Military Surplus Equipment
Vintage RCA RBC-2 Antenna Coil
(ANT) 720560-502
Vintage RCA RBC-2 antenna coil. U.S. Navy receiver. (CRV-46148-B). NOS. Circa 1943, RCA USA.
$25 each
In-Flight Vibration Pickup Switch
(EQP) 1776315
Sperry Gyroscope in-flight vibration pickup switch. Used in conjunction with amplifying and recording units to measure structural and Powerplant vibrations on during test flights. 37 pin Bendix connector and 3-hole receptacle on back of unit. Circa 1937+.
$65 each
Chance Vought O-Scope Camera
(EQP) KD-28B
RARE chance vought o-scope camera. For aviation radar still picture screen. 115v AC | 28v DC, 400H2, includes cabling | connectors. (cosmoline long - term lubricant at cable | chassis connection) SEE PICTURE. New in box - milspec. 6.5" overall L, 5"W, 1.5" HT. SOLD AS - IS. ALT P/N: 00R010020-5; CV21407569-2. Circa 1963. FILM NOT INCLUDED.
$175 each
Vintage WWII Selsyn Control Transformer
(MOT) 2J1G1
Vintage WWII Selsyn control transformer. 57.5 - 57.5v, 400 cycles. 4-1/2" x 2-1/4"D, 1/8" shaft diameter, 1/2" shaft length. Box dated December 26, 1942. Used in the elevation drive assembly portion of the B-29A super fortress tail mount or "Stinger". Also used in the A2C and P61. Made in USA by General Electric. NSN: 5990-00-501-2626.
$55 each
Antique BC-442-AM Antenna Relay Unit
(EQP) BC-442-AM
US Army Signal Corps unit of SCR-274-N radio set. Switches antenna between transmitter and receiver. Antenna relay, aircraft. Needs 28v external power supply. Includes 10 amp ammeter in line. Spring post terminals. 5"L x 4.25"W x 3.75"H. 1940+ World War II. New, old stock. Museum quality. Aka: B040205, 2CK492-442AM. NSN: 5985-00-396-1584. Made by Western Electric.
Radio Set Control Unit
(EQP) C-1123/GRC-26
As part of the AN/GRC-26 RTTY Communications hut, this Radio Set Control Unit, C-1123/GRC, routed incoming signals from two R-390 receivers, via the CV-116 Diversity converter, to the RTTY equipment. The Communications hut also included the T-368/URT Radio Transmitter. 115v. 50/60 Hz. 5" x 10" x 10". Made in 1976. Brand new in the box!!
$129 each
Delco / RCA Rotary Transformer
Input: 12v DC - 24v DC
Output: 265v DC @ 120ma & 540v DC @ 26ma
(MOT) 101985
Delco / RCA rotary transformer converts 12v DC @ 9 amps or 24v DC @ 4.5 amps to 265v DC @ 120ma and 540v DC@ 26ma. New in the box US Military surplus from 1950's. Limited quantity. NOTE: One of the things that the Dynamotor units are for is the "Canadian Wireless Set # 19 Transceiver MK III, Power Supply No. 2" which was manufactured by RCA Canada, Northern Electric and Canadian Marconi.
  • Input: 12v DC - 24v DC
  • Output: 265v DC @ 120 ma & 540v DC @ 26 ma
  • Dimensions: 9"L x 4-1/2"D x 4-3/4"H, including base
  • Base Dimensions: 4-1/2"W x 5-1/4"L
  • Weight: 11 lbs
$109 each - $95 (3+)
Transmitting Dynamotor
Input: 12v @ 4 amps / 24v @ 2 amps
Output: 500v @ 0.050 amps
(MOT) 141G38
Zenith transmitting dynamotor. U.S. Navy 1945. Rare and useful 12v / 24v configuration. 3,800 rpm. Outer box is marked DF-4323. "DF" was typical of Bludworth Marine equipment used by the U.S. Navy at that time. Eicor P/N: ML-4120-158.
  • Input: 12v @ 4 amps, 24v @ 2 amps
  • Output: 500v @ 0.050 amps
  • RPM: 3800
$125 each - $110 (3+)
U.S. Navy IR
Transmitting Beacon
(LMP) USX-12
New, never used U.S. Navy shipboard IR (infrared) 300W signaling beacon. Circa 1940+. Thick red Corning 2540 glass lens eliminates visible light. To the naked eye, you can barely see the bulb's filament but the IR heat will burn you. Signal from these lamps was received by the US/C-3 Infrared Telescope. Label says "TRAIN LIGHT". Naval gray steel frame. Clasp on top secures to chain, hook, pipe or what-have-you. 7" diameter x 12" high, and very heavy. New in crates. Operates on 115 volts.
$195 each
Geiger Müller Tube

(TUR) CK1026
Here is your chance to obtain the basic building block for a Beta particle and gamma ray detector. These halogen -quenched thin wall Geiger tubes, made by Raytheon, are left overs from production in the 60's but have virtually unlimited life. Brand new, never used.

