Refrigeration Parts
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Filter Dryers

Shown: FDS-264T
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All Parts New, Old Stock
Part Number Description Price  
C-417-S-T-HH Catch All suction filter dryer w/ shrader valve, 41 c.i. (cubic inches), 7/8" sweat 59.00 Add
FDS-529T Mueller suction line filter dryer w/ access valve, 40 c.i., 1-1/8" O.D. P/N: A17231 30.00 Add
FDF-264T Mueller suction line filter dryer w/ access valve, 1/2" flare, 26 sq. in. filter area, 16 c.i. desc. vol. 13.00 Add
FDF-265T Mueller suction line filter dryer w/ access valve, 5/8" flare, 16 c.i. desc. vol.,
26 s.i. filter area. Mfg. P/N: A17226
9.00 (6+)
FDS-264T Mueller suction line filter dryer w/ access valve, 16 c.i. desc. vol., 1/2" O.D. solder. P/N: A17224 15.00 Add
FDS-265T Mueller suction line filter dryer w/ access valve, 16 c.i. desc. vol., 5/8" solder. P/N: A17227 17.00 Add
A16654 Mueller dry master dryer. 1/2" solder. SD-164. Mfg. P/N: A16654 12.00 Add
FDS-525T Mueller suction line filter dryer, 30 c.i. desc. vol., 52 s.i., 5/8" solder. Mfg. P/N: A17300 14.00 Add
SD-032 Mueller filter dryer, 3 c.i. desc. vol., 1/4" solder. Mfg. P/N: A16640 8.00 Add
FL305 Mueller microguard filter dryer, 30 c.i. desc. vol., 5/8" flare 12.00 Add
EK-033 Alco liquid line filter dryer, 1/4" solder 6.00 Add
EK-053S Alco liquid line filter dryer, 5 c.i. capacity, 3/8" solder 10.00 Add
BF-084 Parker bi-directional filter dryer, 1/2" solder 14.00 Add
SLD8-3V Parker suction filter dryer with access valves on each side, 8 c.i., 3/8" flare 8.00 Add
96TBF083 White Rodgers heat pump filter dryer, 3/8" SAE flare, 14.6 sq. in., 6.6 tons 8.00 Add
WAH415S KMP liquid filter dryer, 41 c.i., 5/8" solder 19.00 Add
LDE-7S KMP moisture indicator sight glass, 7/8" solder 25.00 Add
Single Flow Liquid Line Filter Dryer
Parker single flow liquid line filter dryer. 500 psig. Black enameled steel case. (Sweat). NOS.
$21 each
Refrigerator Temperature Control
-20ºF to 50ºF
(SWH) 1701-63
White Rogers refrigerator temperature control. -20ºF to 50ºF. SPST. Close on rise. 6º fixed differential. 5" cap tube. New, unused.
$45 each
Reversing Valve Coil
24v AC / 6/4 watts / 50/60 Hz
(A) B12250-17
Reversing valve coil. 24v AC, 6/4 watts, 50/60 Hz. B12250-17. Alt. P/N: 130-120000-OGD.
$15 each
Thermostatic Switch
Evaporator / Defrost
(SWH) F25-107
Ranco thermostatic switch. Evaporator / defrost. Cut out: adjustable 75ºF - 40ºF. Cut in: -20ºF constant. 60" bulb. SPDT, 20 amp contacts. NSN: 5930-01-135-1259.
$23 each
Filter Dryer Kit for PTC
Filter dryer kit for PTC. Alt. P/N: PCT 153/4A.
$25 each
Reversing Valve
24v Coil
Reversing valve. 24v coil. Alt. P/N: U3-312061-8AM.
$75 each
Refrigeration Liquid
Site Glass
(MTG) A-15481
Streamline refrigeration liquid sight glass. 1-5/8" inner diameter copper fitting on both ends. New, old stock.
NSN: 6680-00-262-9139.
$35 each
Expansion Valve Kit
3.5 to 5 ton
Emerson expansion valve kit. 3.5 to 5 ton. AMF355TKB1, GT-05977-2. Emerson P/N: HQ1085767ACFP. Goodman P/N: 1085833.
$35 each
Thermal Expansion Valve Kit
Sporlan thermal expansion valve kit. AKA: 473-16872-000. Sporlan P/N: CBIVE-5-GA.
$25 each
Low Ambient Control
Amana low ambient control. Model LAC01A. P/N: P1180103C. Robertshaw P/N: MG27-1035.
$45 each
Refrigeration Defrost Timer
Grasslin Controls Frost King refrigeration defrost timer. 208-240v.