Vacuum Tubes Specials
Raytheon Tetrode Thyratron Peanut Tube
(TUR) 1010/6266
Surplus Sales of Nebraska has 25,000 pcs of this valuable little peanut tube on hand. According to online dialogue on these small thyratrons, they were initially developed for controlling incandescent lamps, electromechanical relays or solenoids, for bidirectional counters, to perform various functions in Dekatron calculators, for voltage threshold detectors in RC timers, etc.

Another use of the thyratron was in relaxation oscillators. Since the plate turn-on voltage is much higher than the turn-off voltage, the tube exhibits hysteresis and, with a capacitor across it, it can function as a sawtooth oscillator. The voltage on the grid controls the breakdown voltage and thus the period of oscillation. Thyratron relaxation oscillators were used in power inverters and oscilloscope sweep circuits.

One miniature thyratron, the triode 6D4, found an additional use as a potent noise source. When operated as a diode (grid tied to cathode) in a transverse magnetic field.potent noise source. Sufficiently filtered for "flatness" (white noise) in a band of interest, such noise was used for testing radio receivers.

Most interesting to us was the early experimentation operating like a vacuum tube triode, below it's ignition voltage, allowing it to amplify analog signals as a self quenching super regen detector in radio receivers in the 1950's.

We welcome development on this little pencil tube. Please send us any legitimate circuits and we will post on our website.
$14 each - $11 (25+), $9 (100+)
6350 Tube
(TUR) 6350
6350 tube, various brands. Industrial 12AU7, Includes ROE test results, (see PDF). 3,000 pcs available!!
$14 each - $13 25+, $12 (100+)
RCA Radiotron
(TUR) 204A/503A
RCA Radiotron 204A/503A. 4" x 14 1/2"L.
$250 each
High Voltage Rectifiers
High voltage rectifiers. Random. 1v to 3v mostly octal base (some compactron) in various brands. Use for artwork or target practice.
75¢ each - 50¢ (10+), 35¢ (100+)
Power Vacuum Tube
Power vacuum tube. 3"D x 7-1/2"L. Used, guaranteed.
$250 each
4CX1500B / 8660
(TUT) 4CX1500B
Eimac 8660 / 4CX1500B Transmitting Tube, Date codes in the 1980's. New Old Stock.
$995 each - $899 (3+)
Audio Amp Tube
(TUT) 822348
Audio amp tube. Made by Sperry for military gyroscopes in 1959. When plugged into a 6V6 amp, idle current was 32 mA at 378v. Reportedly "Sounds pretty good and clear like a 6L6" We have over 1000 in stock!
$19 each - $17 (12+)
3CX1500A7 / 8877 Kit
(TUT) 8877-KT
3CX1500A7/8877 Kit. Includes 8877 chimney & socket. Tube looks new! Old stock, guaranteed. Two in stock.
$1,200 each
Antique Eimac High Vacuum Rectifier Tube
(TUR) 2-450A
Antique Eimac high vacuum rectifier tube. Peak inverse plate voltage, 30,000 max volts. Plate dissipation, 450 max watts. D-C plate current, 1 max amp. Peak plate current, 8 max amp. 4 pin metal shell base. Great display piece. Sold as collectors piece only! Originally used in military radar sets. This piece dates back to 1970. Some oxidation of pins and caps, otherwise New in the box!
$199 each
DET-25 Triode
Marconi-Osram Valve Co. of England DET-25 triode. Antique electronic valve. High quality. Manufactured for RAF radio transmitters. Air-cooled transmitting triode. 7.5v cathode, 4 pin base, 165mm length. Alt. P/N: AT35, CV1025, CV1567, VT25, CT52GPO. Circa 1925 - 1945.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Admiral 1L6 Tube
(TUR) 1L6
Admiral 1L6 tube. Just discovered a stock of fresh N.O.S. 1L6 tubes used in the famous Zenith trans-oceanic radio from 1951 to 1962. Also used in the legendary RS-1 clandestine radio set used by the CIA in the 1950s & 1960s. Made in the USA by Sylvania.
$45 each
RCA 1624 / A4154D
Radio Tube
(TUR) 1624-RCA
RCA new, old stock tubes in original World Radiotron boxes. I have only about 50 left. 1624 / A4154D. Wonderful tube. Nice sounding.
$65 each - $53 (3+)
Cetron 811A/JAN
(TUT) 811A-JAN
Never before at this price, 811A/JAN Cetron. Buy these late date Cetron tubes made to the original RCA specifications because Cetron (US company!) bought RCA. Anyway, they are made to run horizontal or vertically. YES, you are correct!

This is the exact tube Collins installed in the thousands of 30L-1s they produced for 30 years! Enjoy higher duty cycle and will last many times longer than imported tubes.
We are almost sold out of our prized 811A...forever!
$75 each

$159 (for matched pair)

$247 (for matched set of 3)

$319 (for matched set of 4)
VHF-UHF Transmitting Tube
7213 & Socket
Top View Bottom View
(TUT) 7213/SET
Gold plated transmitting tube made by ITT available at a fraction of original cost. Many amateur amplifier designs around this beauty. 70 cm, 2 or 6 meters. It goes anywhere, works like a horse and is driven by very low level exciter. Socket is very rare. All element connections on socket are isolated; no internal grounds.
$437 per set