We found loads of info on the internet concerning thesetubes and have included some basics with your purchase to help youget a start. We found the CK1026 sold for about $25 on other sites.

This tube is for Gamma radiation only, with a 760 volt Geiger threshold and a 900 volt operating voltage. Typical background=60 counts per minute.

Please see the following link for more info.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Our Geiger tubes were produced in the 1950s we believe and are very delicate. The glass is inheriently thin creating a situation for damage to occur unless the most extreme measures are taken in handling and installation. Because we have no control over how you the experimenter will handle this product, no guarantee what-so-ever is implied or expressed as to the durability, function or use of this tube. You can be assured they are new and never used when shipped and since Halogen quenched tubes have a virtually unlimited life, if care is taken, you should have no problem constructing your own geiger counter.
Stylus Assembly for Data Recorder (Sonar)
(SEN) 699002-1
Raytheon Systems (USA) stylus assembly for data recorder (Sonar). 1/2"L x 3/8"D head. Spring loaded. DC: 6/86. Alt. P/N: Centroid 2412. NSN: 5845-01-026-7526.
$5 each
Field Phone
Field phone. Used. Standard Elektrick Lorenz. Not complete. See pics for details. Appears used. German / NATO. Circa 1967. NSN: 5805-12-120-4847.
Field Phone
Field phone. New! Minor bin wear but unused. Standard Elektrick Lorenz. battery assumed to not be in working order. See pics for details. German / NATO. Circa 1963. NSN: 5805-12-120-4847.
Heli-Pass Antenna Filter
(FLP) SMD413503-1
Saratoga Industries (USA) Heli-Pass antenna filter. 100w minimum. 30 - 50 MHz @ 0.8 dB max. 50.1 - 53 MHz @ 1.0 dB max. 60 MHz @ 55 dB min; 60.1 - 110 MHz @ 50 dB min; 110.1 - 160 MHz @ 30 dB min. Input / output: 50 ohms. For Milradio AN/VRC-12 RT-524 and other radio sets. Military olive green enamel coating. NOS. New in the box. DC: 85/86.
$25 each - $23 (5+)
Slip Ring Assembly
(EQP) CAY1496-1
Airflyte Electronics slip ring assembly. 17 strand, 48" lead wire on both ends. Insulation resistance = 1000 Meg Ohm @ 500v DC. Aerospace application. 3-1/8"L body, 1.25"D. 2.12" top ring diameter. 5" shaft extension tube, 1/2"D. New surplus. DC: 1994. Made in the USA. NOTE: Each serialized unit includes QC test sheet.
$495 each
Ignition Parts Kit
(ATO) 13214E8180
Ignition parts kit for Military 4 cylinder gasoline engine. Used in Generator MEP-026A. Kit includes: 1 - Feedthru capacitor, 13212E3762, 1 - Breaker assembly, 9786E70. NOS. New in the box. Made in the USA. DC: 6/88. NSN: 2920-00-225-4841.
$12 each - $11 (2+)
Welding Quick Disconnect Terminal
Welding quick disconnect terminal. Tested 200M ohm minimum resistance. 6.5"L sheath, 0.835" inside diameter, 1.25" outside diameter. Brass terminal end, 0.68" outside diameter, 0.34" inside diameter, partial thread x 0.44"W. NOS. New in the box. Mil-spec surplus - Navy. Made in the USA. Sealed in wrapper. DC: 1968. NSN: 5940-00-196-2289.
$35 each
Digital Indicator
(MIS) 2273-3
Centroid digital indicator. 5v DC. 4 digit LED display. NOS. New in the box. Made in the USA. DC: 2/89. Alt. P/N: 2273-1. NSN: 6625-01-039-5537. Alt. NSN: 6110-01-039-5537.
$1,875 each
Watertight Switch Control Station
(EQP) 6981ED174-32
