Vacuum Capacitor Mounting Flanges
Retainer, Capacitor Mounting Flange on Fiberglass Block
(CMH) 235047-00
Retainer, capacitor mounting flange on fiberglass block. Same size as FM1C flange. 1.8" I.D. DLA900-82-W-1015. NSN: 5910-00-776-9023.
$75 each
3" Vacuum Capacitor
Insulated Mounting Block
(CMH) 6029-0714
3" vacuum capacitor insulated mounting block. Ideal for capacitor with 3" diameter neck. 3-1/4" x 5" x 1" wide.
$19 each
Vacuum Capacitor Aluminum
Mounting Base
(CMH) 6032-106608
Vacuum capacitor aluminum mounting base. 2" neck. Mates with (CMH) 6032-106705. (right).
$14 each
2" Retainer Clamp for
Vacuum Capacitor Block
(CMH) 6032-106705
2" retainer clamp for vacuum capacitor block. 1/2" wide silver strap.
$9 each
Vacuum Capacitor
Mounting Flanges
ATTENTION: Mounting flanges sold only at the same time of vacuum capacitor purchase
Part Number Size Price  
(CMH) FM0A 7/8"D x 1"H 90.00 Call to order
(CMH) FM0D 7/8" Variable Mounting Clamp 95.00 Call to order
(CMH) FM1C 1-13/16"D x 1/2"H 125.00 Call to order
(CMH) FM2 2"D x 13/16"H 115.00 Call to order
(CMH) FM2B 2"D x 3/4"H 115.00 Call to order
(CMH) FM2S 2"D x 1/2"H 115.00 Call to order
(CMH) FM3C 3"D x 3/4"H, 3" Flange 155.00 Call to order
(CMH) FM4 4"D x 1-1/2"H, Flanges 190.00 Call to order