Fiber Optics - Miscellaneous
Fiber Optic Illuminator
(EQP) DJ-170-D
Dolan Jenner fiber optic illuminator. Light source. 115+ AC. New in box.
$125 each
Fiber Optic Dumper Cable
(FOL) FC90
Amphenol fiber optic dumper cable. 90' long / dual "FC" connectors each end. FC.
$75 each
Fiber Optic Test Set
(EQP) 2275XQ
Fiber optic test set. 15-key keypad. AC ext clock input. XMTR sync output. 8-channel DIP Switch. Durable housing for protection. Sold as shown. Sold as is.
$395 each
Photodyne Fiber Optic Test Set
(EQP) 2250XF
Photodyne Inc. fiber optic test set. 8" x 9-1/2" x 8"H. Cal at 1300 nm and 1550 nm. Comes with referance guide inside.
$95 each
Photodyne Continuous Attenuator
(EQP) 1950XF-010
Photodyne fiber optic continuous attenuator. 8" x 9-1/2" x 12"H. Supported wave length: 1300 nm and 1500 nm. 1300 attenuating range: 0-60 DB. 1500 attenuating range: 0-40 DB.
$695 each
3M Photodyne Continuous Attenuator
(EQP) 1950XF-050
3M Photodyne fiber optic continuous attenuator. Supported wave lengths: 820 nm and 1300 nm. 820 nm attenuation range: 0-70 db. 1300 nm attenuation range:0-60 db. Connector type: Biconic. No cover.
$575 each
Photodyne Fiber Optic Multimeter
Photodyne fiber optic multimeter. 7.35"L x 4.45"W x 1.70"H. DC power ranges: -90dbm to +3dbm, -60dbm to 33dbm. AC power ranges: -80 dbm to -10 dbm, -50 dbm to +20 dbu. 100Hz + up, op temp: 0 to 55°C. Includes DC supply and adapters. NSN:6625-01-141-8988. 76381.
$225 each
Photodyne Fiber Optic Multimeter
Photodyne fiber optic multimeter. 7.35"L x 4.45"W x 1.70"H. DC power ranges: -90dbm to +3dbm, -60dbm to 33dbm. AC power ranges: -80 dbm to -10 dbm, -50 dbm to +20 dbu. 100Hz + up, op temp: 0 to 55°C. Includes DC supply and adapters. NSN:6625-01-141-8988. 76381.
$100 each
Single Mode Media Converter
Serial Comm 10/100M eternet to fiber optic single mode media converter. Fiber range to 12.4 miles. NIB.
$39 each
CBL Single Male Fiber
(FOL) FB-L98B-035-50000
Rosenberger CBL single male fiber. Fℿa LC duplex each end. 50 meters or -/64’. Also ph FB-L98B-035-50000.
$59 each
"LC" Duplex Fiber Optic Cable
(FOL) FB-L98B-035-20000
Rosenberger 20 meter "LC" duplex fiber optic cable. New, unused. Alt. P/N: 10790-020.
$29 each
"LC" Compact to "LC" Compact
(FOL) FB-L98B-A0213-7500
Rosenberger 7.5M "LC" compact to "LC" compact. Alt. P/N: 11096-7500.
$89 each
Fiber Optic Conec
(FOL) 17-300230
Fiber Optic Conec LC duplex recepiacle single IP67. Bulkhead mount.
$20 each - $18 (18+) - $15 (25+)
Rosenberger Fiber Optic
(FOL) FB-L98B-035-35000
Rosenberger LC duplex fiber optic. 35 meters (114.8’).
$39 each
Fiber Optic Cable
(FOL) FB-L98B-035-10000
Rosenberger 10m (32.8') fiber optic cable with LC duplex.
$21 each
LC to LC Single Mode Fiber Cable
(FOL) F002S0885-200F
Rosenberger LC to LC single mode fiber 200’L. LC connectors.
$99 each
Experimenter's Kit for Fiber Optic CE2
(FOL) 227042-1
Amp experimenter's kit for Fiber Optic CE2 with crimper. New, unused.
$75 each
Optical Waveguide Terminating Kit
(FOL) 530950-1
Amp optical waveguide terminating kit. Includes crimping tool. New, unused.
$125 each
Fiber Optic Pressurized
(FOL) 2600LG/SC8
Lucent Technologies fiber optic pressurized closure. Designed for 6 cables from 0.3" to 0.9" diameter with a capacity of 288 individual splices and a max of 8 splice trays. Weighs 23 lbs.
$187.50 each
Aluminum Closure
(FOL) F90AK8537
Lucent Technologies hermetically sealed aluminum closure, LG. 2-15/16" diameter gasket holes on each end. Measures 22-1/2" x 5-3/4" x 7" high. Mfg. P/N: 106-305-881.
$48.75 each
Hewlett Packard Right Angle Fiber Optic Receivers - 7 Piece Lot
Hewlett Packard right angle fiber optice receivers, 7 piece lot. Panel mount. Thermo-Plastic body. Includes the following: (3) HFBR-2414TC, (1) HFBR-2414, (3), HFBR-1414T. NOS. DC: 8910/9039.
Amp Inc. SMA Connector Fiber Cable Termination
(FOL) 3-504566-1
Amp Inc. SMA connector fiber cable termination.
$10 each - $8.50 (10+)
Bayonet Cable
(FOL) 503994-2
Amp 2.5mm bayonet cable. 2 meters long. P/N: 503994-2.
$29 each
"SMA" Fiber Optic Adapter
(FOL) 906-130-5000
Amphenol "SMA" fiber optic adapter. P/N: 906-130-5000.
$9 each - $8 (10+)

