Telecom: Spike / Surge Suppression
Dataline Surge Suppressor
Tripp-Lite data shield Dataline surge suppressor. CSU / DSU. Protects all 8 positions on an RJ45 connection. Compatible with RJ11 and RJ48. Up to 200 amp surge. 60v clamp. 1" x 7/8" x 3-5/8". Owner's manual included. Removed from new, unused equipment.
$25 each
Telco Surge Suppressor
(RMO) TJ3265A
AC Data Systems Telco surge suppressor. Extremely quick, fast responding SAD. 2 wire to RJ45 modular jack. Clamp voltage = 265 volts. Protection: 10 joules SAD plus gas tube! Removed from new, unused equipment. Includes 2 foot modular telephone cable.
  • High quality PC board construction
  • Hardwired or plugged-in connections
  • Fast-responding, low-clamping SAD protection
  • Tip to ring, TIP to ground, and ring to ground protection
  • Models with parallel Gas Tube for high surge current handling
$50 each
Gas Discharge Tube
Center Pin Grounds
(RMO) 3YVJ-300J1
Sankosha 3 terminal gas discharge tubes for spike protection of Telco equipment. The clamp voltage of 300v is perfect for Telco providing circuit protection for apparatus and personnel, from high transient voltages caused by lightning, contact with power line or electromagnetic induction.
  • DC spark over voltage 250-350v
  • Impulse spark over voltage 900v max
  • AC discharge current 10 amps 50/60 Hz
  • Impulse discharge current 10 amps 8/20 µS
  • Transverse voltage difference time 200 ns
  • Insulation resistamce 1000M ohm min 100vdc
  • Capacity @ 1 MHz 3 pF Max
$2 - $1.50 (10+), $1.25 (100+), $1 (250+), 85¢ (1k+)
Surge Protection for
AC & Phone Line
(FRI) 37-502
Last chance to buy the best EMI / RFI surge protection available for local equipment connections. Protect phones, faxes, modems, computers, answering machine, etc. Modular in / out jack filters phone line while 3 or 6 conditioned AC outlets are provided. We have only a few cases. 3 AC outlets. UL approved.

AC Protection
• 125 vac, 15 amp capacity (1,875 watts)
• Handles 4500 amp spike, <1nS response.

Phone Protection
• 120 Joule rating (Tip-GND & Ring-GND).
• Handles 10kv spike, 1nS response.
$19 each
SNC Induction
Neutralizing Transformer
SNC's INT provides the highest possible conditioning of your data / telephone lines by removing AC induction, noise and surges instantly! These units are very expensive and priced here to sell... at a fraction of their original cost. 6 line unit.
$449 each
(TEL) TLC-12
12 line unit.
$649 each
Outdoor Fuse
(TEL) 2000H
Telco reliable outdoor dual fuse and weather resistant housing. Includes two 7 amp signal circuit protectors.
$12 each