Gas / Chemical Detection
Hydrogen Sulfide Detection Tubes
1 - 200 ppm
(MIS) 6719001
Draeger Safety hydrogen sulfide detection tubes. 2 packs. 1 - 200 ppm. NOTE: These items have exceeded shelf life but are unused in original box. Sold as-is. NSN: 6665-01-010-7961.
Combustible Gas Sniffer
(EQP) 23-8008
United Technologies Bacharach combustible gas sniffer. Model GN, Type B. Alt. P/N: 500-024.00. New, surplus. NSN: 6665-00-286-7549.
Ozone Gas Detector
(MIS) 6733181
Drager ozone detection tubes. Works best if test pump is used. Break the tips off of tubes and pass sample through. If Ozone (O3) is present, tube turns blue. Made in Germany. 10 tubes per carrier. Exp. date: 12/95.
$5 per box - $4 (10+)
Gas Detector Tube
(MIS) CH24301-2
Drager gas detector tube. Requires Drager test pump. 10 tubes per carrier, 2 carriers per box. Exp. date: 1996. NSN: 6665-00-769-0951. NOTE: Sold by the box (20 tubes p/box).
$10 per box (20 tubes)
Nitrogen Dioxide Detector Tube
(MIS) CH30001
Drager nitrogen detector tube. Works best if test pump is used. Break the tips off tubes and pass sample though. If nitrogen dioxide 0.5/c is present, tube turns blue grey. Made in Germany. 10 tubes per carrier. Exp. date 04/97.
$10 per box (10 tubes)
Oxygen Analyzer
(EQP) BECK-115581
Beckman model D-2 portable oxygen analyzer. Operates on 3 vdc, 2-D cells. Special corrosion resistant model ordered by uncle. Range is 0 - 25% Oxygen. Brand new.
$500 each
Chemical Agent
Chemical agent detector paper. Comes in roll. Just pull from box, tear and place around wrist, ankles etc. If (when) paper turns color, run. NSN: 6665-01-049-8982. Exp. date 10/88.
*** SOLD OUT ***