Common Mode Switching Power Supply
Amorphous Alloy - METGLAS - C / UU Cores
From an article in 2002

With a new generation of METGLAS. amorphous metal distribution transformers (AMDTs) -- with up to 80% lower core loss than conventional transformers — Honeywell is helping utilities worldwide achieve their efficiency objectives.

When you consider that 10% of all electricity generated by utilities is lost in the transmission and distribution process, the potential savings in reducing core loss can be significant.

Ultra-efficient transformer cores made with Honeywell's METGLAS amorphous metal alloy make lower core losses possible.

Amorphous metal distribution transformers are key to improving utility economics and enhancing energy conservation efforts worldwide. Also known as metallic glass alloys, they differ from traditional metals in that they have a non-crystalline structure and possess unique physical and magnetic properties that combine strength and hardness with flexibility and toughness.
C Cut Core
Amorphous Alloy
Sold in pairs.... or .... Factory cards of 28 pairs
Hitachi Metals (Formerly Honeywell Amorphous Metals) C cut core amorphous alloy. Factory ground and matched in pairs. Originally made by Allied Signal (before Honeywell). Power One P/N: 232-28215. 33,000+ available!!

  • Overall outside: 27mm (1.06") L, 26.19mm (1.03") H, 20.18mm (0.794") W
  • Inside opening: 5.84mm (0.23") x 12.35mm (0.486")
Sold in pairs or factory cards of 28 pairs.
$10 for 1 pair
$8 (4+ pairs)
$6 (28+ pairs) (1 to 5 cards)
$5 (168+ pairs) (6 to 35 cards)
$4 (1008+ pairs) (36+ cards)
UU Cut Core
Amorphous Alloy
Samples available Full cards
(ICH) MH-122G
UU cut core amorphous alloy. "0.004 Silicon." Factory matched pairs. These are on factory cards of 25 matched pairs. Aside from samples, only full cards (25 pairs) will be sold. Power One P/N: 232-77074. 53,000+ available.

  • Overall outside: 26.62 (1.048") L, 26.93mm (1.06") H, 20.34mm (0.801") W
  • Inside opening: 6.33mm (0.249") x 13.29mm (0.52")
Samples available but full cards preferred.
$9 for 1 pair (sample)
$6 (25+ pairs) (1 to 5 cards)
$5 (150+ pairs) (6 to 49 cards)
$4 (1,250+ pairs) (50+ cards)
$3.30 (5,000+ pairs) (200+ cards)

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Amorphous Alloy
(ICH) MP1906P4AF
Metglas Magnaperm Amorphous Alloy toroid. 2714A alloy, Zytol 70G33L, 120ºC coating, AL = 29.3, 4.99cm lm, 0.161 Ac, 0.080 Vol, 0.96 Wa, 0.155 WaAc, 6.36 Mass. Dimensions: 21.18mm O.D. max, 11.05 I.D. min, 8.31mm height.
  • EMI common mode filter
  • Tele / data communications
  • Pulse transformers
  • Ground fault
*** SOLD OUT ***
Amorphous Alloy
Toroid Core
(ICH) MP1005L4AS
Honeywell Amorphous Alloy toroid core. Dimensions: 10mm (13/32") O.D. x 6.6mm (7/32") I.D. x 4.6mm (13/64") height. Mfg: P/N: 1005L4AS/01BU. Toshiba equivalent: MB10X7X4.5.
$1 ea - 80¢ (10+), 65¢ (50+), 52¢ (250+), 40¢ (1k+)