Crystals - Sockets
HC-18 Crystal Socket
(CRX) HC18-12
12 position HC-18 crystal socket. Bakelite. 2-7/16" long, 1/2" wide.
$5 each
2nd Crystal Deck
Original Amphenol 2nd crystal deck for Collins equipment. 20 position 2-7/16" x 2-13/16".
$25 each
Ceramic HC-6 Crystal Socket
(CRX) TS0205C01
Ceramic HC-6 crystal socket. 2 pin. 1/2" c-c. NOTE: Current stock is as-removed. Will have solder and / or leads attached.
$4.50 each
HC-6 Socket
(CRX) 8000-AG7
HC-6 quality crystal holder can base or back mount.
$4.50 each
HC-18 Crystal Socket
(CRX) HC18
HC-18 crystal socket. PC mount.
75¢ each - 65¢ (10+)
Crystal HC-6 Socket
Eby crystal HC-6 socket. Bakelite.
*** SOLD OUT ***