Vacuum Tubes & Test Accessories
Vector Adapter Kit
(TUA) T-789C
Vector adapter kit. Includes T7MC, T9NC, T80C and probe with lead in carry case. NOS.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Vector Adapter Kit
(TUA) T-912C
Vector adaptor kit. Measure voltage or current without breaking leads. Includes T9R-C 9 pin Novar. T12-C 12 pin Compactron.
$150 each
RCA No. 2 Socket Adapter
12 pin - Adapts to Coaxial
(TUA) WG-457A-V2
RCA No. 2 socket adapter. 12 pin - adapts to coaxial. For use with WT-333A.
$75 each
Vector Socket Turret
2 RIngs - 12 Terminals / 6 Terminals per Ring
Vector socket turret. 2.5" tall, 0.50" diameter. 2 rings, 12 terminals, 6 terminals per ring. 1.25" between rings. NOS.
$35 each
Vector Socket Saver
7 pin
Vector socket saver. 7 pin. Phenolic body. Test pads for each pin. Alt. P/N: U-104/U Mil-spec. NOTE: Minor bin wear. May have solder residue.
$49 each
Miniature Tube Socket Saver Test Adapter
7 pin
Pomona 7 pin miniature tube socket saver test adapter. Eyelets for hook clip leads for each pin.
$49 each
Vector Test Adapter Socket
7 pin
Vector test adapter socket. 7 pin. Vintage bakelite. test pads for each pin. 2"H x 1.47"D body, 1.74"D rim. NOS. Made in the USA. Alt. P/N: Mil-spec U-101/U. NSN: 6625-00-643-1639.
$59 each
Octal Compact Socket Saver
8 pin
(TUA) 1848
Pomona octal compact socket saver. 8 pin. 0.71"H.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Octal to Wire Adapter
(TUA) 7400-0012
Sylvania octal to wire adapter. Plugs into octal tube socket. Insert wires into top of adapter and beryllium copper contacts grip wire for testing procedures. Made in 1969. Military surplus. NSN: 5935-283-3399.
$19.95 each - $18 (6+), $16.30 (25+), $15 (100+)
Octal Socket
8 pin
Winchester octal socket. 8 pin. Silver, full circumference forked terminal pins. Bakelite. For above or below chassis. 1.10"D body. 1.50" mounting centers.
$19 each
Octal Socket Saver
8 pin
(TUA) SS-8
Pomona octal socket saver. 8 pin. 1"H.
$35 each - $33 (3+)
Octal Socket Saver Extension
8 pin
Octal socket saver extension. 8 pin. Flange mount. 1-5/16"H. 1-1/2" mounting centers.
$28 each
Octal Socket Saver Test Adapter
8 pin
(TUA) T80
Vector octal socket saver test adapter. 8 pin. Bakelite. Test pads for each pin.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Octal Socket Test Adapter
8 pin
Pomona octal socket test adapter. 8 pin.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Hickok Octal Socket Saver
8 Pin
(TUA) SA-10
Hickok octal socket saver. 8 pin.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Vector Post for Wire Ties Mini Tube Socket
9 Pin
(TUA) RE23921
Vector post for wire ties mini tube socket. 9 pin. Mounts under chassis in 3/4"D hole. 2-1/16" overall length. 1-1/8" mounting centers.
$37 each
Socket Saver
9 Pin
(TUA) SA-9
Hickok socket saver. 9 pin miniature.
$37 each
Tube Socket Saver
9 Pin
(TUA) SS-9
Pomona tube socket saver. 9 pin min. Originally designed to maintain integrity of tube tester sockets. Center stud anchors into place. 3/4"H.
$35 each - $31.50 (3+)
Ceramic Mini Tube Socket Saver
9 Pin
Pomona ceramic mini tube socket saver. 9 pin.
$39 each
Tube Socket Saver - Extension
9 Pin
Vector tube socket saver - extension. 9 pin. 2-1/8"L. The beauty of this assembly is the tube socket could easily be changed due to wear down the road.
$35 each
Miniature Tube Socket Saver Test Adapter
9 Pin
Vector miniature tube socket saver test adapter. 9 pin. Test pad for each socket pin. Only one available
*** SOLD OUT ***
Vector Socket Turret
9 Pin
(TUA) 40H234
Vector socket turret. 9 pin. Type 6-N-6T, 9 pin Noval. 1.5"H x 1/2"D. 6 terminals, 1 ring. NOS.
$33 each
Pomona Magnoval Socket Saver
9 Pin
(TUA) 1451
Pomona 9 pin magnoval socket saver.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Pomona Socket Saver
(TUA) SS-12
Pomona socket saver for 12 pin compactron sockets.
$25 each
Walseo 7 Pin Tube Guides
15 per bag
(TUA) 1942
Walseo 7 pin tube guides. 15 per bag. Guides 7 pin tube into socket. Circa 1950's.
$8.75 each
Sub-mini Tube Test Socket
7 Pin
(TUA) CV49519
7 pin vacuum tube test socket makes service a snap. Probe tip nestles into hole on pad.
$27 each - $24 (3+)
Socket + Turret Base
7 Pin
7 pin miniature tube socket mounted on 1-1/8" post, terminated with turret base. Intended to mount under chassis with pressed nuts in ears.
$9 each
8 Pin Octal Plug
8 pin octal plug. Keyed. Tan plastic. 36" colored lead wires.
$8 each - $7 (5+)
6' Octal Jumper Cord
8 Pin
(WCC) 1000874
Gray 6' extension cable with 8 pin male octal each end. Reinforced keyway with wire guide on each end. Pins are connected 1 for 1 with #1 to #1, #2 to #2, etc. All wires are 20 AWG. Pins 1, 2 & 3 are unshielded. Pins 5, 6, 7 & 8 are shielded with foil and stranded #20 drain lead. All drain leads connect to pin 4.
$12 each - $10 (5+)
Binary Scaler
(TUA) 4SN1B1
General Electric binary scaler. Requires 9 pin vacuum tube. 1.35" diameter x 1.54". Octal base.
$25 each
Male Plug
12 Pin
12 pin male plug.
$1.50 each
Tube Britener
(TUA) SP100
Sylvania 110º base tube britener. Universal series, parallel. 7 pin base.
$10 each
(TUA) 750
Walsco Electronics Mfg. Co. Tube-NU "Picto-Cure". Model 750. Makes worn out picture tubes new again. Per literature, corrects 33 defects in all.
$10 each
Picture Tube Britener
(TUA) AP270
Anchor Model AP270 series universal parallel picture tube britener for Sylvania. 110º base. No instructions.
$10 each
Color TV Britener
(TUA) CB380
Antronic heavy duty 70º color TV britener for round tubes. Model CB-380. Restores brightness and contrast. Increases life of color tube. Instructions on the box.
*** SOLD OUT ***