Marine Electronics
Marine Navigational Light
24v DC / 10w / 0.83 amp
(LMP) 200SWB
Perko USA marine navigational light. 200 Series. White all around. 24v DC, 10 watts, 0.83 amps. Fresnel face lens, plastic polycarbonate. 360º visibility anchor light. 3-1/8" diameter, 5" high. 2 nautical mile visibility. NSN: 6220-01-131-9997.
$45 each
Navy Propeller Indicator Edgewise Meter
FS: 1 mADC
(MTR) 9-2150-633
Navy propeller indicator edgewise meter. Labeled "Knots Ahead / Astern". FS =1 mADC. 0.297 ohms. Loss = 280mv. 28v DC lamps for illumination. 6-5/8" x 7-1/2" x 1-1/2" overall dimensions. Fits 5-1/2" x 1-3/16" opening. Govt cost: $7k+. NSN: 6320-01-101-5816. New, unused. Great addition for any serious mariner.
$450 each
Marine Navigational Light
(LMP) 33506-203
AquaSignal marine navigational light. Red. Includes 24v, 25 watt bulb. 3"D x 4-1/2"H. NSN: 6220-01-131-8075.
$25 each
Bludworth DF2378 Speaker Amplifier
Bludworth DF2378 speaker amplifier. New in original box. Included in the box are 1 input cord and 5 Bright Star brand penlite batteries. The batteries are sealed and are being included as part of the original set, not for actual use. 6.5"L x 3.5"W x 4"H. Mfg. P/N: M100680-00.
$30 each
JRC Adjustable Frequency Pulsed X-Band
Magnetron Marine Radar Microwave Tube
(TUT) M1321
JRC adjustable frequency pulsed x-band magnetron marine radar microwave tube. 25kw. Frequency range of 9313-9427 mHz, UG-40 B/U output. For use with TL393 or TL368A. New-unused!
$239 each
BEP Marine 4-Way Distribution BUSS Bar
BEP Marine 4-Way BUSS Bar
(TSL) 703-300A
BEP Marine 4-way distribution buss bar. 4 terminal, 300 amp. Waterproof enclosure. Each end open; requires slide in grommets to make water tight seal. 3/8" N.C. studs. 2-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 2"H.
$59 each - $55 (6+), 52.35 (24+)
Marine Navigational Light
Closed Open
(LMP) MS17847SYM203
Marine navigational light, Navy shipboard. Flip-up bronze shield over glass lamp dome. Lamp socket for 2 pin base, bayonet candelabra. 225º visibility arc. Plastic body. Mounts in 1" diameter hole. Completely waterproof. NSN: 6220-00-782-9403.
$75 each
VHF Transceiver
Jotron VHF transceiver. 2 channels allow operation on watch and calling frequency of 121.5 MHz. Then, when contact with aircraft has been made, switch to 123.1 MHz. Radio floats both in and out of carrying case. Made in Norway. New in the box, but expired lithium batteries.
$119 each
Bludworth Marine
Vacuum Tube
6 & 12 vdc Models Available
(EQP) BRT1025-6
Out on the high seas in 1954 and you may have turned to your Bludworth Marine Communicator for bearings and emergency transmissions. Includes a rock bound AM transmitter including crystals for 2182, 2638, 2738, 2977 and 2126 KHz. May also tune up in 80 or 160m ham band. Operator could calculate bearing with directional loop antenna (not included) and by tuning built in AM receiver (0.55 -1.6 MHz).

A total of 6 tubes including pair of 6L6G's in the final, 6C4 and 6AQ5. Variable taps on the load and tank coils. 5" internal speaker, microphone and 455 KHz if. 6 volt vibrator power supply. External output on rear for connection to MA meter for dipping final (to 55ma). Gray wrinkle paint. New, unused.
(EQP) BRT1025-12
Identical to above but includes 12v vibrator for 12 vdc operation.
Northstar 6000 Automatic
Loran C Receiver
(EQP) NOR6000
Digital Marine Electronics Northstar 6000 Automatic Loran C receiver. 10 - 40 vdc power required. Includes antenna base and full operations manual. Made in 1979.

We removed it from factory sealed box for pictures.
$1,895 each
M3 EPIRB Satellite Beacon
We have run into a batch of FACTORY NEW, IN THE BOX, EPIRB's that you can purchase at a fraction of their original cost. All original paperwork, registration cards and manual are included.

Emergency beacon transmits two radio signals at time of distress which is then detected by a passing satellite and relayed to SAR (Search And Rescue) program participants who then can coordinate a prompt rescue.

Distress signals are transmitted on 406.025 MHz and 121.5 MHz and contain the buoy's serial number, which has been properly registered before hand. Mission Control Centre receives the signal and alerts proper authorities in the area. A powerful strobe activates on buoy top.

Unit is about 8-1/2" diameter and 26" long. Manufactured in June of 1994. Standard maintenance requires battery replacement at regular intervals. The existing battery should be considered expired. We dismantled a battery pack and discovered five "D" size Lithium Manganese Dioxide 3v cells in series for 15v total. This Saft LM Series battery is known for it's extreme shelf life. The original pack actually used only about 1/3 of the space in the battery chamber. The balance was filled with expanding foam. We do not encourage the use of our EPIRB on vessels REQUIRING an emergency beacon by law if outfitting it with anything other than the factory approved pack. Last we checked the factory had stock but they were hideously expensive. Our target is smaller vessels that would like to have a Satfind but cannot afford the newest model.
*** REDUCED*** - Now Only $139 each