Cutler Hammer watertight switch control station. Used in Knox Class Frigates, USN. Includes pushbuttons for: "2nd DK", 1st PLTFM, 2nd PLTFM, and "HORN". USN surplus. Never installed. Nice. 11.5"L x 3.84"H x 3.76"W. NOS. DC: 1985. NSN: 5930-00-451-7340.
Radar Calibration Target
(MIS) 10153334
Radar calibration target. Painted reflective surface. Circa 1969, Lockheed Martin. Aluminum. Could also be useful in your backyard targeting range. NSN: 5895-00-299-2123, 5840-00-299-2123.
$45 each
Tele-Typewriter Sub-Assembly
(MIS) 56265
Tele-Typewriter sub-assembly for Tele-Typewriter set Model 37ASR/RFI. 1.875" nominal, 0.937"H x 1.125"W. NSN: 5815-00-600-2911.
$6.75 each
Selector Plage Teletype #28
(MIS) 176110
Telemechanics Corp, USA Selector plate teletype #28. "Tape out/power off", brushed aluminum, black lettering. 2.56" W x 3.04" L overall. 0.045" thickness. Cut-out = 0.95" W x 2.42" L (oval). NSN: 5815-00-887-6476. NOS U.S. Navy.
$9 each - $8 (6+)
Unit Load Governor
120/208v / 3 Phase / 48-420 Hz
(EQP) 69-500
Electro Magnet Industries unit load governor for B-52, B1B, E-3A. 120/208v, 3 phase, 48-420 Hz. 5-3/4" x 4-3/8" x 5-1/2". Alt. P/N: 23500. New surplus. NSN: 6115-00-188-5333.
$395 each
Unit Load Governor
120/208v / 3 Phase / 48-420 Hz
(EQP) 69-785
Technology Research Corp. unit load governor. 120/208v, 3 phase, 48-420 Hz. 5-3/4" x 4-3/8" x 5-1/2". Alt. P/N: 69500. New surplus.
$475 each
Vintage Motor Driven Air Pump
7,000 rpm / 1/15 HP / 27v DC / 3.5 amp
(MOT) 33E03-3-A
Bendix Pioneer-Eclipse Aviation vintage motor driven air pump. 7,000 rpm, 1/15 HP, 27v DC, 3.5 amps. 6-1/2"L x 2-1/2" x 3.5"H. 3.25 lbs. Appears to be new / unused judging by the condition of the screws and overall appearance. Minor bin wear. Item is marked "Feb 2, 1956". We're not sure if that is the production date or de-commission date.
$98 each
Battery Indicator Gauge
(MTR) 504-AB
Stewart-Warner battery indicator gauge for military jeep / truck. "BATT - GEN" arbitrary scale meter. DC volts. Red bar: 18 - 22 & 30 - 34 volt. Yellow bar: 22 - 26v. Green bar: 26 - 30 volt. 2.525"L x 2.281" diameter. Panel mount, 2.375" depth behind mounting flange. 1988 date code. New in the box. Military surplus. NSN: 6625-01-086-9580.
$39 each
SWR Indicator Set
Raytheon SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) indicator set (IM-120/UPM-79) and case (CY-1978/UPM-79) for radar set AN/SPS5B indicator. Includes Weston meter. Includes five 1N25 RF diodes (JBQV-1N25, Kemtron). FS = 30µDC, -2.5 to +1 dB. 6-3/4" x 7-1/4" x 9-1/2". 6 lbs. U.S Navy, circa 1951 - 1962. Used with directional coupler CU-245/U. Frequency range: 6275 - 6575 mc. VSWR: 1.6. Handle has slight bend but is attached. NSN 5840-00-665-2839.
WWII Jammer Transceiver / Receiver from 1944!
Rare, WWII jammer transceiver / receiver from 1944. New in the original box!! Apparently, one of the first iterations of a number of jammer projects initiated during the war. Covers 14 to 50 MHz. Designed to allow listening to locate German ground transmissions and then transmit to jam them.

Appears to be a TRF receiver. Transmitter appears to be a 6J5 oscillator, 6AG7 driver and an 807 final. Should be good for a very conservative 20 watts output. Uses a combination of a 2X2 and a 931A photomultiplier tube as a noise generator producing about a 40 - 150 KHz wide signal. Also has a 5Y3 and 5R4 rectifier. 11 tubes total.

