CTS Corporation Knights Division
CTS Knights Transceiver IF Strip
(EQP) 265-0064-001
CTS knights transceiver IF. No specs available on card. Four CTS knights crystal filters (FLX) 961-0691-2, two CTS knights crystal filters (FLX) 961-0692-0, two Mini-Circuits® MCL mixers (RFM) SRA-1. Valued $176 worth in parts.
$65 each
CTS Knights Channel Audio Card
(EQP) 265-0055-002
CTS knights channel audio card - no specs available. Two 600:600 coupling transformers (TA) T2104, one 64 pin male edge connector mates with our female connector (CPC) 96S-6033-0531-2, one Stevens-Arnold packed power supply 40v in, 12v @ 4 amp out.
$24 each
CTS Knights Control Board
(EQP) 265-0059-003
CTS knights control board - no specs available. 37 pin D-sub male, connector on end. 7815, LM340T5 and LM340T12 voltage regulators. Couple LM339 level comparators, couple LM324 quad OP amps.
$10 each