Western Electric
Germanium Transistor from 1954!!
(STR) GA-51984
This may be the original mass produced transistor from Bell Labs manufacturer, Western Electric. As you can see from the sealed military packing, it was produced in 1954 at Kearny, NJ.

If ever there was a Western Electric collector's item, this is it.
$35 each - $29 (10+)
Germanium Power Transistor
(STR) T036
Geramanium power transistor. Stud mount. TO-36. No part number or markings.
$5 each - $4.50 (5+)
Germanium Transistors
Germanium Transistors - Listed
Part Number Description Price Each Price (10+) Price (100+)  
(STR) SRC49 Germanium Transistor - TO-5, no specs (Pic) - - SOLD OUT