CATV & Satellite: "F" Cables & Switches
"SMB" Right Angle Female
Plug to"F" Female
(WRF) 1314345-1
Tyco / Amp MaCom cable adapter. "SMB" right angle female plug to "F" female, bulkhead, with rear nut. Built-in protective dust cover inside "F". PTFE, 75 ohm, 5.5" long, RG-179. (Also 51B90H009001).
$6 - $5.25(6+), $4.75(25+), $4.25(100+), $3.75(250+)
Patch Cable with 300 Ohm Balun
4 Foot / 75 Ohm
Patch cable with 300 ohm balun. 4 foot, 75 ohm. Male straight push-on connector on one end. Right-angle male push-on connector on back of balun enclosure. Lug-type leads for 300 ohm connection.
$4 each - $3.75 (3+)
"F" Patch Cable - 48"
75 Ohm
75 ohm, patch cable, 48" long. Slide-on "F" connectors.
$3 each - $2 (5+)
"F" 90° Patch Cable - 36"
75 Ohm
(WRF) 75JUMP-90
75 ohm patch cable, 36" long. Slide-on "F" connectors are right angles for tight areas.
$3 each - $2 (5+)
Balun / Switch
(TEL) BS300-75
Hooks to 300 ohm terminal on TV. Then switch between 300 ohm antenna input and 75 ohm RCA jack for data terminal.
$2 each
Balun / Switch
Same tune as left but this one is pitched at cable TV users that want to switch back and forth between 75 ohm coax ("F" connector) and 300 ohm twin lead antenna. They assume your TV has the 300 ohm screw terminals.
$3 each - $2 (5+)
Antenna Terminal
(TEL) 720301
The is the antenna block found on the back of a TV. For VHF, you a provided with an "F" female externally, an RCA inside. For UHF, screw terminals (for a loop) outside, a twin lead jumper on the inside.
50¢ each
Grounding Block
You've seen these on the cable TV coax leading into the house. The idea is when lightning is barreling down the outer braid conductor, it will choose to follow the wire you have tied to this block, down to a ground rod, rather than into your home. "F" connectors.
$1 each
Dual Grounding Block
Dual grounding block. "F" connectors. New in package w/ 2 mounting screws. Anodized aluminum.
$1.50 each - $1.25 (10+)