Telecom: Electronics
AMP Connectors Telephone Cable Assembly
(WAA) 1462
AMP Connectors telephone cable assembly. 6' long. Each end - female. 50 pin connectors.
$21 each - $20 (3+)
Modem Interface
Cermetek modem / fax module is the link between equipment circuit and telephone line. Our DAA supports ON / OFF hook control, hook switch detect, ring indicator, isolation and surge protection. All this in a 0.6" x 1" x 2" package. Distributor price $49. Complete documentation available with purchase.
$10 each - $8 (3+)
Raycap Strikesorb Enclosure
(ENC) DC6-48-60-0-1B-01
Raycap strikesorb enclosure lighting & surge protection. Indoor or outdoor install. 14 1/4" x 16" x 6". For remote terminal facilities. New-unused.
Offline Tape Editing Accessory
(EQP) 312A0592
UDS offline tape editing accessory for 33ASR Teletype Telex DC signal line interface adapter. Includes manual. New, unused.
50 Pin Telephone Connector

Amp 50 pin telephone connector. Male. IDC - Ribbon.
$7.50 each
50 Pin Telephone Connector
T&B / Ansley socket, 50 pin telephone connector. IDC - Ribbon. 3-1/4" x 0.588" x 0.944" high. 3" c-c mounting holes.
$7.50 each
50 Pin Female Telephone Connector
(CPC) 57-40500
Amphenol 50 pin female telephone connector.
$15 each
Telephone Module
(TEL) 4252-00
Wescom telephone module. NSN: 5805-01-073-8771.
$35 each
Resistive Combiner
for Telephone Line
(TEL) TLC1636
ITI Electronics Inc. resistive combiner for telephone line. 4 port, 11 pin tube base. 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" x 4-1/2".
$15 each
"Y" Cable
50 Pin
(WAA) 4-26525-0010
50 pin "Y" cable. 1 male by 2 female. 36" long.
$23.65 each
Telephone Cable
50 Pin
(WAA) 1461
Telephone cable. 50 pin connector on each end. Female-female. 48" long.
$17 each
Patch Panel Interface

(TEL) 558745-1
Amp patch panel interface. "Net connect" series, "Simulcast remote site interface." Four 50 pin telephone type connectors breakout to 24 - RJ45 jacks. Makes breaking out a 25 pair x 4 system into individual handsets simple. Works great with 5 line phones like (TEL) 256413 below. Rackmount. Measures 19"W x 1-3/4"H x 4-1/2" deep.
$21.75 each - $19 (3+), $17 (12+)
9930 Precision Balance
(TEL) 89-9930
Tellabs 9930 precision balance network. Plug-in sub-assemblies approximate the impedance of specific transmission facilities and equipment to provide precision balancing of terminating sets. Improving a set's trans-hybred loss reduces cross-coupling between the hybred's 4 wire transmit and receive paths. Includes complete data sheet and instructions.
$35 each
Patch Panel Interface
(SWX) D162968
Western Electric 5 station intercom / comms selector station. Pushbutton maintains contact at one of 5 positions. Each button has a DPDT switch. 12 position terminal strip mounted internally. Some internal wiring between switches. Wire in / out ports at top & bottom of back side. Includes label card. 6-3/8"W x 4-3/4"D x 13/16"H. Made in 1953. New in 55 year-old boxes. Naturally, built like a tank.
$24.75 each
9930 Precision Balance
(TM) PT3815
Valor Transformer PT3815 Starlan filter. 5/8" square x 3/8" high.
50¢ each - 39¢ (25+)
Auto Hookswitch
(TEL) AFU-48
Paul Nelson Industries automatic hookswitch flash unit is used to provide automatic, electronically controlled hookswitch flashes for any PBX or Central Office system. User pushes field mounted pushbutton to send fixed pulse duration to system. Operates 24-48 vdc, 600ms flash time. Limited quantity.
$15 each
Ethernet Controller
SMC Single-Chip VLSI Ethernet Controller supports IEEE 802.3 (ANSI 8802-3) and ethernet standards. A high performance 10-base-T node in a 144 pin QFP package. Powers on single 5 vdc. Put an ethernet transceiver in any equipment giving total access to a network of operational status. 700 units available.
$5 each - $3 (25+)