Telegraph Keys
Les Logan Speed-X T-Bar Telegraph
Les Logan antique Speed-X T-Bar telegraph key. Left paddle has "Bullseye" rings inscribed into material. Made in San Francisco, CA USA.
$495 each
Vibroplex "Presentation" Model Telegraph
Vibroplex antique "Presentation" model telegraph key. Orginial gold plated brass base plate has tarnished and requires polishing (if desired, that is up to you!). Minor condition issues with unchromed metal due to age. Serial #: 233260. USA
$295 each
Vibroflex Lightning Bug Keyer
(EQP) 221549
Vibroflex lightning bug keyer. Looks used but comes with original box.
$165 each
L.S. Brach Flameproof Key
(EQP) J-5-A
L.S. Brach flameproof key. U.S. Army Signal Corps part SC253A. Order # 2670 NY 41. Newark, NJ USA.
$95 each
NYE Viking Keyer
(EQP) NYE-310-001
NYE Viking keyer. Base key - nickel. Highest quality. Includes cord and 1/4" plug. Brand new in the box!!
SRS #: 380080-00-900.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Autek Memory Keyer
(EQP) MK-1
Autek Research memory keyer.
$95 each
Navy Telegraph Key
Control Panel
(EQP) SB315B/U
Dittmore-Freimuth Corp control panel. I'll bet you don't have this key in your collection! You're really up town with this one. Add to that a 1/4" jack for I/O that wires directly to the key. Then a jumbo red pilot lens wired internally to the toggle switch with an optional resistor for 115v/ 230v optional wiring. 5-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 6" high. All saltwater sealed. New, never used. Only 2 in stock.
$225 each