Lanyards & Aircraft Control Cables
Aircraft Control
(HWX) 3319562-1
Aircraft control cable, 3/32" stainless. Rigid sheath is 8' long and total cable length is 13 feet, 4 inches. Close-up on each end is detailed above.
$65 each
Aircraft Control
(HWX) AF33-657-15053
21 foot aircraft control cable, 1/8" stainless. Two rigid sheaths are 39-1/2" and 37" long respectively. Close-up on each end is detailed above. NSN: 4010-499-0751.
$85 each
14" Nylon Web Ty Down
(HWX) NAS1212-P20DD14
14" nylon web ty down strap with hooks on each end. 2"w. 833 lb. load limit.
$12 each - $10 (10+)
Cloth Strap Fastener
Cloth strap fastener. Steel, black. 2-1/2" long, 1/2" high, 1/2" deep. 2" c-c holes, 1/4" diameter.
35¢ each - 30¢ (10+)
Aircraft Canopy Rod
Aircraft canopy rod, 2" diameter x 6' long aluminum, white. We don't have the mil numbers on this.
$25 each
Aircraft Mounting
(HWX) LN-1-2
Aircraft mounting cable. Length of 14-3/4". Includes metal tab on end.
$2.50 each
Aircraft Mounting
(HWX) LN-3
Aircraft mounting cable. Length 3-1/4". Polyamide covering on wire rope. P/N: V1970.
$1 each
Aircraft Mounting
(HWX) LN-4
Hartwell aircraft mounting cable. Length 7-5/8". Plastic covered. Aircraft mounting cable.
$1.50 each