5 Axis Gimbal Mount

5 Axis Gimbal Mount
(LZR) LP-05
Newport 5 axis LP-05 gimbal mount.
Gimbal Mount
Gimbal Mount Newport GM-2
(LZR) GM-2
Newport GM-2 gimbal mount. 51mm mount diameter. Used.
Gimbal Mount on Base Plate
Gimbal GM-2 Mount on Base
Newport GM-2 gimbal mount on BP-3 base plate. 51mm mount diameter. Used
Gimbal Mount on Homemade Base Plate
Gimbal Mount on Base
Newport GM-2 gimbal mount on homemade plate. 51mm mount diameter.
Modified 2 Axis Mirror Mount
2 Axis Mirrir Mount
J.A. Noll Co. NCM-4 modified 2 axis mirror mount with base.

Parabolic Mirror

Parabolic Mirror 107mm
Parabolic mirror. 107mm diameter x 18mm thick. 34-1/2" focal length. Used.

Parabolic Mirror

Parabolic Mirror 108mm
Parabolic mirror. 108mm diameter x 18mm thick. 45" focal length. Used with minor scratches ($475 new).

Flat Mirror

Flat Mirror 50.8mm
Flat mirror. 50.8mm diameter x 13.3mm thick. Used with minor scratches ($200 new).
Flat Mirror
Flat Mirror 30mm
Flat mirror. 30mm diameter x 10mm thick.
38.1mm Si Mirror
Si Mirror 38.1mm
38.1mm Si mirror. 5MCC written on back and on case. 1.5" diameter x 0.15" thick. Used, minor scratches.
Reflector Mirror
Reflector Mirror 1 inch
Reflector mirror. 1" reflector mirror in a 2" diameter x 1/4" thick black metal frame. Used with some minor scratches and pitting.

Coupler Mirror in Mount

Coupler Mirror in Mount
Like LZR-CPLM1 we have little confirming specifications. Hand written "HIGH R" (high reflectivity?). It does appear to have a darker gold tint than LZR-CPLM1. Unknown curvature. We can only confirm light beam is split some passing through, some returning. This mirror mounted in aluminum block. 50.7mm OD x 36.25mm ID x 12.7mm thick.
ZnSe Reflector and O Ring
Hand marked "2 mcc / 1 mcx", but we have no manufacturer identification. Maybe ZnSe material. Mirror is 38mm x 3mm thick in a 50.8mm frame (black plastic) which can be unscrewed to release mirror and "o" ring.

ZnSe Reflector Mirror

ZnSe Reflector Mirror
Perkin-Elmer 1"DIA what appears to be ZnSe coated reflector mirror. 3/8" thick. 95% reflective on label. Appears flat on both sides. Old Perkin-Elmer P/N: 582-1101.

ZnSe / Si Mirror

Perkin-Elmer ZnSe Si Mirror
Perkin-Elmer 2"DIA what appears to be ZnSe coated front and Si coated back of side 1 of this 1/2" thick mirror. Appears flat on both sides.