WWII Marine Electronics
Dead Reckoning
Dead reckoning tables (DRT) were used to physically draw coordinates of a ship as it followed a course at sea. Most often to double back to an exact location and retrieve a man overboard. Large graph paper was placed under the plotter and the mechanized assembly in the bottom compartment manipulated the X and Y axis accordingly.

Wood cabinet and frame, lid with glass panels. Shows the wear of many years on a battleship. Overall dimensions 39" x 53" x 14". Usually the Navy painters got carried away and painted the bottom portion of the cabinet.

We have a variety of DRTs available ranging in price from $300 for a bare case with no lid and various drive parts to $4000 for a complete and rebuilt unit ready for the high seas. Dead reckoning equipment to drive the plotters also available from SSON. We are not experts with this equipment as it was acquired when we purchased Compass Technical of Patterson, NJ. We continue to catalog this antique material week by week, year by year.

Shipping: The DRT is large and heavy. If shipped motor freight we will cover it in Styrofoam, then corrugated and band it to a skid for $50. Figure $100-$300 or so for motor freight, depending on the ship to address.
Beautiful wood framed lids. Mostly complete workings. It is the subject picture above.
$2,995 each
This is the finest specimen It was still in the crate as received from the Navy many years back. I located it in the warehouse, stripped off the banding and discovered it is most likely 100 percent complete, best I can tell. It is a Mark 6 Model 3 Serial Number A634452, made by ANSCO. The wood cabinet is decent but it had not been refinished so I don’t know if the guts have been reworked or not. I don’t believe you will find one more complete or in this good of condition. The shipping tags on the outside indicate the unit was shipped from the Navy to Compass Technical, the company I acquired some years back. So you might say I am the third owner.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Retro WWII Navy
Living Room!!
NOTE: Simulated picture - Legs not included
Make a coffee table out of a DRT. Glass top allows viewing of parts inside. Strip gray paint and refinish entire cabinet to that of fine furniture. Add 4 legs and a couple of books on the top – voilá– coolest coffee table on the block!

We will provide a complete outer case with glass top and some interesting mechanics inside to view. You do the rest.
$595 each
Lionel Corporation
Lionel Corp. yes, the train manufacturer, put trains on hold during WWII and concentrated on the needs of the US Military. This binnacle style, Pelurus No. 1, was made between 1942 - 1959. Total height is 56-1/2" and base flange diameter is 14". They are very heavy and made from non-ferrous metal, normally brass.

This piece is non functional as all parts under compass dial are missing. Would restore nicely to be a great conversation piece. One close up shot shows the trap door open to dial illumination light bulb area.

Many other binnacles are available ranging in price from $300 to $2000 depending on condition and completeness. Also, fully rebuilt compass gyros are available elsewhere on this site that will fit the compass well.
$695 each
(MTR) S44A
This meter was used shipboard in WWII to set depth of sonar microphones. F.S. = 2 ma. Made by Hickok for Bludworth Marine in 1940's. 5" x 5-1/4" x 1-7/8" behind panel. 3-1/2" hole required.

Used / removed but in working condition.

Great conversation piece! Only one available!
*** SOLD OUT ***