Antenna & RF Feed-Thru Insulators

HV Feed-Thru Bushing

(ICR) FTB-40
Hipotronics high voltage feed-thru bushing. Model FTB-40. Rated at 40KV RMS. Mineral oil filled. Weight: 40lbs. Used, but in excellent condition.

• 31" overall height (end to end)
• 12" diameter center mounting flange
• 11" from top terminal to center flange
• 19-1/4" from bottom terminal to center flange
• 6-3/4" diameter flange terminal (each end)

$695 each - $550 (3+)

Beehive Antenna Insulator

(ICR) 402B
Beehive antenna insulator. Extends 2-1/4" above and below nickel plated, heavy brass mounting collar. Original design to solder in place but user can drill perimeter holes and bolt in place.

Bottom terminal: 3/16" stud
Top terminal: Compression nut to accept 1/8" whip antenna or use locking nut to secure a wire lead
Dimensions: 2" diameter ceramic fits in 3" hole. 6-1/4" overall length
Weight: 2.55 lbs

$35 each - $31 (3+)
High Tensile Strength End Insulator
(ANT) 3G1300-272
High tensile strength end insulator. 7 lbs. 2"D insulator. 15-3/4" c-c eyelets. NOTE: Crate marked 3G1300-272. Part marked 71003-1.
$39 each - $35 (3+)
Tower Strain Insulator
(ANT) PP502
Tower strain insulator. Ceramic. 10,000 # tensile strength. Brown. 4"H x 2-1/2"D. 1/2"D holes.
$20 each
Beehive Feedthru Insulator
(ICR) RES6633491A
Beehive feedthru insulator. Brown glazed ceramic. 2.25" diameter x 3.75" high.
$13.77 each
Military Antenna Insulator
Large glazed military ceramic insulator. Steel eyelet inserts 0.372" inside diameter. 1" x 1-1/2" x 14-5/8"L.
$23 each

Glazed Ceramic Antenna Insulator

(ICR) 3505-9996-9777
Glazed ceramic antenna insulator. Dog bone style.
7/8"D x 2-1/2"L.
*** SOLD OUT ***

Ceramic Antenna Insulator

(ICR) 3505-9997-1530
Ceramic antenna insulator. Egg style. 1-3/8"L x 1"D.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Antenna Guy Insulator
(ICR) 3G-563
Antenna guy insulator. Composite cone insulator with galvanized steel pin. Galvanized pin has tie-off on top and 2-1/4"L stud out bottom with 3/8-12 thread. Cone: 2-3/4"H, 1-15/16" diameter at base, 1" diameter at top. Groove: 1-3/4" up from bottom.
$5 each
Antenna Insulator Assembly
(ICR) AC-57339-1
Bendix antenna insulator assembly. White glazed ceramic, double cone. 6-1/2"L x 3"D. Circa 1945. Made by Lapp Insulator, LeRoy, NY. Signal Corps #SC98A.
*** SOLD OUT ***

Feed-Thru Insulator
(no hardware)

(ICR) 32103
James Millen glazed Ceramic insulator without hardware. 1-9/16" overall length. Accomodates up to 1/2" panel thickness. Through hole 0.715 or greater. Bolt hole 0.2". 1-1/8" maximum diameter. 1 set = 1 male, 1 female. 800 sets available!!
*** SOLD OUT ***
Bulkhead Feedthru Standoff
Turret Terminals
(TSL) 1439
Useco bulkhead feedthru standoff turret terminals. 0.882"L, 3/8" metal hex, Fits 1/4" mounting hole. 0.185"L double turret on each end. Brown plastic body. Up to 0.137" thick mounting.
$3 each - $2.75 (10+), $2.40 (50+)

Glazed Ceramic Feedthru
Beehive Insulator

This dandy beehive is removed from service but is in excellent, reusable condition. Two piece construction is sandwiched with 2 rubber gaskets and a ground ring which has a 4" braid and 0.5-1" hose clamp attached. The max body diameter is 3" while the bottom half is 2.6"H and the top is 1.75"H not including the adapter. The top half inserts 1.87" into the bottom beehive with a 1.75"D internal insulator body. The top is adorned with a "UHF" female connector or S0-239 whose center pin feeds through the insulator bowl to the inside terminating with a 5/16" fine thread stud flush with the bottom of the internal insulator body. This length stops short of feeding all the way through the insulator and thus leaves no ready solution for affixing the two halves over a metal chassis or frame. The original installation must have had a long barrel nut that reached through the bottom bowl to screw onto the center conductor and then to the feedline. The end of this 5/16" stud measures 1.15" up inside the bottom with both halves clammed together without an additional wall thickness. A "UHF" to longwire thumbscrew connector is included. It is solid metal / silver and shorts the center to the "UHF" threads but the outer threads were isolated anyway. By this means, the longwire attachment mechanism is strong and durable.
$15 each - $13 (3+)