Operates on 80 or 115v AC, 400 to 2600 Hz. Includes spare fuses, pilot lights, tuning indicator lamp and a brief operating manual. No technical manual available.

Measures 10-1/4"W x 7-7/8"H x 21-3/4"L.
(EQP) ES-1210
Bludworth Marine depthometer. 6v, 7.5 amps. Missing tubes. Nice dials, gauges & chassis. May or may not work. Sold as-is.

Dimensions: 12" x 14" x 9"H
Federal Telegraph
Automatic Bearing Indicator
(EQP) CFT55084
Perhaps the only Automatic Bearing Indicators in existence today and new in the crates to boot. Made by Federal Telegraph for WWII and delivered March 31, 1942, right in the thick of it. New technology was being pushed to the edge of the envelope. I suspect they never were adopted as standard equipment. Includes prototype style handmade manual (original and marked restricted of course) with each scope.

Basic theory of operation is a small 1/8 HP 1140 rpm motor drives a goniometer directly and a set of magnetic deflection coils. A 5BP1 CRT is positioned inside the rotating deflection coils and thereby deflected. An optical system consists of an illuminated scale and a mirror so positioned that the reflection of the scale appears to coincide with the pattern obtained on the screen of the CRT.

The manual indicates the following voltages are required:  -800v DC, -650v DC, -160v DC, -135v DC, 6.3v AC and 11 5vac 60 Hz. Only four available. 120 pounds gross weight. 46" long.
Bludworth Marine NK-6
Echo Sounding Equipment
(EQP) NK-6
Hermetically sealed carry case with lid measures 13" x 17" x 28". Does not include pick up device. A-1 condition, looks new.

Frequency Range: 14 - 25 KHz
Power Requirement: 12v DC
Depth: 4-200 feet
• Internal chart recorder
$695 each

(EQP) NK-6/U
Used, average condition.
$495 each
Film or Code Tape
(EQP) 4T104478
J.H. Bunnell film re-winder or code tape. Winds up on back like a manual clock. 5/8" wide tape, 6" diameter spool. Made in the 1940's(?). Brand new in the original box.
MD-53C - APS-20
(EQP) MD-53C
Brand new in the crates! APS-20C Modulator. Includes new vacuum tubes such as (1) JAN 4C35, (3) JAN 1B41 and (6) JAN 3B24W in addition to ceramic tube sockets, blower, 5600/7000v rectifier transformer, 5.1v 18amp filament transformer & choke. Requires 28v DC and 120v AC.
U.S. Navy Communications Vintage Modular Typing Unit
(EQP) 230-S127-61
U.S. Navy Communications vintage modular typing unit / teletype. Looks like a shipboard teletype component, but unable to confirm true purpose. Not tested. Offered as-is. Looks to be new surplus. NOS. Circa 1960.
$225 each
Jackson Laryngoscope
Adult Jackson Laryngoscope. Brass. NOS, Mil-spec. DC: 5/1961. NSN: 6515-00-346-0400. NOTE: Sold for historical display ONLY. Not sold as or implied to be approprate for any medical purposes.
$150 each
Teletype Switch
Siemens Telex Equipment teletype switch. Made for Western Union telex services. New, vintage surplus. Circa 1965. Includes cables. A very rare collector's piece!!
$1,500 each
Antique HV Rectifier
(EQP) RA-90A
Antique High Voltage Rectifier, Signal Corps Number 4815A for SCR-720, AN/APQ-13, AN/APQ-23D Airborne Radar Sets USA, AI MK X Sets U.K. The SCR-720 Series of Airborne Intercept Radar was used in the P-61 ´┐ŻBlack Widow´┐Ż Night Fighter, and the De Haviland Mosquito fighter aircraft, among others. There is a pressure valve on the bottom of the rectifier. The rectifier we opened for pictures was still pressurized! The valve had to be opened in order to remove the outer case for photographs.

Mfg. Philco, Philadelphia, PA. USA Circa 1942-1945. It is a wonderful piece of history in NEW vintage condition. Sold as-is, no guarantee of electrical/mechanical operation. 8.75" H x 8" W x 8"D. 10 pounds. Limited supply. Brand New in Original Box.
$95 each
CG-35ABE / APS-20
Modulator / Spark Gap
General Electric. Brand new in the crates! CG-35ABE Modulator. Includes Rotary Spark Gap, GE 8378385GR1, driven by 1/6 HP 115v AC, 60 Hz motor.

