Antenna Bases
Antenna Base Support
(ANT) 458128-501
JFD Electronics flexible antenna base support for Antenna AT-272A/PRC. Olive drab. 1/4" male base thread. 5/16" female socket. 8-1/4"L. NSN: 5985-00-347-9770.
$24 each
Field Base Insulator
Vietnam / Korean War Era
(ANT) 1N-106A
What a find! Brand new in the box field base insulators. Pound a 1/2" ground rod in the ground, pop this handy little insulator on the rod, attach a ground wire from push terminal to rod for positive electrical connection, attach any radiator 10 gauge or smaller to the top thumbscrew fastener and fire up the transmitter. Base socket is 11/16" x 3" deep. Entire insulator is 14" long, 3-1/2" diameter.
$65 each - $55 (3+)
(ANT) 91933-2
Singer Instruments (EATON) wooden tripod model 91933-2. For mounting either antenna or ground plane. Comes with tripod bag model 92049-1. NSN: 6625-00-304-9252.
$1,395 each
Antenna Coupler for AT-252/SR Whip Antenna
(ANT) CU-226/SR
Antenna coupler for AT-252/SR whip antenna. Part of antenna group AN/SR-3, VHF antenna system. (Antenna AT-252/SR and CU-226/SR). Silver plated connector ends tarnished but clean up well.* Vintage military surplus in very good condition. *NOTE: Silver connector ends in picture have been cleaned with silver tarnish remover.
$25 each
(ANT) 272714
Clamp. Zinc coating. 1.768" inside diameter clamp end. 1-1/4" FIP (pipe thread). Gates P/N: 358-1967.
$15 each
4" Ceramic Insulator
(ICR) 3X1
Use for a base or ?? Ridges hold 3-5/8", 3", 2-1/8" or 1-3/8" inner diameter tubing in place. 1" wide, 4" diameter, 3/8" center hole. NSN: 5970-00-911-3943.
$8 each
Giant "T" Insulator
(ICR) P6530247
High tension power line insulator measures 18" on each leg, 36" across the horizontal plane. Secondary uses might include standing off three different length rhombic or loop antenna wires. Insulator material very high strength and high voltage standoff construction. Aluminum mounting bracket is 10' long. Aluminum end sockets.
$35 each - $30 (10+)
Back in the Saddle
(ANT) 64C3419
Green chromate plated aircraft aluminum. I've seen them used for discones to verticals. Accepts 1-3/4" outer diameter mast. 3 hole base flange.
*** SOLD OUT ***