Terminations: Coaxial / Broadcast
RF Termination
50 Ohm / 7500 watts
Bird 8787D Bird Termination
(RF) 8787D
Bird 8787D 7.5kw, 50 ohm termination. 3-1/8" unflanged connector with recessed center conductor DC to 1 GHz. Conduction cooled, continuous duty cycle. Includes 225°c over-temperature thermal switch. Vertical mount only. New in original shipping crate with manual. Permanently mounted on 4 wheel dolly. 24" x 20" x 45-5/8"H.
$7,500 each
200w / 50 Ohm
(RF) DA-458
Bird dummyload. 50 ohm. Water cooled. 200 watts. No water. Kilowatt+ with water circulation. Bird QC connector "N". Same as Bird 6733. Used, but in good condition.
$325 each
Bird Termaline® Termination
1000 watts / 50 Ohm
Mfg. Tag
(RF) 6835/U
Bird Termaline® termination with 120w / 600w / 1200w directional coupler. 1000 watts continous, 1200 watts 1/2 hr. 50 ohm. 30 - 500 MHz. Model 6835. Removed from service but very clean. Only one available.
Bird Dummyload Coaxial Resistor
1000 watts / 50 Ohm / 2500 MHz
Mfg. Tag
(RF) 8251T-230
Bird dummyload coaxial resistor. 1000 watts, 50 ohm, 2500 MHz. 1-5/8" "EIA" QC connector. Oil filled / air cooled. Includes 230º thermal switch. 16-3/4" x 6" x 9-1/4"H. This load is equipped with a BIRD QC connector which accepts many different series with a 'quick change'. Increase capacity by forcing air from bottom up. We will change connector to "N" female and rebate $50.00. Brand new, never used!!
$1,450 each
Bird Termination
1000w / 50 Ohm / 30 - 500 MHz
(RF) 6835
Bird termination. 1000 watts, 50 ohm, 30 - 500 MHz. 1200 watt - 1/2 hour. "N" female, QC connector. Built-in directional coupler with selectable ranges: 120 / 600 / 1200w. 6-1/2" x 26" x 11"H. Includes calibration chart. New, unused.
$1,275 each
Dual RF Termination
6,250 watts / 50 Ohms
(RF) 700-0627
Dual RF Termination with fan. Dielectric. 6,250 watts, 50 ohm. 3-1/8" EIA. Can be set in manual or automatic fan mode. 15" x 24" x 17"H. Brand new!! Made for Harris. Harris P/N: 700-0627-000.
$5,400 each
RF Termination
50 Ohm / 1500 watts Continuous
(RF) 5750
Dielectric RF termination. 1500 watts continuous, 50 ohm. "N" female QC connector. DC-1000 MHz. Built-in sensor to operate. 6.5" x 24" x 12" high.
$1,595 each
RF Dummy Load
50 Ohm / 0 - 3000 MHz / 150 watts
(RF) MD634-14
Microwave Devices model 634.14. "LC" female, only 1 available.
$295 each
RLC Load
50 Ohm / 0 - 3500 MHz / 500 watts
(RF) DA75/LC
RLC oil dielectric load handles 500 watts continuously or 1000 watts with forced air. Permanent "LC" female input. 6" x 8-1/2" x 20-1/4". Used.
$295 each
Harris RF Dummy Load
50 Ohm / 210 watts
(RF) SX-10889
Harris 50 ohm, 210 watt dry or for 5kw submersed. Front flange 4-1/2" outer diameter, 13-1/2" internal depth.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Dummyload with "C" Connector
75 ohm (or 50 ohm) Load
Electro Impulse Inc. 10 kw dummyload with "C" connector input. Includes "C" to "N" female adapter. Scope tap "N" female connector. Light weight assembly incorporates 24 Carborundum resistors in combination. 115 vac fan cooling. Currently configured for 75 ohm load. Provision for adding 8 more resistors to change termination resistance to 50 ohms. (see below).
  • Dimensions: 20" x 21" x 33"H
(RNI) 00390-325A
Purchase 8 of our (RNI) 00390-325A 890AS Carborundum resistors at the same time for $600 to make about a 50 ohm load.

NOTE: This deal is only good with the purchase of the (RF) DACT-14C 10 kw dummyload.
RF Termination
50 Ohm / 0 - 1000 MHz / 1500 watts
(RF) CPTN-1500-LC
RF Termination oil dielectric load handles 1500 watts continuously or double with forced air. "LC" female input. 6-1/2" x 11" x 25-3/4". Used. This is our last load in this series and a small leak has developed on the resistive unit o-ring. Mineral oil drained. Element measures 51.5 ohms. Price reduced.
$695 each
Gates Broadcast Dummy Load
50 Ohm / 10,000 watts
(RF) M-6107
Gates 10kw dummy load. 100% sine wave modulation for long periods - essentially non-reactive. Rated from 200KHz and 2,000KHz. 50 ohms. Four under chassis fans for air cooling. New, unused but shelf worn for 30+ years. 29-5/8" x 26" x 16-3/8".
Spare Fan Blade
for Dummy Load
(FAN) C3641-3
Electro Impulse spare fan blade for dummy load. 18" diameter. New, unused. Harris P/N: 700-0258-000.
$65 each
Heathkit KW Dummy Load
Originally a 50 ohm, full gallon load. We have no 50 ohm units left, only 70-90 ohm.

Resistor submerged in oil. We have dozens of these beauties that came from Scientific Radio that had been used around their plant. All are used and missing the little cover over the output box on top. To ship (surface only) we remove the lid and place it on a brand new paint can, with packing on the inside for shock protection. We then take the new lid and put it on the Cantenna (with shipping clips), to seal the non-pcb oil in. Now the two cans are ready for transport. Sounds simple eh? Limited quantities available.
$39 each