Compasses, Galvonometers & Dials
J H Bunnell
Antique Galvanometer
Collector's Item
(MTR) 1254GAL
Bunnell (same manufacturer as the telegraph keys) galvanometers double as a compass. 4" brass dial and 6" mahogany base are in excellent, original condition and make this conversation piece a real eye catcher. Dial is graduated into 90 degree quadrants with zero at the north and south and 90 at east and west. Needle locks for transit.

I'm not sure of the age. Somewhere in the range of about 100 years. 50 in stock.
$249 each
Ritchie Boston
Antique Gun Sight Dial - Collector's Item
Beautiful 10" diameter gun sight dial is a piece of history. World War II ships and subs dialed in the enemy with this compass dial. Ritchie Boston is painted on glass dial, QUEEN-GRAY COMPANY is listed on wood box as manufacturer. Black lettering on clear glass, brass dial ring. North is zero degrees, South 180 degrees. Comes in original wood box with instructions for gunner to install the more rugged brass dial when conducting target practice. Excellent condition.

Next time you watch U-571, watch the depth charge scene in the sub and you will see a square on view of this dial against the bulkhead. We have about 100 in stock.
Excellent Condition - $195
Very Good Condition - $165
Good Condition - $135
Bendix Radio
Antique Loop Azimuth Indicator
Collector's Item
Close up of drive gear
and 28 vdc lamp input
(MTR) MN-22A
Bendix Radio compass faces "Loop Azimuth Indicators" have a fixed 0-360 degree scale on the outer ring, a movable center ring 0-360 scale that rotates with large knob on lower right (7 o'clock) of face. 5-1/8" across and 2" deep. Side aluminating 28v lights (10 and 5 o'clock) can be changed from top.

Dial is driven at recessed gear as shown on detail. Originally syncho motors accomplished this. New in the box. Dated Feburary 16, 1944. Part of the BENDIX MN-26 Navigational Radio Set, see also (MTR) 1N4A.
$99 each
Schick Inc.
Antique Stadimeter
Collector's Item
Antique Stadimeter Schick Inc
Schick (razor blade manufacturer turned to help war movement?) range finder was used on the ship to determine the exact distance to other ships or targets from 200 feet to 10,000 yards. Operates on same principle as sextant. Design approved by U.S. Maritime Commission and made in 1942. Looks new in the mahogany wood case. Complete with tool, eyepiece and spare lenses. Only 1 available.
*** SOLD OUT ***
U.S. Navy IR
Transmitting Beacon
(LMP) USX-12
New, never used U.S. Navy shipboard IR (infrared) 300W signaling beacon. Circa 1940+. Thick red Corning 2540 glass lens eliminates visible light. To the naked eye, you can barely see the bulb's filament but the IR heat will burn you. Signal from these lamps was received by the US/C-3 Infrared Telescope. Label says "TRAIN LIGHT". Naval gray steel frame. Clasp on top secures to chain, hook, pipe or what-have-you. 7" diameter x 12" high, and very heavy. New in crates. Operates on 115 volts.
$195 each