Piston Capacitors - LC Tuners
LC Tuner Piston Capacitors
Inductor Combination
Shown: (CTP) LVJ447
JFD's unique design of LC tuner incorporates an inductor etched on the glass of an otherwise normal piston trimmer. By sliding a piston in and out, the capacity and inductance changes, varying the frequency of a circuit in maximus stabilus fashion. Ribbon leads. Hole mount.
List of LC Tuner Piston Capacitors
Part Number Pic Value Description Price Price (6+)  
(CTP) 627A-5 Pic 0.045 - 0.05 µH
2.4 - 10 pF
Mean inductance of 0.047 µH. 1 kv. 3 turns on the coil. 1/4" diameter, 1" long max 14.00 - Add
(CTP) LVJ447 Pic 0.4 - 0.6 µH
1 - 4.8 pF
Mean inductance of 0.47 µH. 2 kv. 11 turns on the coil. 3/8" diameter, 1-3/4" long max - SOLD OUT