Microphone Stands & Clips
Ebony Folding!!
All-Purpose Microphone Stand
Atlas / Soundolier Ebony Folding all-purpose microphone stand. Rare fold-up style. Solid cast base, 10" diameter. Baked ebony epoxy finish, cold rolled steel. 34" - 61" pole. 11.4 lb weight. Rubber feet. New vintage. Circa 1987. NOTE: May have minor box wear due to age. Made in the USA, (Parsippany, NJ). Only 2 available.
$250 each
General Purpose Microphone Floor Stand
(MIC) MS-11C
Atlas Sound general purpose microphone floor stand. 10" diameter base. Chrome finish. Adjustable pole, 34" - 62". Weighs 12 lbs. rubber feet on base. NOTE: Minor box wear due to age (40 years). Circa 1982. Made in the USA, (Parsippany, NJ). Includes box.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Contemporary Microphone Boom Attachment
(MIC) BB-44
Atlas Sound contemporary microphone boom attachment. Die-cast swivel with knob control. Aluminum. Steel (gloamed) counterweight. 5/8" - 27 thread termination, 31" cold-rolled steel tube. Chromed. Weighs 3.5 lbs. New, old stock. NOTE: May have minor box wear due to age. NSN: 5965-01-092-2698.
Contemporary Microphone Boom Attachment (Used)
Atlas Sound contemporary microphone boom attachment same as (MIC) BB-44 but used. Vintage. NOTE: Chrome finish will have considerable wear due to use.
$89 each
Replacement Tube Assembly for BS-36 Professional Boom Stand
Atlas Sound replacement tube assembly for BS-36 professional boom stand. 48" - 72" vertical extension. Chrome plated. New, old stock / vintage surplus. NOTE: May have minor chrome imperfections due to age. NSN: 5965-01-058-9560.
$115 each
Extension Tube Assembly
(MIC) EB-20
Atlas Sound extension tube assembly. 20" long, 0.375" diameter. Chrome plated. New, old stock.
$49 each
Tube Assembly for Studio Boom Microphone Stand
Atlas Sound tube assembly for studio boom microphone stand. 48" - 72" vertical adjustment. This tube is made for "Newer" version of BS-36 boom stand, SB-36. 49" - 73" extension, 3 pc tube. Chome. New, old stock in the box.
$175 each
ROWI Universal Combination Stand & Clamp
ROWI universal combination stand & clamp for microphone & camera. Complete with case.
$117 each
All-in-one Portable Stand with Case
(MIC) PS-12C
Atlas Porto-Stand all-in-one portable stand with case. Includes: base (black), stand tube (chrome), baby boom, cable hanger, 2 lock-on attachments and carry case with handles. 34" - 62" mic stand extension range (MS-12C). New, old stock. Made in the USA. Limited quanties.
$185 each
Multi-Purpose Microphone Support
(MIC) US-2
Atlas Sound multi-purpose microphone support. 12.75" boom arm length. Chome plated. 180º vertical adjustment, 360º rotation. 2-3/8" base length. 5/8" - 27 male thread. Surface mountable. Triangular flange. New, old stock. Made in the USA in Parsippany, NJ.
$59 each
Replacement Tube for TS-6 Stand
Atlas Sound replacement tube for TS-6 stand. Base not included. Chrome 14" - 26" extension. NOTE: Chrome may have slight imperfections due to age. New, old stock. Made in the USA.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Studio Microphone Shock Mount Holder
(MIC) 9-03-0046
Studio microphone shock mount holder. Thumb nut, tilt adjust. Standard 5/8" - 27 thread. For standard mic diameters: 48mm to 49mm. All metal. Brass and steel.
$4.95 each - $4 (10+)
Vintage Atlas Short Mic Tubes
(MIC) MS20/U
Used vintage Atlas short mic tubes. (37" to 66"). No base. Heavy duty fluted clutch. Sold as-is. May be missing end nuts. Chrome.
$45 each - $43 (3+)
Atlas Mic Tubes
(MIC) MS11/U
Used Atlas mic tubes. Smooth "Barrel" clutch. Black accent. No base. Sold as-is. May be missing end nuts. Chrome.
$30 each - $28 (3+)
Atlas Boom Parts
Used Atlas boom parts. Sold as-is. Includes 6 pieces as pictured. May be missing hardware.
Atlas Vintage Mic Stand / Boom Parts
Used Atlas vintage mic stand / boom parts. Includes 5 pieces as pictured. Sold as-is. Includes: 5.5 lb and 1.5 lb counterweights (iron), vintage swivel mount, and 2 mounting brackets.
Vintage Atlas Tall Mic Tubes
(MIC) MS20/U-T
Used vintage Atlas tall mic tubes. (48" - 72"). No base. Heavy duty fluted clutch. Sold as-is. May be missing end nuts. Chrome.
$55 each
Mic Tubes
Used mic tubes. Straight clutch, black accent. No base. Sold as-is. May be missing end nuts. Chrome.
