Nixie Displays
Nixie Display
(LMP) B-5750S
Nixie Burroughs B-5750S. Ultra long life. 200,000 hours. 170v supply.
$35 each
ITT Nixie Display
ITT nixie display. Symbolic display: + (plus), - (minus), ~ (sine), and spiral. 13mm symbol height, 0.45mm pin diameter, 1.75"H. SK207 base. 170v DC @ 2 mA. Made in England.
$25 each
Apollo Nixie Tube
7 Segment Plus Decimal Point
(LMP) DA-1310
Apollo nixie tube. 7 segment, plus decimal point. 12mm symbol height. 5v, 23 mA. 9-wire base. NOS. New in the box. Made in Japan.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Indicator Assembly
Includes National Nixie NE50347
(LMP) NE50347
Indicator assembly. Includes nixie, aluminum frame and 11 pin male plug. Includes National Nixie NE50347. 6625-071-3947.
$45 each
Nixie Display
(LMP) NL50318
Nixie display. 13p base. 7/8"D x 1-3/8"H.
$37.50 each
Nixie Display
(LMP) 8421JAN
Nixie display. 13p base. 1"D x 1-3/8"H.
$25 each
Nixie Display
(LMP) B6036
Nixie display. 13p base. 1-1/4"D x 1-1/2"H.
$27.50 each

Nixie Display

(LMP) CK8037
Nixie display. 13p base. 15/16"D x 1-3/8"H.
$32.50 each
Nixie Display
(LMP) 8422
National Electric nixie display. 8422 tube. 14p base. New, boxed. NSN: 5960-00-892-8632.
$65 each
Nixie Display
(LMP) B6091
Burroughs nixie display tube. 13 pins. Body measures: 1-1/4"D x 1-1/4"H. Gov't surplus. NSN: 5960-00-903-9802.
$35 each

Burroughs Nixie
Display Tube

Burroughs Number Nixie Display Tube
(TUR) 6844A
Burroughs nixie display tube. 13 pin tube. 1" diameter x 1-1/8" high plus pins. 0.61" high numerals.
$16 each
Nixie Tube
0 - 9 w/Decimal
Nixie tube. 0 - 9 w/decimal. 12 leads, 2.7"L. 0.3"W x 0.46"H characters. 0.48" x 1.32"H body. Surplus from the 1970s. Alt. P/N: CD-83P.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Alpha / Numeric
Vacuum Fluorescent
alpha numeric vacuum florescent display tube
Futaba alpha / numeric vacuum fluorescent display tube. Peanut tube size. Body measures: 3/8"D x 1-1/4"H. 1-1/2" leads. 3/16" x 5/16"H digits with decimal and a "+" sign.
$19 each - $17 (6+)
7 Segment + Decimal
Tube Display
7 segment w/ decimal vacuum florescent display tube
ISE Electronics Corp. (ISE DENSHI) 7 segment + decimal vacuum florescent display tube. Tube 0.38" diameter x 1.35" high; 1.5" long leads with 0.34" high digit.
$17 each
Minus / Dot
Tube Display
2 segment vacuum florescent display tube
(TUR) 3288/SP8B
ISE Electronics Corp. 2 segment (minus or dot) vacuum florescent display tube. Tube 0.30" diameter x 1.35" high with 1-1/2" leads. Matches DG10 displays.
$5 each