Coaxial Switches
Dow Key C Female
(SWC) 78-0605
Dow Key 78-0605 C female SP6T 60db isolation. 3"d. 450w @ 450 mHz. 1kw @ 60 mHz. DC - 2.5 GHz. New. Pull to rotate.
"SMA" Toggle Switch
(SWC) SM-2
RLC SPDT "SMA" Toggle Swtich. 50 Ω. Used.
"TNC" Manual Rotary Switch
(SWC) TS-100C
Telonic manual rotary switch. DPDT. "TNC" connectors.
$95 each
"N" Coaxial Toggle Switch
(SWC) STN2180A
Sage coaxial toggle switch. SPDT. DC-5 GHz. "N" female connectors. Mounts in a 7/16" hole. Looks new.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"N" Manual Switch
(SWC) SAN260
Sage type "N" manual switch. SPDT.
$95 each
"SMA" Manual Rotary Switch
(SWC) SAM260
Sage SPDT manual rotary switch. "SMA". Used.
$119 each
"N" Female Manual Switch
(SWC) SAN490
Sage manual switch. "N" female. SP4T. (3) 10-32 mounting holes on 1-1/8" centers.
$150 each
Manual Switch
(SWC) 4S0M003
DB Products manual switch. SP4T. "SMA" female connectors.
$139 each
Manual Coaxial Switch
(SWC) TS-200C
Telonic manual coaxial switch. SP6T. "TNC" connectors. No knob. Used.
$85 each
Manual Coaxial Switch
DC-11 GHz / 500v Max
(SWC) MA7501-DNM
Microwave Associates manual coaxial switch. DC-11 GHz, 500v max. Three "N" female connectors. DC: 1980. NSN: 5895-00-892-9429.
$85 each
Coaxial Switch
(SWC) STM2180A2
Sage coaxial switch. 2P2T, "SMA" connectors. Mounts by two 1/2" bushings @ 1-1/16" centers.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Transfer Switch
Double Pole / 3 kw / 500 MHz
(SWC) M1460-30
Transco double pole transfer switch. "N" female connectors. 3 kw, 500 MHz.
Pin Diode Switch
2 - 18 GHz
(KC) S213D
Narda pin diode switch. 2 - 18 GHz. 10 ns switch time. SPST, "SMA" female connectors, "SMC" connector on control.. Insertion loss: 1 - 2 dB max depending on frequency. 3w CW. 60 dB minimum isolation. Power requirements: +5v DC @ 100 mA, -12v DC @ 50 mA.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Spinner 3-1/8" Broadcast
Transfer Switch
(KC) BN94-19-28
Spinner 3-1/8" broadcast 4 port transfer switch. Manual selection. 25 pin connector for position indicator. 13-1/4" x 17". Used, removed but in new condition. 46 lbs. Made in Germany.
$2,100 each
Pin Diode Switch
0.5 - 12.4 GHz
(KC) 3503
HP Associates pin diode switch. 0.5 - 12.4 GHz. SPST. "N" female connectors. "BNC" bias.
$95 each
Pin Diode Switch
-12v / +5v / TTL
(KC) 33190B
Hewlett Packard pin diode switch. "SMC" in / out connectors. -12v, +5v, TTL. Used.
$245 each
Waveline, Inc. SPDT Switch
Manual Change Over - 3-1/8" EIA
10 kw Average to 1 GHz
(KC) RAM-517
Highest quality 3-1/8" EIA two position switch uses "make before break" configuration. Double pole indicating circuitry. Specially made for U.S. Government in 1993 ($6,000).

60 dB minimum isolation. 0.1 dB maximum insertion loss. Applications include UHF-TV, FM Radio, etc.

8" x 10" high (+ 6" flange) x 15" wide. New in the box.

$1,295 each - $1,100 (3+)
Front Rear
(SWC) F-59505
Manual DPDT BNC switch made for Marines (ID plate states so). Can be removed from plate and mounted on your equipment. Large pointer knob on front. 500w, 500 MHz.
$75 each
Coax Switches
Series 78 Dow-Key: Selector switches are conservatively rated @ 1000w @ 100 MHz or 200w @ 2.5 GHz. 50 dB minimum isolation, 0.1 dB max. insertion loss. DowKey quality, a good choice for the station. Rotor locks into place. Pull and turn for new position.
(SWC) 78-107/8
2 position BNC. "107 & 108" models are indexed right and left hand. We supply both. Switches are new, never used, removed from new equipment.
$25 each - $21 (3+), $17 (10+)
(SWC) 78-109
3 position BNC. Switches are new, never used, removed from new equipment.
$35 each - $30 (3+), $25 (10+)