"N" Connectors: Panel Plugs
Type "N"- M Panel Plug
(CRF) SL201-0313-340
Automatic Connector Inc. type "N" - M panel plug. 4 hole flange mount. PTFE round post; knurled rim. Gold contact surfaces. O-ring in flange. 50 ohms. NOS. New in package. Alt. P/N: 82-6304.
$10 each - $9 (5+)
Type "N" Male Flange Plug
(CRF) 3051-1648-10
Omni Spectra type "N" male flange plug. Stainless. Solder cup.
$20 each
"N" Male Chassis
(CRF) 82-6062
Type "N" 50 ohm bulkhead jack, flange mount. Fits RG-8, 213, 393, etc. PTFE dielectric, silver plated.
$18 each
"N" Male Chassis
Type "N" male chassis. 1" square flange. Nickel plate, gold pin. PTFE dielectric 5/16" long + 1/8" gold post.
$5 each - $4.25 (10+), $3.90 (25+)
"N" Male Short Cap
"N" male short cap.
$12 each
"N" Panel Plug Connector
(CRF) 5KL-400-135
"N" panel plug connector. "N" male panel / chassis mount with O-ring. Silver post terminal. No nut. Hole mount.
$23.40 each
"N" Male Chassis Mount
N Male Chassis Mount Connector
(CRF) 19550
Amphenol "N" male body thread / chassis mount with O-ring seal. Silver pin terminal. Hermetic glass dielectic.
$35 each - $31.50 (3+)
"N" Male "T" Frame Heatsink
N Male T Frame Heatsink
(CRF) 307-11077
Amphenol "N" male solder cup "T" frame heatsink.
$35 each