Solenoids - Rotary
Ledex Rotary Relay
(KO) B60643-001
Ledex rotary relay. 2 coil terminals. 2 section, single wound-untapped. 1 coil winding. 30º shaft rotation. 2.75"H x 1.562"W. NOS. New in the box. Made in the USA. DC: 8/86. NSN: 5945-00-614-9093.
$29 each - $25 (3+)
Ledex Dual Transfer Rotary Solenoid Relay
28v DC
(KO) RL-906
Ledex dual transfer rotary solenoid relay. 28v DC. Brand new vintage surplus. Made in the USA. New in NSN package. DC: 1975. NSN: 5945-00-412-4040.
$125 each
Ledex Solenoid
28v DC Max / 0.50 ohms / 250 mA
(KO) C80447-001
Ledex solenoid. 0.50 ohms, 250 mA coil continuous duty, 28v DC max. Rotary stroke actuator, 25º clockwise. 1.125"D x 0.656"H. 0.015 inch - pounds starting torque. Made in the USA. NSN: 5945-00-814-2606.
$49 each
Ledex Solenoid
(KO) 61785-12
Ledex solenoid. No other information available. Made in the USA. DC: 11/84. Alt. P/N: 61785-01. NSN: 5945-00-733-5210.
$95 each
Ledex Electrical Solenoid
(MOT) B65141-00
Ledex electrical solenoid. Rotary magnetic - trip type. 25º clockwise stroke. No other specs available. 2.26"D x 1.47"H. NOS. New in the box. Made in the USA. DC: 64. NSN: 5945-00-733-5267.
$95 each
Rotary Solenoid
205v DC, 310 Ohms DCR
(MOT) 3144593
Cliftronics rotary solenoid. 95º rotation. 205v DC, 310 ohms DCR. Intended to use 230v AC through bridge rectifier. 2-1/4" x 3-3/8"D. 2.21" mounting centers, 1/4" studs. Shaft: Tapped 1/4" thread. 0.437" O.D., 0.73" long.
$125 each
Litton AirTron Rotary Solenoid
(MOT) 71862
Litton AirTron rotary solenoid. 45 turn when activated. 1-7/8"DIA x 1-1/16"H body, two mount studs 1-9/16" c-c. Actuator arm 1-1/2" long (3/4" beyond body). 205 ohm coil, continuous duty, two position, 26.5v (30v max), 2amp.
$49 each