High inductance, high voltage transformer, G.E. Cat.# 83118065, 11,200v (22.8kv peak). Motorized (with G.E. 115v AC, 60 Hz drive motor) voltage regulator / variac, 115v AC (±30.4%), 60 Hz, 16.2 amps, 132 pounds. 24" deep x 28" wide x 59" high. F16-M-40951-2491.

Crated weight 1,460 pounds. APS-20 radar systems were the heart of WWII surveillance, used in the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and P2V-2S Neptune.

This new and complete unit contains all of the items featured on this page plus many more! In today’s dollars the CG-35 sold for $250,000 about 60 years ago. We have no nomenclature on this unit and can supply no operational instruction or advice. Surplus Sales is not responsible for the use or misuse of this apparatus. Only qualified personnel should attempt any experimentation involving the CG-35. May contain products considered hazardous to today’s standards.

We are thinning the herd. I have 50 units in stock and will conduct a sale until 25 have been sold. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own both a piece of history and an excellent building block to many different energy related projects.
$3,995 each
AN / APS-3 X Band
18-1/2" Dish
Nice directional X-Band motorized dish. Naval surplus. Waveguide fitting has round fine threaded fitting.

Freq Range: 8.2 - 12.4 GHz
Power Requirement: 27.5v DC, 3 amps
RF Connector: WR-90, round
$995 each
Racal Marine Radar LTD
Turning Unit
(EQP) 65361/MAA
Crated, new Racal antenna turning unit. Standard: 4.2m. Steering: 2.6m. Date coded 1/84. Only 1 available.
Call for Pricing
Interconnecting Box
(EQP) J532/U
Interconnecting box. Part of radio set AN/TRC-24. Power accessories group OA-1676 / GRC; SC-C-64575. Includes CG-718/U Type No., CY-1343/TRC Type No., J-532/U Type No., SA-331/U Type No., ME-82/U Type No. NSN: 5820-295-9824.
$175 each
DY94 / GRC - 10
(PS) DY94/GRC-10
A dynamotor power supply that is built like a tank. We have a supply of NEW, NEVER USED units! Power up your own homebrew mobile radio or your vintage GRC-10 transmitter / receiver set.
Input: 115v / 230v AC, 50-60 Hz or 26v DC
Output: 550.0 vdc @130.0 mA, 250.0 vdc @100.0 mA, 200.0 vdc @ 100.0 mA, 26.4 vdc @ 1.66 A, 26.4 vdc @ 1.33 A, -25.0 vdc @ 10.0 mA, -2.0 vdc @ 20.0 mA and 115.0 vac
• Internal blower
• Includes full documentation and schematics
• Weighs in at 57 pounds
• Made by Motorola
RCA Radar Antenna Unit
(ANT) MI555915
RCA heavy duty weatherproof ship board radar antenna turning unit. 115v, 60 Hz operation. 18" x 27" base box. Rotating plate is 8-1/2" x 24". 364 pounds gross weight. We have these new in the crate.
Submarine Panel Lens
(LMP) 21L240-1
Vari Equip Co. submarine panel lens. Plastic, gray lens with red filter. Flat, smooth face and back. Press-fit. DC: 93. NSN: 6210-00-539-9705.
$65 each - $63 (10+), $60 (50+)
Blackout Head Lamp
(LMP) 5944096
Standard Steel Works (USA) blackout head lamp. Unwired. 24v. Army green paint finish on bezel, hood. NOS. Mil-spec. DC: 1961. NSN: 6220-00-295-1753.
$45 each - $43 (3+)
Blackout Head Lamp
(LMP) 7765209
U.S. Army blackout head lamp. 1969. Lamp 4-1/2", 24v. P/N: G220-283-9906.
$95 each
X Band - Radar
Transmitter / Receiver
(EQP) MI-555601A
New, unused RCA Marine Transmitter Receivers. 1960-70 technology. Yes, that means vacuum tubes. Mfg. May 1963. Includes HV power supply. 10-1/2" x 12-1/2" x 25-1/2" long. Some tubes were removed by previous owner thus units not operational. Sold as-is. No nomenclature.Vacuum tubes include (but not limited to):

• Mullard JP9-2.5 Magnetron with WR-90 output
• Six 6EW6
• 6EA8
• Four 0A2
• 115NO180 Time Delay Relay
$495 each
Norden Bombsight
CP17 / APA-46
(EQP) CP17/APA-46
Rate end computer made by Burroughs Adding Machine Company. Weapons systems technology of 1948 made for US Army Air Force. This is the gyro end of the bombsight. We are not implying this is a complete system. New in the crate.

