World War I & II Collectibles
Gibson Girl Emergency Radio
Collectors Item!!
The ultimate WWII Collectors Item!! Gibson Girl emergency radio. Brand new!! Complete radio survival kit.

If your airplane or ship went down, once in the raft, you assembled the box kite or helium balloon to float a long wire strap, the Gibson Girl, between your legs and crank the handle to send an automatic SOS. Manual morse code could also be sent.

Output on 2 bands: 2.5 watts on 500 KHz and 2 watts on 8,280 KHz. Manual included. 4 available!!
$895 each
Vintage US Navy 7 Piece Panel Matched Meter Set
General Electric vintage US Navy 7 piece panel matched set. 3-1/2" diameter face. Fits 2-3/4"D hole. 2-1/2" behind panel depth. All are in new in the box. Includes the following meters:
  • General Electric Model VBH1 1M, AC volts, Type A0-22, 0 - 15v AC, Pic
  • General Electric Model 8D044, RF Amperes, Type D0-44, 0 - 20 amps, Pic
  • General Electric Model 8D041, DC Volts, Type D0-41, 0 - 150v DC, Pic
  • General Electric Model 8D041, DC Kilovolts, Type D0-41, 0 - 1.5kv DC, FSA = 0.001, Pic
  • General Electric Model 8D041, DC Kilovolts, Type D0-41, 0 - 4kv DC, FSA = 0.001, Pic
  • General Electric Model 8D041, DC Milliamperes, 0 - 750 mADC, Pic
  • General Electric Model 8D041, DC Milliamperes, 0 - 200 mADC, Pic
Antique BC-442-AM Antenna Relay Unit
(EQP) BC-442-AM
US Army Signal Corps unit of SCR-274-N radio set. Switches antenna between transmitter and receiver. Antenna relay, aircraft. Needs 28v external power supply. Includes 10 amp ammeter in line. Spring post terminals. 5"L x 4.25"W x 3.75"H. 1940+ World War II. New, old stock. Museum quality. Aka: B040205, 2CK492-442AM. NSN: 5985-00-396-1584. Made by Western Electric.
USAF / RAF M-308-B Signal Lamp
(EQP) M-308-B
USAF / RAF M-308-B signal lamp, issued with Gibson Girl radios (above). Includes adjustable webbing strap and 2 pin plug on attached cord. Spare bulb included in dome.
$75 each - $65 (3+)
CP-10 Computer and Bombing Range Calculation Disks for AN/APS-15A Radar Set
(EQP) CP-10/APS-15A
CP-10 Computer and Bombing Range Calculation Disks for AN/APS-15A Radar Set. Used in B-17, B-29, Navy bombers and others. Appears to be new unused. Vintage WW2, post WW2. Includes one additional set of disks. Only one available.
Call for Pricing
Control Flight Vertical Gyro
(EQP) 656518
Sperry control flight vertical gyro. Auto pilot. Type E-4 / A12D. In use during the 1940's - 1950's. 9"D x 6-1/2"H.

When power is applied and unit is in flight, gyro produces signals for the autopilot system on flight deck. Gyro should be operational and will make a great project or display. Our units are complete and have not been pilfered.
$119 each - $100 (3+)
Vintage Navy Crystal Pack
Vintage Navy crystal pack for TDZ radio transmitter equipment. Gray steel box with pegboard or divider inserts. Felt lid liner. Pulling tongs. NOTE: Crystal set is incomplete but has at least 80 to 120 original crystals. Most certainly NOT organized. Sold as-is. Historical item. Random selection. Navy surplus. Circa 1946+.
$75 each
39 Piece Crystal Set
(CRY) CY853/PRC-6/5468
Midland Manufacturing (USA) PRC-6 39 piece crystal set. Case Serial #5468. NOTE: See PDF for case inventory. Sold as-is.
41 Piece Crystal Set
(CRY) CY853/PRC-6/2208
Midland Manufacturing (USA) PRC-6 41 piece crystal set. Case Serial #2208. NOTE: See PDF for case inventory. Sold as-is.
PRC-6 Crystal Pack
(CRY) CY853/PRC-6
PRC-6 crystal pack. 42 crystals with some repeats, between 11mc and 38.75mc. 6-1/4" x 7" x 3/4". NOTE: See PDF of inventory card. Bargain priced at $1.55 per crystal.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Teletype Power Cord
(EQP) TT95052
Teletype Corporation of America teletype power cord for models TT-103FG, TT-102FG. 40" cable, 4 prong plug (Hubbell), 2" diameter. Circa 1958. NSN: 6150-00-542-0067.
$35 each
Crystal Radio Headphones
4k Ohms
Siemens Brothers BBC crystal radio headphones with intact plugs. 4k ohms. Excellent, like-new condition. Original box opened for pictures and identification. Tissue wrap replaced as it was crumbling. Circa 1922 - 1923.
$295 each
Radiosonde Weather
Balloon Transmitter
(EQP) T-69/AMT-2
Johnson Service Radiosonde weather balloon transmitter. 390 - 410 mc FM. Vacuum tube transmitter (acorn tube JRC955) made to be sent up in weather balloon and transmit temperature and altitude to ground. Packed in cardboard box. Batteries and instruments not included. 2" x 2-1/4" x 4-5/8". Outer box measures 2-3/4" x 5" x 6-1/2" with straps. Dated 1950s. Brand new, never used. Each pack of 4 sealed in a vacuum packed can.
$10 each - $8 (4+)
WWII Footlocker
WWII footlocker. Olive drab. Metal clad. 17" x 32" x 12" high.
Ritchie Boston
Antique Gun Sight Dial - Collector's Item
Beautiful 10" diameter gun sight dial is a piece of history. World War II ships and subs dialed in the enemy with this compass dial. Ritchie Boston is painted on glass dial, QUEEN-GRAY COMPANY is listed on wood box as manufacturer. Black lettering on clear glass, brass dial ring. North is zero degrees, South 180 degrees. Comes in original wood box with instructions for gunner to install the more rugged brass dial when conducting target practice. Excellent condition.

