HF Amplifier
Covering 2 MHz to 30 MHz
(EQP) AM-3007/URT
HF amplifier covering 2 MHz to 30 MHz. One watt input produces 100 watts output. Front panel metering allows switching between plate and cathode current and input line voltage. Also separate meter for forward and reflected power. Zero to 100 watts forward and reflected and 0 to 30 watts reflected. Requires an 8223 driving an 8116 tube, not included. Input network is selected by a motorized turret assembly based on frequency of input signal - possibly selected by control signals from transmitter. Motorized load and tune output network controls.

Tube cooling is via conduction to a massive heat sink on the front panel. Front panel switch offers "Normal / Bypass" operation. The unit is completely enclosed in a formed aluminum case that fits a standard rack mount. Loosening the six front panel screws allows the unit to slide out of the case for easy access. Operates on 115 vac 48 to 450 Hz or 28 vdc.
  • Dimensions: 17-3/8"W x 7"H x 15-3/4"D
No manual or other information is available. NSN: 5895-00-973-1068. Original government cost: $15,610. Our price...

*** SOLD OUT ***
General Coverage HF Transmitter
Covers 2.0 to 29.9999 MHz in 100 Hz Steps
(EQP) T-827A/URT
General Dynamics general coverage HF transmitter. Covers 2.0 to 29.9999 MHz in 100 Hz steps. Companion to the R-1051B receiver. Heaviest HF QRP transmitter at 51 lbs. with 100 - 250 mW output into a 50 ohm load. Capable of USB, LSB, ISB, CW, FSK Compatible AM, ISB / FSK. Built-in 850 Hz shift FSK. Stability rated at 1 part in 10**8 per day. Operates on 115 vac, 48 to 450 Hz. Manual included.
  • Dimensions: 17-1/4"W x 7"H x 18-1/2"D
  • NSN: 5820-00-948-3409
Original government cost: $15,610. Our price...
(EQP) T-827A/URT-I
General Dynamics general coverage HF transmitter mechanically complete but missing several modules. Parts only.
General Coverage HF Receiver
2.0 - 29.9999 MHz in 100 Hz Increments
(EQP) R-1051B/URR-M
General coverage HF receiver. 2.0 - 29.9999 MHz in 100 Hz increments. Triple conversion, LSB, USB, ISB, AM, CW, FSK. Bandwidth: 3.2 KHz SSB, 7 KHz AM, CW. We also have matching transmitters and amplifiers. NSN: 5820-00-948-3408.

No line cord or name plate. Missing translator synthesizer module. Likely working (if board is added) but unknown condition. NOTE: Sold as-is.
$295 each