Several years back the Smithsonian Museum acquired one of our Norden Bomb Sight gyros to restore the Enola Gay to its original condition. During restoration, a technician noticed the gyro installed in the aircraft was dated in the 1950's and could not have been the model in the original installation. Since our gyros are the correct model and date, the switch was made.

Call for Pricing
Shipboard Control Indicator
C8271 / SLA-15
(EQP) C8271
Shipboard "Control Indicator" is designed to check many radar systems on the ship. 115v AC / 400 Hz input. Sold as-is in unknown condition. Very heavy. Expect freight to be costly.
$295 each
Aircraft Computer Test Set
TS717A / APG-26
(EQP) TS-717A
Aircraft computer test set is apparently designed to check many systems on shipboard aircraft. Includes airtight transit case (23" x 28" x 20" high) with fold down handles and hookup cables and appear to be unused or near new. Historical value + many cools parts and meters. Very heavy, approx. 250 pounds. Expect freight to be costly. I have only two in stock.
$495 each
OA-493 / APS-20
Parabolic Dish
Includes AS-539 Horn
Brand new in the crates! APS-20 Parabolic Dish. Use AS-539 Horn. 38-3/4" high, 102-1/2" wide. Aluminum dish, black anodized, on swivel base. APS-20 radar systems were the heart of WWII surveillance, used in the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and P2V-2S Neptune.
Call for Pricing
Repeat Indicator
ID-128B / APS20
(EQP) ID-128B
"Repeat Indicator" is an intregal part of the APS-20 radar system. This is a remote display housing made by GE in 1951. Requires a CRT with 8 pin octal base (not included). Notice the transparent compass overlay. 15" long x 10" max diameter. Naturally, these are New In the Box. For more details click link.
$95 each
Periscope Viewer
(EQP) 6556-A1
Periscope viewer made for use in WWII. New in box complete with cosmoline applied around mounting ring (shiny black ring in middle of photo). Made by Fairchild.

