Motorola Radios
Uniden APX116 Rapid Charger
(PS) APX116
Uniden APX116 rapid charger. Drop-in for H.T. Input: 220v AC @ 50 Hz. Output: 8.4v DC @ 900 mA. Brand new in the box!
$35 each - $30 (6+)
Motorola HT Charger
(EQP) NL6897B
Motorola HT charger for OMNI radios. MT500/HT210/HT220. New in the box. NSN: 6130-01-025-9783.
$25 each
Motorola Kit Cable
(WCC) TKN6100A
Motorola kit cable. 6 pin male connector. NSN: 5995-00-205-0600.
$25 each - $21 (6+)

Motorola VHF Radio Set
151 MHz

Motorola VHF radio set. 151 MHz. Set includes 2 base stations, 10 hand-helds and assorted accessories as described below. All removed from service in working condition but sold as-is. FCC License may be required of Operator of this radio system.

Base Station (1 each)
• Motorola 13.2v unit. Model M43 GMC 20A2AA, Radius M120
• 2 channel
• Mic (HMN1056C) with mag clip
• 1/4 wave mag antenna

Mobile Unit (1 each)
• Motorola Model D33LRA73A5BK
• Radius fused DC power cord
• Mobile mounting bracket
• Mic (HMN3596A) with dash mount clip
• 5/8 wave mag antenna

Power Supply (1 each)
• Astron SL-11R power supply. 13 vac, 7 amp cont, 13 amp, 50% cycle

Hand Helds (10 each)
• Motorola Radius P110, 5 watt VHF Handy Talkie (DC 1995+), 2 channel (but only 1 crystal).
Model P43QLC20A2AA
• 9 plastic holsters with belt clip
• 1 leather holster. Swivel belt clip (belt portion missing)
• 10 nicad batteries (HNN 8148A), 7.5v (Assume batteries are expired. If you find they have some life, that is an extra bonus)

(8 each)
• Motorola Speaker Mics (HMN 972SC)

(6 each)
• Motorola Accessory Clips (Hold Mic on H/4), (HLN 8096A)

(6 each)
• Standard 10 hour chargers

(4 each)
• 1 hour chargers

Great for facility communications where base station and portable operations on one frequency are desirable.
Sold only as a set.