Fire & Other Alarm Parts
Vintage Infrared Intruder Sensor
(MIS) IR772C
Vintage Racal-Guardall infrared intruder sensor with mounting bracket. 2-3/8" x 4-3/4" x 2-3/8" deep.
$25 each
Photobeam Set
Transmitter & Receiver
(BUR) IA-76
Colorado Electro Optics Inc. photobeam set. Model IA-76. Transmitter and receiver. Wide pattern IR. Easy to aim and set up. 6 - 18v DC @ 35 - 70 mA. Up to 150 feet.
$95 each
Photo-Electric Switch
Colorado Electro Optics Inc. vintage Model LL-1B rain-tight photo-electric switch. 120v AC. Max 500w load. Adjust sensitivity and delay. Brand new in the box!
$65 each
Passive IR Detector
(BUR) 8740
Colorado Electro Optics Inc. vintage Model 8740 passive IR detector. 6 - 14v DC, SPDT switch contact. Brand new in the box!
$25 each
Program Generator
Napco Security Systems program generator. Solid state. Vintage 1970's. Rotary dial. 115v AC power. Use 4-1/8" x 5" tape cartridge. Measures: 10-7/8" x 13" x 4-1/2"H. Brand new in the box!!

90° Turn Surface Contact

(BUR) 80
90º turn surface contact. Made for Ademco. Commonly used in vintage burglar alarm wiring. 1 screw terminal. Nickel plated copper. 1/2" x 3-1/2".
$2 each - $1.75 (10+)

Wheelock Fire Alarm Chime

Wheelock fire alarm chime. 18 - 31v DC, 0.020 amps. Red. Includes hardware and instructions. 6.5"H x 4.75"W x 2.75"D. Made in the USA. DC: 97. NOS.
$125 each

Surface Mount Fire Alarm Speaker

Amseco surface mount fire alarm speaker. Red enameled steel. Model #: 8168-038. Made for ADT, UL listed. Input voltage: 70.7v @ 1000 Hz. Input power: 1/2w (10k ohm), Impedance: 1w (5k ohm), 2w (2.5k ohm). Frequency range: 400 - 4000 Hz. Low frequency cut-off: 200 Hz. 4-1/2" square, 3.25" depth. NOTE: Requires 4" electric box with over 2" (50mm) depth for mounting (not included).
$24.99 each

Ademco Home Entry/Exit Delay Module

(MIS) 354
Ademco home entry/exit delay module.
$21 each

Ademco Commercial Entry/Exit Delay Module

(MIS) 355
Ademco commercial entry/exit delay module.
$19 each
Appliance Nozzle
(VAL) 56926-1N
Ansul™ appliance nozzle. Fire supression system component. New, surplus stock.
$15 each - $14 (3+), $13 (5+)
Appliance Nozzle
(VAL) 56922-1W
Ansul™ appliance nozzle. Fire supression system component. New, surplus stock.
$15 each - $14 (3+), $13 (5+)

Ademco Adapter

(ALM) MPX-747
Ademco adapter.
$50 each

Ademco 8" Alarm Bell

Ademco 8" alarm bell. 6vDC. N.O.S.
$39 each

Ademco Mounting Bracket for Ultrasonic

(ALM) 353
Ademco mounting bracket for ultrasonic.
$25 each

Alarm Device MFG Co. Vintage Lead Foil

(BUR) 183L
Alarm Device MFG Co. vintage lead foil. 1 lb roll. Approx. 100 yards. 0.0022" x 3/8" wide. Works great for hidden antennas. 10/carton.
$15 each
Ideal Security Chain-Dor-Lock
(MIS) SK-28
Ideal Security Chain-Dor-Loc. Key operated safety chain. Includes 2 keys. 10 per carton. Blister pak for peg hook. Union made in the USA.
$12 each - $10 (10+)