COSMOLINE 1062 is a fairly thin, soft, grease-like material. If you have never come in contact with it, this may be the chance of a lifetime.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Shipboard Alarm Panel
Shipboard alarm panel. New, unused. Only one available. NSN: 6320-01-287-0093.
Printer Line Control Unit
(EQP) COQ-23403
Printer line control unit made for use in WWII and after. Includes nice 100-0-100 DCMA panel meter and 2500 ohm, 25w rheostat not to mention the handsome angle top box. You might expect to pay more for the meter alone than our asking price for the whole instrument. 6"W x 8-1/8"D x 6-1/2" overall height. Item will arrive in it's original sealed box, including instructions. This items is a historic collectible, and assumed to be functional, but is sold as-is.
$99 each
Amplifier for APS-20 System
(EQP) T-120B/APS-20
Amplifier for APS-20 System. New, unused.
$195 each
Goggles De-Icer
(EQP) 5002770
Okay, all you Artic "dark season" campers, no need for the night vision goggles to ice over any more. Just fasten each see thru, heated lens over your binocular optics and you're fog free. Heater, cables and green canvas carry case included. Electro-Optics Lab. New in the box, Military Surplus.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Air Speed & Altitude Unit for Mark 18 Gun Sight Assembly
Airspeed and altitude unit for Mark 18 gun sight assembly. Does not appear to have been used based on the condition of the mounting holes. No box or tags. In excellent, vintage condition. Some age related wear. A real beauty.
Antique SCR-720 "Night-Fighting" Radar BC-1150-B Control Box
(EQP) BC1150-B
Western Electric antique SCR-720 "Night-Fighting" radar control box. Inspection tag labeled 1954. The "SCR" series of airborne radar was used in the P-61 "Black Widow" Night Figher and the DeHaviland Mosquito aircraft, among others. Sold as-is. A real collector's piece.
Antique Firing Motor Switch
The National Acme Company (Cleveland, OH) antique firing snap-lock motor switch for 40mm gun mount. 9.5 lbs. Sold as collector's piece only. Mfg. P/N: 3P-HL1200. Awesome!
Antique Firing Motor Switch
The National Acme Company (Cleveland, OH) antique firing snap-lock motor switch for 40mm gun mount. Nameplate not imprinted, never installed. 9.5 lbs. Sold as collector's piece only. Mfg. P/N: 3P-1200. Excellent condition.
Antique Alignment Indicator I-210
(EQP) I-210C
Antique alignment indicator I-210 with lead, manual and "Magic Eye" JAN-CHS-6E5 tube. A component of maintenance equipment ME-40 used to align the SCR-300 (BC-1000) transceiver. Vacuum tube 6E5 (VT-215) voltage determined by the size of the shadow appearing on the fluorescent screen of the tube. Input resistance: 6 Megohms, Voltage indicator (3 ranges): 4.5, 6 and 30 volts.
$65 each
Modulator Monitor
U.S. Navy Department - Bureau of Ships type CKP-50AEH, modulator monitor, Serial 8. A unit of BM-2 radio equipment. Does not appear to have been used, based on the lack of friction marks at mount holes. No original box or tags. Internal mirror is highly polished metal, grid screen is plastic. Hing is spring loaded. In excellent vintage condition, assuming WWII era. Gorgeous. Mfg. by Air King Products, Brooklyn, NY.
Antique BC-1145-A Control Box
(EQP) BC1145-A
Delco Radio Division, General Motors Corp. antique BC-1145-A control box for receiver / transmitter BC-800-A; part of SCR-729-A set. On / off switch is not installed on this unit.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Antique BC-732-A Localizer Control Box
(EQP) BC732-A
Delco Radio, Division of General Motors Corp., Kokomo, IN. antique BC-732-A localizer control box. A unit of BC-733 adn AN/ARN-5. Brand new in the box. So new that the dessicant pack that was put in the box in 1945 is still fresh and loose.
Vintage US Coast Guard Depth Indicator
(EQP) ID-774/SQN-11
Kearfott Company Inc. vintage U.S. Coast Guard depth indicator. Unit for Sonar Sounding Set AN/SQN-11. Contract TCG 40956 for Bludworth Marine. May have been pulled from service judging from the condition of the rubber coating on the two front switches. Could also be bin wear / handling damage. Overall, in excellent vintage condition. This item sold as a collector's piece only. No guarantee of electro-mechanical function.
$75 each
Receiver Transfer Switchboard
(EQP) SB-973/SRR
Tabet Mfg. Co. receiver transfer switchboard. AF switching, 5 receivers, 10 remotes. Features 10-7 position rotary selector switches. Multiple receivers may be connected to one switchboard. Brand new Navy surplus. NSN: 5820-00-892-3300.
$1,195 each
Receiver Transfer Switchboard
(EQP) SB-973/SRR-2
Tabet Mfg. Co. receiver transfer switchboard. AF switching, 5 receivers, 10 remotes. Features 10-7 position rotary selector switches. Multiple receivers may be connected to one switchboard. Brand new Navy surplus. NSN: 5820-00-892-3300. NOTE: Same item as (EQP) SB-973/SRR. These pieces may be missing a side or top plate, nomenclature tag, or black trim around the dial face of the unit. Insides are the same.
$975 each
Vintage Teletype Model 40 Dataset Cable
(WAA) TP341896
Vintage teletype Model 40 dataset cable. NOS. Mil-spec. Made in the USA for the US Military. NSN: 5815-01-033-9261.
$45 each
Antique Eimac High Vacuum Rectifier Tube
(TUR) 2-450A
Antique Eimac high vacuum rectifier tube. Peak inverse plate voltage, 30,000 max volts. Plate dissipation, 450 max watts. D-C plate current, 1 max amp. Peak plate current, 8 max amp. 4 pin metal shell base. Great display piece. Sold as collectors piece only! Originally used in military radar sets. This piece dates back to 1970. Some oxidation of pins and caps, otherwise New in the box!
$199 each
Jay-El 10PC Console Lighted Pushbutton Switch Set
(SWP) T314012-SET
Jay-El 10 PC console lighted pushbutton switch set.
  • 6 x 10648SP14-15
  • 2 x 10648SP14-33
  • 2 x 10648SP14-3
Waterproof bezel panel mount. 115 VAC / 28 VDC, 1 amp. One position momentary, 2 PDT. 3-1/2" L x 1" W x 1" HT. NOS.
$485 each