Turns Counters
Counter Assembly with Reset Button
(SHW) 03960-61064
Hewlett Packard counter assembly with reset button. 4 digit. Driven by 0.658"D pulley. Mount grid, 0.717" x 0.632" on tapped holes in front plate. Made by ENM in England.
$75 each
Right Angle Turns Counter
(SHW) VIN3902
Right angle turns counter. 3 digit counter. MS91528/4N2B knob. 1/4" shaft. Used, old. Removed from equipment. Looks like a 1st generation B&W cyclometer.
$50 each
Ball 6 to 1 Drive
(SHW) 4511
Ball 6 to 1 drive "origional" Jackson Brothers 6:1 ratio. 1/4" x 0.65"L shaft. 35 year old shelf stock. Dual set screw.
Deluxe Turns Counter
Finally, an affordable high quality turns counter suitable for many applications. 1/4" shaft coupling at rear. Counts to 9999.9 for precise control of variable inductors. Guaranteed satisfaction. Manufactured to our specification. Professional quality. Stainless steel bevel gears are the heart of our non-slip design. Mil-spec crank knob facilitates quick advance rotation or fine tuning fingertip control. Unit measures 2-1/4" x 3-1/2". Requires 1" x 3" hole in equipment for mechanics. Screws included.

Don't be misled by cheap knock off copies of our counter selling for a lower price. Their plastic, press-on gears along with other weak support members leads to inconsistent counting. In addition, lateral movement and slippage will not occur in our counter. As usual, you get what you pay for! Join medical manufacturers and amateur radio enthusiasts alike and incorporate this deluxe counter into your project.
$139 each - $127 (6+), $115 (50+), $108 (100+)
"Collins Autotune" ART-13
20 Turn Mechanical Counter
(SHW) N16S15001
Collins Radio ART-13 "Collins Autotune" 20 turn mechanical counter from 1954!! Frequency Tuning for WWII ART-13. Electrical end switches each end of travel. 3-3/4"W x 3"H x 3-1/2" deep behind. New in sealed boxes!! See enlarged images for the incredible craftsmanship.
$119 each
Millen Turns Counter
Millen turns counter. 2-7/8" x 4-1/8". Excellent condition.
*** SOLD OUT ***
WW2 Vernier Dials
"0 - 100"
WW2 Vernier Dials for air variable capacitor. "0 - 100". 2 1/8" O.D. Knob. 2 1/2" Knob revolution. 180° rotation. Bakelite. 4 available, sold individually. 1/4"' shaft. Removed from equipment. Dial Lock.
$75 each
Broadcast Grade Turns Counter
"0 - 999"
Atoms broadcast grade turns counter. "0 - 999". 1-1/16"D x 1-1/4"H. 0.251" bore. Made in France. Nice!!
$75 each
Vintage Turns Counter
"0 - 99"
Vintage turns counter. "0 - 99". 3" x 3" face, 2-1/4" depth behind frontplate. 1/4" shaft. Well made! Excellent condition. Add one of our crank knobs if you want. All metal.
$117 each
Antique Turns Counter
Antique turns counter. Requires 10-turn pot with 1/4" bushing. Accomodates 1/8" shaft. Circa 1950's.
$22 each
Turns Counting Dial
Beckman / Helipot Duo-dial "RB" series turns counting dial. 0 - 14, 0 - 90. for use with Model A or C Helipot precision potentiometer.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Turns Counter
(SHW) BW3902
Turns counter. Brass gears. 0 - 9999.9 counter. 3" x 3-1/2" face. 1/4" x 2-1/2" shaft behind, 1/4" x 1" front. New, old stock. Add our crank, 1950's B&W Cyclometer.
$175 each
A Miracle!! Look What We Found!!
Turns Counting Dial
Front view Rear view / gear mechanism
(SHW) 901-2-0
Beckman / Helipot turns counting dial. Graduated 4" dial numbered 0-900. Wrinkle finish. 3-3/8" diameter inner dial, plastic with transparent edge for hash mark alignment. 2-3/16" diameter inner knob with spinner finger hole. NSN: 5355-00-644-3956. BRAND NEW in boxes!!
  • Readability over 10 turns - 1/1000th of a turn
  • Mounting: 4" diameter threads onto 3/8" bushing from pot or capacitor. Slide dial / knob into place and secure set screws.
  • Made in 1967
  • 91 - 2.5 gears
$150 each
20 Turn Counter Drive
Front view Rear view
20 turn counter drive. Dial graduated 3.5 - 18 MHz. Removed from 1950's receiver.
  • Dimensions: 4" square face plate, 2-1/2" depth including shaft. 1/4" shaft
$75 each
Turns Counter
25:1 Reduction
(SHW) 7761552
General Electric counting dial mounts behind front panel with three screws. Cutouts for fine thumb adjustment, lock knob and '0-25' graduated 180 degree readout required. Front and rear views. Includes HV ceramic shaft coupling with1/4" shaft. Used / removed.
$65 each