Pressure Controllers
White-Rodgers 1947 Antique
Pressure Controller
(SWX) 1533-10
White Rodgers 1947 antique pressure controller. This is a complete low side (25 inches to 50 psi w/3-35 lbs diff) / high side (125-250 psi w/40 lbs diff.) refrigeration set for freon, Methyl Chloride or Sulphur Dioxide. Each control has high and low dials for easy pressure setting. 1/4" flare fittings. A real relic. These controls are new in the box, which is dated 7-25-47.
$49 each
Penn Antique
Pressure Controller
(SWX) 277BP20AN
Here we go again. This Penn pressure control has a sealed box for placement in unfriendly environment. Lid is sealed with rubber gasket. Round diaphragm on lid is a rubber seal safety feature that will blow if leak develops. 6-240 psi settable range. DPST 19 amp contacts. 3/4" electrical thread. 1/4" flare fitting. Old but new.
$45 each
Dual Pressure Controller
(SWX) B10-6008
We saved the newest for last. This dual pressure limit switch is of modern origin. Each switch has an adjustable range of 0-16 psi and will handle over pressure to 400 psi. Electrically, each has a SPDT 10 amp switch. As shipped, the switches are piped together externally with 1/4" copper tubing and high-low DPDT switching is achieved.
$29 each
Penn Pressure Fan
(SWX) P70AA-118
Penn pressure fan cycling control. 100-400 psi range. 35-200 psi differential. New.
$75 each
Dwyer Pressure Switch, Series 1800
(SWX) 24-190872-00
Dwyer pressure switch, series 1800. Range: .2 - 1 wc, SPDT, 15 amp / 460v AC contacts. 1/2" pipe bushing. Surge pressure Z5 psi. Max temp 180°F. 4"D x 3 1/2"H.
$85 each