Chrome plated brass cut crystal lens. 1/2" threaded neck.
$3 each - $2.50 (10+)
Green Jeweled Lens
(LMP) LG-G-11.16
Green jeweled lens. Green 11/16" diamond chrome body. 11/16" male threads. 7/8" x 13/16"
$4.50 each - $3.90 (6+)
Drake Dialight Lamp Socket
(LMP) LH-74/1
Drake dialight lamp socket. Panel mount, Solder eyelets. 361 series. Requires T2 midget flange base neon lamp (not included). Pair with LM74 lenses below. 15/32" hole. 1" x 9/16".
$5.50 each
White Lens Assy
White lens assy. Fits (LMP) LH-74 socket. 5/16" threads. 29/32" x 7/16"
$3.95 each
Lens Reducer
(LMP) LB11-16MX9-16F
Lens reducer. Adapts 1/2" (9/16") lens to 11/16" (0.677"). Lens-bezel, 11/16"M x 9/16"F. Use small lens in a larger holder. Fits 11/16" hole. 3/4" x 7/16"
$2.75 each
Clear Lens Assy
Clear lens assy. Fits (LMP) LH-74 socket. 5/16" threads. 29/32" x 7/16"
$3.75 each
Red Lens Assy
Red lens assy. Fits (LMP) LH-74 socket. 5/16" threads. 29/32" x 7/16"
*** SOLD OUT ***
Panel Mount Lampholder
(LMP) 221V-AE/R
Drake-Chicago T-3-1/4 panel mount lampholder. Includes red lens cap. Accepts 1/2" threaded lens. Requires 0.70" (minimum) hole. Single contact, ground return. 1-3/8" behind panel depth. Includes chrome mounting bezel. Lamp view is head on through lens. Use standard bayonet lamp like #47 (not included). NSN: 6210-151-5236.
$4.50 each - $4.25 (6+), $3.90 (25+)
Eaton Light Indicator
(LMP) RDLB2/F09-000
Eaton light indicator. White fresnel lens. Requires T1-3/4 midget flanged bulb (not included). For aircraft. Requires 1/2" diameter panel opening, up to 1/2" thick. Alt P/N: 1450-0435. NSN: 6210-01-027-8932.
$6.95 each
Panel Mount Lamp
Socket Assembly
(LMP) 5100-842
Panel monut lamp socket assembly. Red diamond lens. T-1-3/4 bayonet lamps. 100k resistor built in. For neon lamp use such as NE-51. UL and CSA listed. Includes lamp. Removed from equipment.
$18 each
"Drake" Neon
Bayonet Lamp Socket
(LMP) 5100-842/S
Drake neon bayonet lamp socket with built in 100k resistor. 250v, 7-10w, solder terminals. Use with T-3-1/4 Neon lamp NE-51. Panel mount. Lens not included. 1-11/16" x 13/16". 11/16" hole.
$12 each - $11 (6+)
Panel Lampholder
White Translucent Domed Lens
(LMP) AS-82W
Baco panel lampholder. Chrome bezel. White translucent domed lens. Threaded base lamp requires 0.5" diameter hole. 1.18"D panel opening required, keyed. Two rubber gaskets & brass mounting nut.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
Panel Lampholder
Green Translucent Domed Lens
(LMP) AS-82G
Baco panel lampholder. Chrome bezel. Green translucent domed lens. Threaded base lamp requires 0.5" diameter hole. 1.18"D panel opening required, keyed. Two rubber gaskets & brass mounting nut.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
Panel Lampholder
White Flat Top Lens
Baco panel lampholder. Chrome bezel. White flat top lens. Threaded base lamp requires 0.5" diameter hole. 1.18"D panel opening required, keyed. Two rubber gaskets & brass mounting nut.
$15 each
Panel Lampholder
Green Flat Top Lens
Baco panel lampholder. Chrome bezel. Green flat top lens. Threaded base lamp requires 0.5" diameter hole. 1.18"D panel opening required, keyed. Two rubber gaskets & brass mounting nut.
$15 each
Panel Lampholder
(LMP) VM911S58WT
Oak panel lampholder. Uses bayonet lamp #47 (not included). Very high quality. Includes all trim hardware. Fits 5/8" hole.
