Spinner-Crank Knobs
Raytheon "Skirted" Crank Knob
(KNB) 412DC2K1
Raytheon "Skirted" crank knob with pointer. Designer Series 400 control knob. Black plastic. 1.25"D (33mm). 0.25" (7.6mm) shaft diameter. Includes set screws. Made in the USA. New in Mfg. packaging. NSN: 5355-99-196-1075.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
Vintage Bakelite Crank Knob
Vintage bakelite crank knob. 8 point grip. 1-5/8"D, 1-5/16"H including aluminum crank. 0.195" bore can easily be drilled to 1/4". 2 set screws. Circa 1960's. Used, excellent condition.
$24 each - $22 (6+), $20 (25+)
Phenolic Crank Knob
Phenolic crank knob. 1/4" bore, brass insert. 2 set screws, phenolic black plastic. Crank extension hole 0.17" I.D. x 0.25" depth, no attachment. 1.637" diameter x 0.73" HT. NOS.
$18 each - $17 (6+)
Raytheon Crank Knob
(KNB) 7115-5605G43
Raytheon 2-1/4"D crank knob. Gloss, gray plastic. 2 set screws. accepts 1/4" shaft. Vintage, original item. 1-1/8"H. Total height w/crank: 1-3/4"H.
$85 each - $79 (3+)
Raytheon Gray Crank Knob
(KNB) 409-PDC2-K3
Raytheon gray crank knob. Designer 400 Series. 2" overall length, 1-1/2" overall height. 1-1/4"D skirt with pointer. 1/4" bore, 2 set screws.
$29 each - $27.50 (6+), $24.75 (25+)
Heavy Duty Phenolic Mini Crank Knob
(KNB) 180
Heavy duty phenolic mini crank knob. Requires one set screw 0.15" max diameter (not present). 0.25" bore, 0.50" brass insert, 1" outside diameter, 0.75" high. 0.09" secondary threaded bore on handle. 0.56" extension, small crank knob attachment NOT included. NOS.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
Ghostbusters Proton Pack Raytheon Crank Knob
(KNB) 175S
Raytheon crank knob used in the movie Ghost Busters on the proton packs. Baby brother size. 1-3/16" diameter.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Solid Aluminum Knob
with Spinner (Non-Rotary)
(KNB) KN1751AS-1/4
Alco (Japan) solid aluminum knob with spinner (non-rotary). 1-3/4" diameter body x 5/8" high. 1/4" bore. Spinner measures 1/2" diameter x 1/16" high. New in factory bags. Some have handling marks.
$22 each
Heavy Duty Crank Knob
(KNB) 51-5080
If this isn't the quintessential most rugged, practical, heavy duty Raytheon crank knob ever made for the military, I don't know what is. Weighing in at 1/2 pound, this counter weighted chunk has a spinning bat and 3/8" brass bore. 3-3/8" long the widest direction, 2-1/4" across the knob. 1-7/8" center to edge turning radius. 2-5/8" high bat.
$35 each - $29 (3+)
Crank Knob
(KNB) 175-6-2G
Have you ever longed for a sturdy, good looking crank knob? One you can hang off the crank on, or velvet tune with the center knurled body? Here it is. We use it on our own turns counter. Add it to your own front panel. 1-3/4"D, accepts 1/4" shaft.
$39 each - $37 (3+), $33 (10+)
Replacement Spinner-Crank Knob
Kurz-Kasch vintage WWII bakelite replacement spinner-crank knob. 2-1/4"D x 1-9/16"H. 2 set screws. 1/4" bore. This is a real piece of workmanship. New stock.
$75 each
Beautiful Spinner Knob
(KNB) KN-1755BS
Alco, heavy black spinner knob. 1-3/4" diameter. 1/4" shaft.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Spinner Knob
5/16" bore on this handsome crank removed from test equipment. 1-1/8" height. Base knob 1" diameter, 1-5/8" max. length.
$8 each - $7 (3+)
Spinner Knob
(KNB) A13
General Electric 50's style spinner. All aluminum. 2" diameter. 1/4" bore. 2 set screws. Used / removed.
*** SOLD OUT ***
WWII "Tuning" Crank Knob
WWII "Tuning" crank knob. Solid bakelite with aluminum bat. 1/4" brass bore, 2 set screws. 2" diameter x 5/8" high + bat. New, unused.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Vectronic Handle
This simple nickel plated 1/4" crank gets the job done. 1-3/4" long shaft. Turning radius is 1.114" c-c.
$5 each - $4 (5+)