Eccosorb ®
Eccosorb ® Absorber- Narrow Banded
Magnetically Loaded, Resonant Silicone Absorber
(RF) SF2.5
Eccosorb ® absorber. Narrow banded, magnetically loaded, resonant silicone absorber. 2.5 GHz resonant frequency. 12" x 12" x 0.085" thick super flexible rubber pad. Eccosorb ® is manufactured by Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products. Normally sells for $75 per sheet.
  • Lining radar nacelles and the exterior of airframes particularly where high power is present.
  • Lining of cavity backed and shrouded telecommunication antennas where narrowband performance is required.
  • Lining metal surfaces of vehicles to reduce overall radar signature.
  • Lining metal surfaces to attenuate surface currents, suppressing reflections inside microwave modules, and dampening cavity resonances in microwave modules.
  • For module interference, cavity resonance and surface current problems, ECCOSORB® GDS, ECCOSORB® MCS and ECCOSORB® BSR are recommended due to their magnetic properties, broad band performance, as well as the availability of a wider range of thicknesses (0.010” to 0.100”)
$55 each