Assorted Switches

Vintage Mercury Switch
Vintage mercury switch. Glass tube filled with mercury. Emmerses internal contacts when tube is tipped. 50 amp. 3/4" x 3"L. NOTE: Extremely fragile. Purchaser accepts liabiltiy involved with handling and use of mercury.
$39 each
Safety Interlock Switch
250v AC / 15.1 amp / 250v DC max
(SWM) 2AC6
Safety interlock switch. SPDT. 250v AC / 15.1 amp; 250v DC max. 500 mA screw terminals. ALT P/N: MS161061. Microswitch, made in U.S.A. Milspec - nos some bin wear from long term storage.
$135 each
(SWP) 2B7
Honeywell microswitch. Short mounting, barrier black Type 2.
$10 each - $9 (10+)
Door Interlock Switch
(SWX) CE05-03-06
Continental 420 door interlock switch. SPST contact that is made when door closed. 1-13/16" mounting center. General Electric P/N: 7460330-G4.
$35 each
International Harvester / Navistar Safety Switch
(SWZ) 537641R1
International Harvester / Navistar safety switch. Electrical contacts are 8-32 tapped / solder lugs. 0.825" x 1.12" mounting plate. 2-7/8" x 1/4" lever, 2-1/2" travel. Similar to (SWZ) 8487. Circa 1975. Milspec. Known to be used in International Harvester Farmhall Tractor (1/68-12/73). Made in USA. NSN: 5930-00-849-1749.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Keyless Lock Switch
(SWZ) 0BA16-L
Cooper Industries keyless lock switch. Oil tight gasket. 6 threaded screw mounts on back. Double break, double make, both maintained. Single knob. 1-5/8"L x 1-5/8"W x 1-7/8"H. 1" diameter switch. NSN: 5930-00-433-4959.
$25 each

Complex Lever Switch
SPDT + Extra Contact Set in 1 Position

(SWZ) 38271-G2

Complex lever switch. SPDT + extra contact set in one position. Center off. 2.5 amp, 250v contacts. Bracket 3" wide. Switch body 2-5/8" perpendicular. 1-3/8" overall travel on lever. NSN: 5930-00-117-9382.

Position 1: Contacts 1-3-6 made
Position 2: Contacts 1-5 / 2-6 made
$25 each

Fits Chicago Lock Key Switch


Nut. Fits Chicago Lock key switch and others with 3/4" threaded body.
$1.25 each

Electro-Snap Switch
Ball-Roller Lever Operated

(SWZ) H2-25

Highest quality limit switch for industrial applications. Hermetically sealed enclosure. AN-3054-8 M/S connector included. 3/8" arm travel (position adjustable) actuates switch (1- N.O. & 1- N.C. contact). Flange mounting base.
$45 each

Adjustable Roller Lever

(SWZ) 802T-W17

Allen Bradley adjustable roller level. Fits SWZ-802T-AP (right). 4" radius, adjustable arm length. Nylon roller. Fits spline shafts 1/4" to 0.30”.  AB P/N: 802T-W17 series B. New.
$23 each

Microswitch Assembly
Push - Momentary

(GAT) 937-7705

Micro switch assembly. Push - momentary. White top or clear bottom. Activating a normally open SPST microswitch. Broad-caster green light / red light. Each paddle lit from beneath with lamps - 220v, 10 watt, threaded base. Gates P/N: 937-7705-001.
$119 each

Switch Rubber Boot
Dust & Moisture


Switch rubber boot, dust & moisture. "APM - Hexseal". Fits 0.422" bushings (7/16 - 28). Just thread onto top of switch. 0.46" inside depth. NSN: 5930-600-6088.
$3 each

Cole Hersee Mechanical Stoplamp Switch

(SWZ) 8487

Cole Hersee mechanical stoplamp switch. SPST N.O., 4.6 amps DC. Two terminals 5/32" (3.96 mm) diameter. Mounting holes 10-32 tapped holes, 5/8" (15.87 mm) on center. Replaces: Delco D852, D854, DR-2401, GMC 1997913, 1997921, Motorcraft SWG-318, 319, Wagner FC-21632. NOS.
$15 each

Cam Arm Switch
Lever Operated Ball Roller

(SWM) 6984H28A

Cutler Hammer hermetically sealed, water tight, enclosed switch. Arm travels 45º CCW to switch + 15º to end. Industrial grade. 1.5 amp contacts. 1- N.O. & 1- N.C. set. All metal parts are bronze or stainless. Box is PVC. Lid has rubber seal. 3" x 3-1/8" x 8" long. Arm 3" long center to roller top.
$175 each

Magnetic Safety Switch

(SWZ) D111971-1

Hobart (Welders) magnetic safety switch / door safety switch assembly. Water tight. 7/8" x 2" magnetic sensor area. NSN: 5930-01-135-4038.
$75 each

Mercury Switch

(SWZ) G20SZ-001

30 amp replacement module for mercury contactor. Works well for tilt switch too. 5-1/2" leads.

WARNING: Contains large volume of mercury.
*** SOLD OUT ***

Telephone Hook Switch

(SWZ) HS0005-13

Telephone hook switch. 4 poles. Internal component.
50¢ each

General Electric
Appliance Switch

(SWZ) WH12X509

White bat. 120/240 vac, 3 amp. Double pole, 3 position. Center: 1-2 / 3-4 ON, 1-5 OFF -- Up: 1-5 / 3-4 ON, 1-2 OFF -- Down: 1-2 ON, 3-4 & 1-5 OFF.
$5 each