Insulated Feedthru
Bushing Kit

(CNE) 36A280790G01
Insulated feedthru bushing kit. Plastic body. 1/4 - 20 threaded brass insert. 5/16" - 1" panel thickness. Fits 11/16" hole. Kit contains 2 feedthru bushings, 4 bolts + nuts, washers. NSN: 6105-00-408-5551.
$18 each - $16 (6+), $14.50 (25+)

Navy Brass & Clear Glass

(ANT) SC595A
The finest surface feed-thru insulator we have in this size bracket. 3-1/2" diameter flange, 1-5/8" high bowl. 3-3/4" x 1/4" through rod. All brass fittings and hardware. Rear retainer ring is tapped.
$22 each

Conical Glazed
Ceramic Insulator

Conical glazed ceramic insulator. 6 - 32 top threads. 8 - 32 bottom threads. 1/2" diameter top, 1" diameter bottom. 1-1/2" high. Unglazed ends.
$7 each

Conical Glazed
Ceramic Insulator

Conical glazed ceramic insulator. 8 - 32 threads on both ends. 5/8" x 1-1/8" x 2" high. All glazed except large end.
*** SOLD OUT ***

Navy Bowl Giant
Feed-Thru Insulator

(ICR) 1-91199Z
Antenna longwire feed-thru. Stand off any long wire penetration through up to 5" of wall thickness. Made in the 50's for Locke Insulator Corp. for our US Navy. Boxed, new, never used! Original boxes have moisture damage.

7" max diameter ceramic bowl stands 6" above the mounting surface. 3/8" solid brass bolt pokes 5-1/2" out bottom, as pictured. Galvanized shield cone is removable. Bolt collar includes galvanized hardware.
$30 each

Large Shipboard
Feed-Thru Insulator

96 Pound Weakling
(ICR) REC61002
Shipboard antenna insulator doubles as an anchor chuck for your larger vessels. This 96 pound insulator has a 13" diameter solid brass center flange with an 8 hole flange for mounting. 1-1/4" threaded brass post on top cap feeds thru to solid brass bell on bottom with 4 hole bolt pattern. Glazed brown ceramic insulator. It should withstand 1,000 amps and 100 kv and 1,000's of pounds of tension. Perfect for an above ground tie point on that 1/4 mile long wire. Of course, new in the wooden crates.
$350 each

Feed-Thru Insulator

(ICR) 1295B/ASY
Dielectric Sciences feedthru insulator hermetically sealed in 7" diameter aluminum flange. 12" total length. Corona cap on end, flex ring terminal on top side. 10 gauge braided conductor. Rated for 100kv.
$350 each

Feed-Thru Insulator

(ICR) 1295B-1
Dielectric Sciences feedthru standoff section only of the above fully assembly. 5" total length. Mounts in 2-1/4" hole. Includes nut.
$195 each

Lead-Thru Insulator

(ICR) 631645
RCA Victor lead-thru insulator. Fine, polished aluminum terminals. #300 natural body. 2-3/4", 10 thread at base. 5-9/16"L x 3-3/8" O.D. New, unused. Made in 1954!!
$25 each - $22 (3+)

Feed-thru Insulator

(ICR) 32201
James Millen glazed ceramic feed-thru insulator. 1-3/4"D max, 2-3/8"L fully compressed. 5"L x 1/4" brass stud bolt. 3 nuts, 2 flat washers & 2 lock washers on each end!! 1-1/4" diameter inner shoulder for HV chassis pass-thru. 1/2" max wall thickness.
$18 each - $16.50 (6+)

Ceramic Stand Off

(ICR) 14158
Ceramaseal 2-7/8"L x 0.5"DIA ceramic stand off with metal cap. 0.25" inside diameter. Glazed ceramic.
$30 each

Threaded Post Stand Off

(ICR) 803C1675
Ceramaseal 1.12" flange with inner 0.75"DIA ceramic body. 0.36" inner diameter ceramic, bottom side. Cap to ceramic base is 1.58", cap to bottom of flange is 1.35". Cap has 0.45" length threaded 10-32 hollow shaft for wire. Top side is glazed ceramic/unglazed bottom.

For use in a vacuum laser chamber: use aluminum holding ring (LZR) ALRING3 if your 3/4 hole is flush. Use aluminum holding ring (LZR) ALRING1 if your 3/4" hole is beveled to accomodate an O-ring.
$40 each