Badger OmniRemote Network Monitoring System

Badger OmniRemote
Network Monitoring System


Do you operate a remote base? A repeater? A packet forwarding system? Do you have a vacation home you would like to monitor remotely? Almost any remote control application. Start and monitor a generator remotely. 100's of uses.

There are many occasions when it is desirable to collect data and alarms from remote sites or even have real-time control over security. Particularly suitable for telcos and wireless operators, where for example remote cell site monitoring can now be achieved in a cost effective manner, the Badger OmniRemote is a highly flexible unit that allows all this and more in a simple to install 1U format. There are three module types. The Bistate Analogue Module (BAM) that has either 16 or 64 inputs, the Serial Alarm Module (SAM) with two or 10 inputs and the Remote Access Module (RAM).

Connect to the outside world via DSL, phone line or radio modem. The OmniRemote accepts analog, TTL, voltage and dry contact inputs to report status of alarm systems, weather monitors, radios, computers and networks; virtually any analog digital or mechanical device. It can also be controlled to open or close dry contacts, route data to other inputs and control external devices.

The BAM 64, as its name suggests, has 64 bistate alarm inputs with 12 analogue alarm inputs and 4 control outputs. This module is typically used to collect information from legacy units that only have dry contact alarms and those that have low voltage recorder outputs.

The SAM module is IP addressable so that devices such as door entry systems can be controlled remotely. This means that key holders do not have to drive to remote sites when maintenance engineers need access. Security is still maintained because each time the door is opened an event can be reported back to the control center. Other uses for SAM inputs include monitoring the aircraft warning lights on radio masts. This means that maintenance staff are alerted when there is bulb failure. It can also be used to control stand-by power generators that have a suitable serial I/O. Instead of going to site to perform a routine test, the generator can be started remotely. Both the voltage and current loading data can be returned to the control center through either the SAM or the BAM.

The RAM is an IP router/bridge that can have an optional 4 port hub. It supports ISDN dial back and Frame Relay encapsulation and an optional internal dial-up modem is also available.

Capacity is 64 Bi-state inputs, 12 analog inputs and 4 control outputs (all on 66 punch block attached to cabinet top) as well as a data in and out via up to six RS422 ports and ten RS232 serial ports. 10 Base-T connection also provided.

All units are new / unused. We have removed them from self-contained NEMA 3R cabinets which are available on our web site as an option. Operates on 20 to 60vdc. Dimensions: 10" x 17" x 1-3/4"H.

Some of the many uses of the Badger OmniRemote

• Alarm Systems
• Amateur Radio Packet Gateway
• Amateur Radio Remote Base Station
• Amateur Radio Repeater
• Home Automation Systems
• HVAC Systems

• Network Monitoring
• Network Server
• Remote Camera
• Remote Control Application
• Video Surveillance System
• Weather Station

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Hoffman Enclosure
and OmniRemote

Includes OmniRemote, Hoffman Enclosure, Telco TJ3265A Surge Suppressor and 2 Power Sonic, High Grade sealed lead acid batteries, Model PS-1250F which are 12v, 5.0 amps. Battery dimensions 2-3/4" x 3-1/2" x 4"H. Punch block is labeled with all of the Badger I/O ports. Internal AC receptacle. All of this is mounted on an internal platform that is raised off of the enclosure floor so there are no extra penetrations.

The Hoffman Enclosure is powder coated steel, NEMA type 3R and rainproof. 44 lbs. 22"H x 20-1/4"W x 8-3/4"D. Lockable.

Purchase the Badger OmniRemote and the Hoffman Enclosure at one special price!!

Take advice from an old pro. If you are sold on the Badger Omni Remote, IT IS WELL WORTH A COUPLE HUNDRED EXTRA TO GET THE CABINET WITH THE WORKS. The labeled punch block alone is worth the money!

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Programmable Time Controller
(EQP) EC700
AMF programmable time controller. 12 modules installed. 7 day programmable , on/off schedule with up to 64 on/off events each day. Includes manual. 15" x 10.5" x 6". NOTE: Unit is new but sone board damage due to AAA battery leakage. Sold as-is.
$350 each
Programmable Time Controller
(EQP) EC700-4
AMF programmable time controller. 4 modules installed. 7 day programmable , on/off schedule with up to 64 on/off events each day. Includes manual. 15" x 10.5" x 6". NOTE: Unit is new but some board damage due to AAA battery leakage. Sold as-is.
$195 each