$25 each - $23 (3+)
Atlas Sound Microphone Connector
Atlas Sound snap-on microphone connector. NOS.
$20 each - $18 (3+)
Female thread Gooseneck Base
(MIC) 10-35
Calrad, Taiwan female thread gooseneck base. Die cast base, fits most gooseneck types with 5/8" - 27 threads. 1.75" DIA base surface mount, chrome finish. Circa 1980. NOS.
7.50 each
90º Bent Tube
(MIC) AD-14B
Atlas Sound 90º bent tube. 5/8". Chrome over steel. NOS.
$19 each
Cable Feedthru Adapter
(MIC) AD-15B
Atlas Sound cable feedthru adapter. 5/8". Male / female. Chrome finish steel. NOS.
$15 each
Small Horn Adapter
(MIC) AD-16
Atlas Sound small horn adapter. Aluminum. Ebony. Unthreaded, 0.88" inside diameter with adjustment screw. 3" total height. Mounts any paging speaker on to mic / speaker stand 5/8" or 7/8" diameter.
$25 each
Small Horn Microphone Stand Adapter
(MIC) AD-17
Atlas Sound small horn microphone stand adapter. Gray enamel finish over aluminum. 1.375" total height. 0.72" inside diameter, threaded, 1-1/8" outside diameter body. Mounts any paging speaker on to threaded pipe.
$20 each
Vintage Atlas Sound Bracket Clamp
Vintage Atlas Sound bracket clamp. Surface style, adjustable clamp with 3 mounting holes. Gray enamel over steel. 2"L threaded post. Accepts 5/8" threaded accessories. Weighs 9 oz. New in the box! NOS.
$32 each
MS 20 / 25 Clutch Assembly
(MIC) MS20/25K
Atlas Sound MS 20 / 25 clutch assembly. NOS. Made in the USA. Sold as pictured.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Boom Arm Swivel
Atlas Soundolier boom arm swivel. For Porta-Series floor stand. Ebony. Accepts 5/8" tube. Weighs 10 oz. NOS.
Boom Swivel Assembly
Vintage Atlas Sound BB-44 boom swivel assembly. From BB-44 boom assembly. NOS. Bin wear. Possibly pulled.
$65 each
Swivel Clamp
CBS Aerospace Mfg. swivel clamp. 1-1/4" inside diameter. Accepts 1-1/4" boom / mast / pipe. Mounts to 1/2" NPT pipe (female thread). Very well made.
$25 each
Studio Boom Swivel
Studio boom swivel. Used vintage item but has cosmetic imperfections. Commonly found on Atlas SB-36, 36W microphone stands. 2 adjustable knobs, 1 adjust screw. Ebony crinkle finish. Only one available.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Replacement Swivel Guide
(MIC) XX4707700
Replacement swivel guide for SB-36 / SB-36W mic stands. Chrome over steel. Circa: 1972. NOS. Minor bin wear.
$89 each
Calrad Extension
(MIC) 10-71
Calrad extension for take-apart mic stand. 2-3/8" L x 0.65" DIA. M/F threaded ends. Chrome.
$25 each
DuKane 7C40 chrome mic stand with gray Hammertone base. Late model made by Astatic as their G-stand or grip to talk. Used but in very good condition. Cord cut off at 8". 3 pin female mic connector in top mates with 7C40 or DN-HZ microphones. Wiring diagram is included.
$85 each
Atlas Microphone
Chrome Base
(MIC) AD-12
Atlas microphone chrome base. 3 mounting holes. 5/8" fine thread mount. 1-3/4" diameter.
$9.95 each
Microphone Clip Assembly
(MIC) 370140-01900
Microphone clip assembly made for SRS transceiver SR370. MK1006 clip riveted onto aluminum plate with 0.354" mounting hole.
$2.25 each
Magnetic Microphone Holder
(MIC) DB-1
Turner magnetic microphone holder. New in packaging! Made in the USA. P/N: DB-1.
$3.50 each
Desk Stand
(MIC) 421
Electro Voice microphone desk stand. 3.5" x 3.875". 18 oz. Brand new in the box!
$45 each
(MIC) 422
Electro Voice microphone desk stand. 4.25" x 4.5". 27 oz. Brand new in the box!
$65 each
Goose Neck

15 inch chrome goose neck with brushed aluminum base mounts to table top or under counter / shelf. NOTE: Sold only with LMB-5, 10-34, DM-21G microphones.
*** SOLD OUT ***

15 inch chrome goose neck only, without base. No restricted sales.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Microphone Stand
(MIC) MT596B/U
Adjustable microphone stand. All stainless steel. Reversible mount adapter for standard microphone thread or 1/2" M.I.P. thread. Mil-Spec quality. Maximum height: 61-1/2". Minimum height: 23-1/2". Fully collapses for toting and storage. NSN: 5965-00-904-9103.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Guy Ratchet
Military Surplus recording light mast. 4 - 60" sections + base. 20 feet tall. New in canvas bag. (One extra set for parts - broken section).
$95 each