Extra 7213 Tubes Available
$295 each
General Electric 6146B / 8298A
Sold Individually or in Matched Pairs
(TUT) 6146B/8298A
General Electric 6146B / 8298A premium tubes. Recommended for any transmitter using 6146Bs including Collins, Kenwood, Yaesu, etc. New in original in factory cartons. Last chance to stock up on these rare beauties. Date codes 1981-1985. NOTE: Now includes individual Roe Tester printout with curves. All premium tubes. Guaranteed satisfaction. See attached print out example.
$62 each - $59 (10+ singles)

(TUT) 6146B/8298A-MP
Matched pairs. Otherwise, same as above. NOTE: Pairs are matched from Roe Tester results. Now includes individual Roe Tester printout with curves with each tube. All premium tubes. Guaranteed satisfaction. See attached print out example. Nothing better on the market for Collins KWM-2 and 32S transmitters, Kenwood, Yaesu and Drake.
$135 matched pair - $130 (10+ matched pairs)

(TUT) 6146B/8298A-MT
Matched trio (3 tubes). Otherwise, same as above.
$200 / set
General Electric 6146W
Sold Individually or in Matched Pairs
(TUT) 6146W
Our most popular tubes. Heavy duty "W" model made for use in military equipment where rugged environment survival was essential. Premium Tubes, includes individual Roe Tester printout with curves with each tube Guaranteed satisfaction. Manufactured by General Electric in the good old USA. In most cases, our 6146W will directly replace 6146, 6146A and 6146B. Made for use in Collins and other U.S. manufactured equipment. Date code: 1987.
$57 each
(TUT) 6146W-MP
Matched pair. Pairs are matched from Roe Tester results. Now includes individual Roe Tester printout with curves with each tube. All premium tubes. Guaranteed satisfaction. Original Equipment Manufacturer's choice for Collins KWM-1, KWM-2 and 32S transmitters.
$125 matched pair
Raytheon 4D32
Very Hard to Find Transmitting Tube
(TUT) 4D32
New in the Box! Transmitting tube, fits Collins: 32V-1, 32V-2, 32V-3. 1977 date codes.
$59 each - $55 (3+), $52.75 (13+)
Electron Tube
(TUR) 5749/6BA6
General Electric 5749W (6BA6) electron tube. DC: 1987. NSN: 5960-00-134-6004.
$10 each
General Electric Driver Tube
(TUT) 12BY7A
Premo 12BY7A-JAN for your 70-80's vintage ham equipment.
$17 each - $15.50 (50+)
General Electric Driver Tube
(TUR) 6CL6
Attention Collins owners. This is the single best favor you can do your 32S-1 / S-3 or KWM-2 transmitter. Its cheap and effective. Replace the DRIVER tube! Of 6CL6's that are available on the market, this is the best there is.
$6 each - $5 (10+), $4 (100+)
Eimac 4CX350FJ
350 Watts - 26.5v Filament
New in the Can - JAN-8904
(TUT) 8904
4CX350FJ/8904JAN. Great in HF or VHF amplifiers. Replaces 4CX350F/8322 in most applications. 26.5 volt @ 650 ma heater. Same socket and chimney as 4CX250B, etc. (use our SK2A or any SK600 series). Typical operation 2200 volts @ 230 ma, 400v screen.
$125 each - $115 (3+), $100 (10+)

Solid State Replacements
5U4 / 5R4, 5Y3, 5V4, 5Z4

(SDI) 1N1239
Plug in solid state replacement for vacuum tubes 5R4 & 5U4. Octal base. Rated @ 2800 vdc, 1 amp. 1-3/8" diameter x 1-1/8"H.

Solid State direct replacement modules are much more efficient than their vacuum tube predecessors. In some case, dropping resistors should be used if the higher output voltages often yielded with these diodes will create an unsafe condition. No heater current is required, saving watts there too.
$18 each
Eimac 4CX2000A
(TUT) 4CX2000A
Eimac 4CX2000A. New - dud, dented. Sold as is.
$350 each
(TUT) RS1084CJ
Siemens transmitter tetrode. Coaxial metal-ceramic water cooled with integrated cooling jacket. Suitable for broadcasting single-sideband transmitters medium and short wave. Filament 12.5v 200 amp, max frequency 40 MHz, typical anode 1.4 kv 7.6 amp, typical output power 60 kW. Alternate ordering # Q52-X1084. We also have the sockets for these bad boys - (TUA) EUR-1 or (TUA) EUR-2. Used, removed from service. 25.5 lbs. Sold as-is.
$750 each
Part Number Description Price  
OD3 RCA 4.50 Add
1624-RCA 1624 / A4154D, RCA, Original Boxes 65.00
53.00 (3+)
4CX350FJ 8904, Eimac 299.00 Add
4D32 4D32 Transmitting Tube, New, Large quantities available 59.00 each
55.00 (3+)
52.75 (13+)
6AL5-GE 6AL5, GE, Boxed consumer. Made in Uruguay. Large quantities available. 1.75 Add
6AV6 Japan 3.00 Add
6AW8A 6AW8A, Philips, Click here for Picture 5.25
4.75 (50+)
6AZ8 Philips 8.00 Add
6BA6 6BA6, Various brands*, NOTE: Now includes individual Roe Tester printout
with curves. Guaranteed satisfaction.
3.90 Add
6BA7 RCA 7.75 Add
6BE6 Various brands* 7.00 Add
6CB6A-PHIL Philips 3.50 Add
6CL6 General Electric 6.00 Add
6C4 General Electric 5.00 Add
6EB8 6EB8 / 6GN8, Various brands* 8.50 Add
8596JAN 400-1215 MHz 59.00 Add
8965 Ceramic Triode 125.00 Add

*Various brands* - We supply our choice.
Extra charge for specific brand selection; call for choice of availability, pricing, and for matching pairs.