Assorted Switches

Vintage Mercury Switch
Vintage mercury switch. Glass tube filled with mercury. Emmerses internal contacts when tube is tipped. 50 amp. 3/4" x 3"L. NOTE: Extremely fragile. Purchaser accepts liabiltiy involved with handling and use of mercury.
$39 each
(SWP) 2B7
Honeywell microswitch. Short mounting, barrier black Type 2.
$10 each - $9 (10+)
Door Interlock Switch
(SWX) CE05-03-06
Continental 420 door interlock switch. SPST contact that is made when door closed. 1-13/16" mounting center. General Electric P/N: 7460330-G4.
$35 each
Safety Switch
(SWZ) 537641R1
Richmond safety switch. Lever trip switch looks like automotive / truck service part. Single contact on rear makes when lever travels 1/2 way down. Electrical contacts are 8-32 tapped / solder lugs. 0.825" x 1.12" mounting plate. 2-7/8" x 1/4" lever, 2-1/2" travel. NSN: 5930-00-849-1749. Similar to (SWZ) 8487.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Keyless Lock Switch
(SWZ) 0BA16-L
Cooper Industries keyless lock switch. Oil tight gasket. 6 threaded screw mounts on back. Double break, double make, both maintained. Single knob. 1-5/8"L x 1-5/8"W x 1-7/8"H. 1" diameter switch. NSN: 5930-00-433-4959.
$25 each

Complex Lever Switch
SPDT + Extra Contact Set in 1 Position

(SWZ) 38271-G2

Complex lever switch. SPDT + extra contact set in one position. Center off. 2.5 amp, 250v contacts. Bracket 3" wide. Switch body 2-5/8" perpendicular. 1-3/8" overall travel on lever. NSN: 5930-00-117-9382.

Position 1: Contacts 1-3-6 made
Position 2: Contacts 1-5 / 2-6 made
$25 each

Fits Chicago Lock Key Switch


Nut. Fits Chicago Lock key switch and others with 3/4" threaded body.
$1.25 each

Electro-Snap Switch
Ball-Roller Lever Operated

(SWZ) H2-25

Highest quality limit switch for industrial applications. Hermetically sealed enclosure. AN-3054-8 M/S connector included. 3/8" arm travel (position adjustable) actuates switch (1- N.O. & 1- N.C. contact). Flange mounting base.
$45 each

Adjustable Roller Lever

(SWZ) 802T-W17

Allen Bradley adjustable roller level. Fits SWZ-802T-AP (right). 4" radius, adjustable arm length. Nylon roller. Fits spline shafts 1/4" to 0.30”.  AB P/N: 802T-W17 series B. New.
$23 each

Microswitch Assembly
Push - Momentary

(GAT) 937-7705

Micro switch assembly. Push - momentary. White top or clear bottom. Activating a normally open SPST microswitch. Broad-caster green light / red light. Each paddle lit from beneath with lamps - 220v, 10 watt, threaded base. Gates P/N: 937-7705-001.
$119 each

Switch Rubber Boot
Dust & Moisture


Switch rubber boot, dust & moisture. "APM - Hexseal". Fits 0.422" bushings (7/16 - 28). Just thread onto top of switch. 0.46" inside depth. NSN: 5930-600-6088.
$3 each

Lever Switch

(SWZ) 8487

Lever trip switch looks like automotive / truck service part. Single contact on rear makes when lever travels down 1/2 way as pictured. Electrical pins are auto bullet type.

Customer Ken Wells said "I thought I would try to help with the identity of this switch. I used one of these in my 1958 Chevy pick up. It is used for the underfloor brake light switch."

Another customer indicated this switch is used on heavy trucks such as dirt dumpers and garbage trucks to give a "bed up" or "bed not locked" warning light in the cab.
$5 each

Cam Arm Switch
Lever Operated Ball Roller

(SWM) 6984H28A

Cutler Hammer hermetically sealed, water tight, enclosed switch. Arm travels 45º CCW to switch + 15º to end. Industrial grade. 1.5 amp contacts. 1- N.O. & 1- N.C. set. All metal parts are bronze or stainless. Box is PVC. Lid has rubber seal. 3" x 3-1/8" x 8" long. Arm 3" long center to roller top.
$175 each

Magnetic Safety Switch

(SWZ) D111971-1

Hobart (Welders) magnetic safety switch / door safety switch assembly. Water tight. 7/8" x 2" magnetic sensor area. NSN: 5930-01-135-4038.
$75 each

Mercury Switch

(SWZ) G20SZ-001

30 amp replacement module for mercury contactor. Works well for tilt switch too. 5-1/2" leads.

WARNING: Contains large volume of mercury.
*** SOLD OUT ***

Telephone Hook Switch

(SWZ) HS0005-13

Telephone hook switch. 4 poles. Internal component.
50¢ each

General Electric
Appliance Switch

(SWZ) WH12X509

White bat. 120/240 vac, 3 amp. Double pole, 3 position. Center: 1-2 / 3-4 ON, 1-5 OFF -- Up: 1-5 / 3-4 ON, 1-2 OFF -- Down: 1-2 ON, 3-4 & 1-5 OFF.
$5 each