Grommet & Grip Kit

(FOL) G&G4-85UT
Lucent Technologies 2600LG/SC closure, .4-.85UT Grommet & Grip kit. Date coded: 21 Oct 1999. Lucent Technologies P/N: 107-111-882.

Type C Polishing Paper

(FOL) 105-076-798
Lucent Technologies type C polishing paper for polishing fiber optic cables. 9-1/8" x 11". NOTE: 25 sheets per pack, 4 packs per carton.
$7.50 each - $6 (25+)
*** SOLD OUT ***

Closure for Securing Splices

(FOL) 2150LG/DRI
AT&T for Lucent Technologies closure used for securing splices of up to four (4) fibers 0.25" - 0.4" diameter. Mfg. P/N: 106-361-264.

Splice Organizer

Lucent Technologies splice organizer. Fits UCB1 closure base. Mfg. P/N: 105-040-661.
$11.25 each
$15 each

UCB1 Closure Cover

(FOL) 106301542
Lucent Technologies UCB1 closure cover. Fits UCB closure base. Die cast aluminum.

UC-RR Fiber Optic
Organizer Splice

(FOL) 103921961
Lucent Technologies UC-RR fiber optic organizer splice. Mfg. P/N: 103921961.
$26.25 each
$3.75 each - $3 (10+)

0.4 - 0.85 LT Grommet &
Grip Kit

(FOL) 2600LG/SC
Lucent Technologies 0.4 - 0.85LT Grommet and Grip kit. Fiber optic closure. Mfg. P/N: 107111890.

ST® Attenuator
Build Outs

(FOL) A3010-100
ST® Attenuator build outs. Kit includes P/N: 846574903 dust cap, P/N: 846972404 dust cap, P/N: 107863698 A3001 bulk pack, P/N: 846532232 circular nut, P/N: 901010181 3/8" lock washer. Sold in bags of 100. Mfg. P/N: 107863706.
$26.25 each
$37.50 each bag of 100

Branch Cable Kit

(FOL) D-182598
AT&T for Lucent Technologies 2500LG/SC branch cable kit. Mfg. P/N: 106-606-528.

ST® Singlemode
Bulkhead Coupling

(FOL) C3050A-2
Lucent Technologies ST® Singlemode bulkhead coupling. Mfg. P/N: 105777270.
$18.75 each - $15 (3+)
$2.25 each - $1.75 (10+)

UV Curable Adhesive
(Type 10)

(AHD) D181729
Lucent Technologies D-181729 UV curable adhesive. (Type 10). Mfg. P/N: 105205660.

Index Matching Material

(FOL) 107428948
Lucent box of 5 packets (0.5 grams in each packet). Used for fiber optic splicing. Alt P/N: 662742083804.
$3.75 each
$5 per box