$13.75 each - $12 (6+)
"Push to Test"
Panel Mount Lamp
(LMP) VM917-111
Oak "Push To Test" panel mount lamp. "Push to Test" feature allows field test of pilot lamp. Requires T 3-1/4 bayonet bulb (#47), (not included). Lens labeled "ARM". Orange light indicator. Requires 5/8" hole. Fits up to 3/8" panel. 2-1/4" overall length.
$18 each - $16.75 (6+)
Panel Lamp
(LMP) MS90288
Panel lamp uses T3-1/4 bayonet lamp like #47 (not included). White lens. Lens cap rotates to open / close shutter - Bright / Dim. Bezel measures 0.825"D x 0.891". 1.48" behind panel depth. 2.38" overall length. Requires 5/8" hole.
$15 each - $14 (6+), $13.25 (25+), $12 (100+)
"Rotate to Dim"
Panel Lamp - Blue Lens
(LMP) MS90288-B
Dialco panel lamp. Blue lens. Rotate cap to dim. Uses T3-1/4 bayonet lamp like #47 (not included). Fits 5/8" diameter hole. 1.48" behind panel depth. New, shelf worn.
$15 each
Socket with Red Lens Cover
(LMP) 510410
Dialight socket for miniature bayonet T-3 1/4 bulb - rated 125v 75 watts. Red lens cover, triangle facets. Nickel plated. 2 solder lugs, 1 hex nut, and 1 lock washer (viewable with enlarged image). 1.4" diameter x 2.5" overall. 1" panel hole, 0.82" above panel. P/N: 51-0410-0431-301, NSN: 6210-00-299-5089.
$24 each
Faceted Candelabra Base Panel Lamp
(LMP) 51-3304-1331-915
Dialight faceted candelabra base panel lamp. Uses T-4-1/2 bulb (not included). Screw-in mounting. 2.188"L x 1.188"D. Needs 1" panel hole. 2 screw terminal. Alt P/N: 106-037, 00106-0037, 69268. NSN: 6210-00-295-2435.
$24 each - $20 (6+)
Dialco Panel Lamp Lens
Dialco panel lamp lens. Dimmable. Nut & washer mount. Amber lens, yellow when lit. Convex. Black metal, mechanical shutter inside to dim or brighten. Alt. P/N: MIL-L-3661/18. NSN: 6210-00-067-8369.
$10 each - $8 (10+), $7 (50+)
Panel Lamp Holder
White Translucent Lens Cap
(LMP) 1-60502
Rafi panel lamp holder. 250v, 2 watt. White translucent lens cap. Requires threaded bulb. No hardware. Requires 5/8" opening. 1" behind, 1" front.
$4.95 each - $4.50 (6+)
Blue Hi-Temp Soft Plastic
Lens Cover
(LMP) 1813/8-LW1
Blue Hi-Temp soft plastic lamp cover fits T-3-1/4 lamps (#47). APM hexseal. Meets Mil-Spec Mil-L-27160. Mfg. P/N: 1813/8-LW1. NSN: 6210-00-411-4628.
50¢ each - 40¢ (25+)
12 Position Indicator Bank
(LMP) 4190-411-502
12 position indicator bank. Each green lens has split screen and is illuminated with two T-1 sub-miniature flange lamps. This is NOT a switch. 9-3/8" c-c mounting holes. 9-3/4" overall length x 2" deep. Space Lab spare part.
$95 each
Hooded Panel Lamp Holder
(LMP) 21-0410-290
Dialight hooded panel lamp holder. Use with any miniature bayonet bulb like #47 (not included). Hood shields light from eyes in cockpit but illuminates panel. Hood rotates. Mounts in 5/8" hole. NSN: 6210-00-299-4560.
$15 each
Marine Navigational Light
(LMP) MS17847SYM203
Marine navigational light, Navy shipboard. Flip-up bronze shield over glass lamp dome. Lamp socket for 2 pin base, bayonet candelabra. 225º visibility arc. Plastic body. Mounts in 1" diameter hole. Completely waterproof. NSN: 6220-00-782-9403.
$75 each
Drake Dialco
(LMP) 922210-R
Drake Dialco. Dimmable. Red. Used, removed.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Drake Dialco
(LMP) 922210-AM
Drake Dialco. Dimmable. Amber. Used, removed.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Drake Dialco
(LMP) 922210-W
Drake Dialco. Dimmable. Frosty white. Includes bayonet style bulb like #47. Used, removed.
*** SOLD OUT ***