Next time you watch U-571, watch the depth charge scene in the sub and you will see a square on view of this dial against the bulkhead. We have about 100 in stock.
Excellent Condition - $195
Very Good Condition - $165
Good Condition - $135
Federal Telegraph
Automatic Bearing Indicator
(EQP) CFT55084
Perhaps the only Automatic Bearing Indicators in existence today and new in the crates to boot. Made by Federal Telegraph for WWII and delivered March 31, 1942, right in the thick of it. New technology was being pushed to the edge of the envelope. I suspect they never were adopted as standard equipment. Includes prototype style handmade manual (original and marked restricted of course) with each scope.

Basic theory of operation is a small 1/8 HP 1140 rpm motor drives a goniometer directly and a set of magnetic deflection coils. A 5BP1 CRT is positioned inside the rotating deflection coils and thereby deflected. An optical system consists of an illuminated scale and a mirror so positioned that the reflection of the scale appears to coincide with the pattern obtained on the screen of the CRT.

The manual indicates the following voltages are required:  -800 vdc, -650 vdc, -160 vdc, -135 vdc, 6.3 vac and 11 5vac 60 Hz. Only four available. 120 pounds gross weight. 46" long.
$7,500 each
6" Bore Sight
Right angle gun sighting scope. 5" diameter glass makes powerful field monocular. Cross hairs in eyepiece. 15" long. Used, removed.
Bureau of Ships US Navy
Azimuth Circle
(EQP) AZC-M3-2
Bureau of Ships US Navy Azimuth Circle in carry case. Mark III, Model 2. Ring diameter: 10-1/4". Case measures 11" x 11" x 3-1/2". S/N: 1272. Contract No. 79969. Made by National Electrical Machine Shops. Used on WWII naval ships. NOTE: Case missing pieces (hinges, catches, etc.). Inside rough.
Morse Code Reader
(EQP) TG-34A
It appears to be brand new but we can't be sure. This TG-34A code machine comes complete with a wooden crate of paper tapes.

The lid has a rewinder. It folds down and latches closed over the front. Power requirement is 115 vac.
Search Light
Screening Hood
First the proof. It's the packing slip from the shipping carton. Notice on the left side, "USS Theodore Roosevelt" is written.

This is the spare Screening Hood for her Search Light installed is the clear lens. It's a brand new spare. A piece of history indeed.
Radio Modulator &
(EQP) BC-1158-13
Made by Argus. Sold Out for now. We may find more as this large lot is inventoried.
*** SOLD OUT ***
World War II
Beacon Receiver BC-1206-C
(EQP) BC-1206-C
Antique WWII Beacon Receiver. BC-1206-C, Model 524, SC6624A Signal Corps ID# Setchell-Carlson beacon receiver covers 200-400 KHz. In the original box. Most commonly used in P-51's and P-40's. 4" x 4" x 7". Some bin wear due to the passage of time. Made in USA. Does not appear to have been used, two screws on top of case missing. See pics. This item sold as a collector's piece only, no guarantee of electro-mechanical function.
OA-493 / APS-20
Parabolic Dish
Includes AS-539 Horn
(ANT) OA-493
Brand new in the crates! APS-20 Parabolic Dish. Use AS-539 Horn. 38-3/4" high, 102-1/2" wide. Aluminum dish, black anodized, on swivel base. APS-20 radar systems were the heart of WWII surveillance, used in the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and P2V-2S Neptune.
Call for Pricing
Horn Antenna
"C" Connector
(MWY) AS-539
Riganas 539/APS-20HZL horn assembly is available stand alone without reflector. "C" male connector on feed end. Part of APS-20 WWII radar system.
$89 each