Antennas & Feedline Switching Relays
RNF100 RF Relay
(KO) RNF100-SP
Deltrol relay made for use in RF circuits. 5 amp, 2kv contacts. 12 vdc coil. 1-1/16" high, 1-3/4" deep, 1-1/8" wide. Great for antenna and trap switches.
$8 each - $7 (5+), $6.75 (50+)
High Voltage Relay
2 Pole
(KO) ML7660310G1
Double pole, 1- N.O., 1- N.C. all silver contacts. Fully adjustable travel, timing on this high voltage relay. Ceramic stand-offs. 28 vdc control. 2-5/8" x 5-1/2" long x 2-5/8" high
$75 each
Vintage Leviton Radio
Knife Switch
(SWX) 9917
Leviton radio knife switch. Vintage. SPDT. 25 amp @ 125v. 1" x 2-1/2" ceramic base. 0.404" thick. 7/8" c-c mount holes.
*** SOLD OUT ***
GC Electronics Antenna Knife Switch
2 Pole / 20 amps
(SWX) 2P
GC Electronics antenna knife switch. 2 pole, plastic base. 20 amps
$10 each
RF Relay
DPST (Normally Open)
(KO) 21702-73
Deltrol relay made for use in RF circuits. 15 amp, 6 kv contacts. 28 vdc coil. 2" high x 1-7/8" deep x 1-1/8" wide. Both poles are silver strapped from factory, i.e. SPST, N.O.
$24 each
Latching Open Frame Relay
12 vdc Coil - 4PDT
(KO) 110636
AB Industries dual DPDT relays operated with common armature that mechanically toggles to each resting position. Can use either both coils or one coil with reversing polarity. 10 amp contacts, 12 vdc coil. Use anywhere maintenance of circuit integrity during a power loss is important. Maximum dimension 3.25" x 1.75" x 1.375"H.
$21 each - $19 (6+) - $17.60 (24+)
Antique BC-442-AM Antenna Relay Unit
(EQP) BC-442-AM
US Army Signal Corps unit of SCR-274-N radio set. Switches antenna between transmitter and receiver. Antenna relay, aircraft. Needs 28v external power supply. Includes 10 amp ammeter in line. Spring post terminals. 5"L x 4.25"W x 3.75"H. 1940+ World War II. New, old stock. Museum quality. Aka: B040205, 2CK492-442AM. NSN: 5985-00-396-1584. Made by Western Electric.
Knife Disconnect Switch
Knife disconnect switch. Push to disconnect. 50 amp @ 15kV. Panel mounts between insulator base and switch housing. Numbers on switch handle are random and all different. 3"W x 5-1/4"L. Removed circa 1950s.
$39 each
Vintage 3 Pole Knife Switch
(ELE) JH15-30
Filmor vintage 3 pole knife switch. Use with fuses 5-3/4"L. Switch measures 8" x 14" x 6"H.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Vintage 3 Pole Knife Switch
(ELE) 3224
Vintage 3 pole knife switch. Includes 80 amp fuses. 8" x 14" x 4"H. New! Circa 1960's.
*** SOLD OUT ***