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Philips JAN 5U4GB NOS
Product Description

Philips JAN 5U4GB full-wave vacuum tube rectifier, an ideal choice for all tube amplifiers. Designed to higher standards, these U.S. Made JAN (Joint Army Navy) tubes have passed the most stringent of tests uncle sam could require from a manufacturer. The tube has a straight sided T-12 envelope and higher current ratings than the 5U4G. Used in a wide variety of amps like the Fender silverfaced Deluxe Reverb, Bassman tweed, Princeton Reverb, the B300, and many more.

"This is arguably the finest 5U4 available today. US made for our military’s radio equipment, likely of Rockwell Collins manufacture. Due to the large quantity of this premium 5U4GB now available we can offer a price from decades ago..." (Click to read more)

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