Heathkit Equipment
Panaplex Display
(LMP) SP352
Beckman panaplex display. Planar neon gas discharge readout. Made for Satellite Tracker AN/GKC-1. Used in: B&K 282, Heathkits "GC" clocks, HW104, SB104 & SB104A. 1.054" x 1.105". Made in the USA.
$89 each - $83 (6+), $79 (20+)
Heathkit Grid Dip Meter
(EQP) HEA-HD-1250
Heathkit grid dip meter. Used.
$95 each
Heathkit KW Dummy Load
70 - 90 ohm
Originally a 50 ohm, full gallon load. We have no 50 ohm units left, only 70-90 ohm.

Resistor submerged in oil. We have dozens of these beauties that came from Scientific Radio that had been used around their plant. All are used and missing the little cover over the output box on top. To ship (surface only) we remove the lid and place it on a brand new paint can, with packing on the inside for shock protection. We then take the new lid and put it on the Cantenna (with shipping clips), to seal the non-pcb oil in. Now the two cans are ready for transport. Sounds simple eh? Limited quantities available.
$39 each
Heathkit Air Variable
23 - 259 pF @ 2.5 kv
(CAV) 75-37
Heathkit air variable. 23 - 259 pF @ 2.5 kv (0.075" plate spacing) 6" long. Direct replacement for Heathkit Amplifiers: SB200, SB220, SB221, etc...
$62 each - $59 (3+)