Ham Equipment: 2 Meter Boards
Two Meter Boards
Receiving / Transmitting
2 meter FM transmitter and receiver boards. Top quality, new surplus, 4 channel crystal control, 2-5 watts RF out, 7.5-13 vdc, now only 150 MHz business band but easily move down to 2 meters. Made by Uniden for Midlands. Boy did we sell a bunch of these the first time around. We've been out for years but now a small batch has surfaced.

Great opportunity for experimenting with remote control, balloon telemetry, etc... Crystals available from International. Boards measure 2-5/8" x 4" x 5/8" high.

Receiving board weighs 0.1506 lbs and the transmitting board weighs 0.1316 lbs.
*** SOLD OUT ***