Broadcast Component Parts
Motorized Vacuum Capacitor Tuning Unit
(MIS) MC-6
Continental Electronics motorized vacuum capacitor tuning unit for Continental 420. 11" x 15" x 6-1/2"H. Rebuilt and ready for installation.
$350 each
Gates Cartritape II System Pulley
(SHW) 730-0393-000
Gates cartritape II system pulley. 60 cps. 3 grooves. #1 is 0.791" outside diameter in valley, 0.13" max belt outside diameter. #2 & #3 are side by side 1.289" in valley, 0.090" max belt outside diameter. Single #10-32 set screw bore. Alt. P/N: 811227-03.
$19 each
Square "D" Disconnect
60 amp / 3 Pole
(ELE) 82352
Square "D" disconnect for Continental 420. 60 amp, 3 pole. New, old stock.
Woodward Governor
Continental Electronics Woodward governor for Continental 420. 5" x 6-1/2" x 19"H. Rebuilt and ready to go.
Amperex Rectifier Stack
(SDI) RS352412S
Amperex rectifier stack. 2-3/4"D x 9"L.
$250 each
Amperex Rectifier Stack
(SDI) RS3.52412S
Amperex rectifier stack. 2-3/4"D x 10-1/4"L.
$285 each
Lightning Choke
Kintronix lightning choke. 3"D x 14"L.
$135 each
Lightning Choke
460 µH
(GAT) 939-8129-001
Harris lightning choke. 460 µH. 4-3/8"D x 20"L. New!!
$195 each
Vactec Vactrol Resistive Opto Coupler
Neon Lamp - Light Source
(PVC) 21L329
Vactec Vactrol resistive opto coupler, neon lamp - light source. Photocell 80Ω (full bright) to 9MΩ (full dark). Used in Fender and Gibson amps. 3/8" x 1-1/8". Made in 1976.
NSN: 670-0028-000.

In the early 1960s, Gibson and Fender started using resistive opto-couplers to modulate the tremolo effect in guitar amplifiers. Both companies were assembling their opto-couplers (RO) from discrete lamps, photoresistors and coupling tubes. While Gibson used cheap but slow incandescent lamps as light sources, Fender replaced them with neon lamps. This Vactec RO uses a neon lamp as used by Fender in the late 60's. It increased the maximum frequency response and reduced controlling currents. At the same time, nonlinear modulation resulted which was desired by some as a sound effect.
$15 each - $13.75 (6+), $12 (25+)
Adjustable Swivel Arm
(GAT) 1312214
Adjustable swivel arm with drive shaft through middle of tube. Made in France for Harris broadcast.
$100 each
Dial Knob
Numbered "00 - 55"
(KNB) 911-0622-401
Dial knob. Numbered "00 - 55" range. Clear, plastic skirt. 5/8"D top with aluminum inset. 1-1/4"D base / skirt. 1/4" shaft with aluminum insert. 2 set screws. Harris / Gates NOS.
$10 each
Micro USA Microswitch
(GAT) 2C206
Micro USA microswitch. Pushbutton plunger drives Gates/Harris replacement through middle of switch to bottom side. 4 midget lamp sockets. Gates P/N: 598-0219-000.
$65 each
Linear Solenoid
24 - 115 vdc / 590 ohm
(GAT) 590-0033-000
Linear solenoid. "Pulling" type with manual air damping adjustment. Includes 3" long chain drive and plunger. 590 ohm coil. Operates 24 - 115 vdc. 0.69" diameter piston. 1.14" linear piston travel. 4.32" long (retracted), 2.08" deep. Made for Harris Broadcast for use in Criterion 80 playback unit modification kit #994-7154-001 (1974). Weighs 2.25 lbs.
$35 each
Criterion 80 Playback Unit Modification Kit
Gates / Harris Criterion 80 playback unit modification kit. Includes 1 copy of instructions. January 1974 revision. NOS. OEM. Includes the following parts:
  • 590-0033-000 Solenoid
  • 916-3580-1 Chain Assembly
  • 828-6017-1 Chain Cover
  • 456-0033 Solenoid Return Spring
  • 916-3579-1 Cross Shaft Clamp Assembly
  • 816-3562-1 Microswitch Guard
  • Assorted Hardware
$95 each
Solenoid Coil Replacement Kit
with Frame
(GAT) 994-6992-001
Solenoid 510 ohm coil replacement kit with frame. Fits Criterion 80 deck. No piston. 2" x 2-3/4" x 5-1/2". Gates / Harris P/N: 994-6992-001.
$15 each
Solenoid Coil
510 ohm
(GAT) 923-0097-404
Solenoid coil, 510 ohm resistance. Brass center tube is 0.685" I.D. Solder lug terminals. New coil only - used in
(GAT) 994-6992-001 at left.
$9 each
RF Filter
1.750 MHz
(FBP) FN-207
Filteronetics, Inc. RF filter. 1.750 MHz. "SMC" connector in / out. 2" x 2-1/2" x 3". Harris P/N: 484-0082-000.
$35 each
Harris Filter
1.750 MHz
(GAT) 484-0082-000
Filtronics, Inc. Harris filter. 1.750 MHz.
Harris P/N: 484-0082-000.
$75 each
Harris Accessory Plug
10 Pin Connector
Harris accessory plug. 10 pin connector.
$18 each
Technitrol Transformer
(GAT) C25FT-2700-50
Technitrol transformer.
$47 each
Precision Crank Knob
Crank Knob Close up of Output Fitting
Angenieux weighted precision crank knob for television studio camera. New! Never used. Made in France.
$250 each
Composite RF Choke Holder
(GAT) 391-3314
Gates / Harris composite RF choke holder. 1-1/8" x 2-3/8" x 3/4" high. NSN: 5950-01-143-3620.
$15 each
Gray Vespa Grip
Gray television Vespa handle grip. "P" trademark for Piaggio. 4-3/4"L x 13/16" inner diameter. New, but plastic is yellowed in some areas.
$25 each
Circuit Breaker
Heinemann "Re-Cirk-It" circuit breaker. Motorized reset. 120v AC. 50/60 Hz. 6 amp - 3 circuit. Time delay: 4. 2-1/2" x 6" x 3-1/2" deep. Gates P/N: 606-0455-000.
$250 each