Liquid Level Gauges
Liquid Level Transmitter Tank Unit
(MTG) D391C
Stewart-Warner Instrumentation liquid level transmitter tank unit. Float actuator, 1 screw terminal. 12v DC. Hole mount. 14.438" float arm. NSN: 6680-00-934-8015.
$25 each
Liquid Level Transmitter
(SEN) 8TJ13L
General Electric (for U.S. Navy) liquid level transmitter. Type TJ-13, Model 8TJ13LDK. 20 - 30v DC. Mechanical gear actuation. Float arm length = 13" with cork float. Hole mount, 1 electrical connection. New surplus. NSN: 6680-00-526-9120.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Sight Glass
(MTG) MILI-20037
Sight glass. 3/4" MIP shut off valves have 3-1/2" handles. Includes red line heavy duty glass, 3/4" diameter x 22" long.
$125 each
Sight Glass (cont'd)
(MTG) 5ABG72
Sight glass only. Replacement for assembly left. Red line heavy duty glass, 3/4" outer diameter (3/8" inner diameter) x 22" long.
$75 each
Float Assembly
Tank Unit
(SEN) EA151A1407-01
Simmonds Precision float assembly, tank unit. 28 vdc. Measures fuel quantity, liquid level transmitter. Adjustable range. Output connector: 2 pin circular, 97-3102-125-3P.
NSN: 6680-00-564-9230.
$85 each
Liquid Fuel
Transmitter Float
(SEN) EA89A4171346-3
Simmonds liquid fuel transmitter float. 24 vdc. Requires 4 pin MS connector and 10066-14S-2P. Float arm length = 12.75". 3-3/4"D flange, 8 hole. NSN: 6680-526-4418.
$100 each
Fuel Meter
(MTG) 1700-1155-0
Petrometer Corp. of New Hyde Park, NY Petro / Fuel meter indicates liquid level in remote tank. Requires air supply. Factory packaged in wood crate per graphic. 7"W x 24"H.
$495 each
Liquid Level Switch
(AHD) LS-433-1
Liquid level switch includes 5-5/8" diameter flange with o-ring channel. Stainless steel. Six evenly spread 9/16" diameter holes around flange. Top mount N.C. when fluid full. 9" long shaft, sensor between 5-3/8" - 7-6/8". SPST bouyancy actuated. 100v, 100 ma maximum. Requires MS3106E-18-4S, 4 pin female connector, pins A-B=switch, C-D=N.C. Mfg. by Gems Sensor division of IMO Industries, Inc. NSN: 5930-00-834-6072. P/N: LS-433-1, alt P/N: 27965, alt P/N: CDLS434.
$2,175 each