"SMA" Cables: "SMA" to Other Series
"SMA" / "SMB" Cable
(WRF) 131434-1
"SMA" / "SMB" cable, M/A-COM AMP. 9" long. Thermax, 50 ohm cable. "SMA" right angle male to "SMB" right angle plug. (Female contact).
*** SOLD OUT ***
"SMA" / "SMB" Cable
(WRF) 1314300
"SMA" / "SMB" cable same as left except 5-1/4" long. Thermax, 50 ohm cable. "SMA" right angle male to "SMB" right angle plug (Female contact).
$9 each - $8 (5+), $6.90 (25+)
"N" Male to "SMA" Right Angle Male
(WRF) 507-165
EZ Form 0.141" flexible hardline cable. "N" male to "SMA" right angle male.
$12 each
"BNC" Female Bulkhead Mount to "SMA" Male
50 ohm
(WRF) 30-P44155D001
"BNC" female bulkhead mount with O-ring to "SMA" male. 50 ohms. RG-316 cable. 5" long.
$9.75 each - $8.50 (6+)
"SMA" Bulkhead Female Jack to Right Angle Male "MMCX" Plug
(WRF) 4150072006
Johnson "SMA" bulkhead female jack to right angle male "MMCX" plug. RG-178 cable. 5" long. New in the package.
$24 each - $19 (6+)
Semi-Flexible "SMA" Male to "BNC" Male Jumper
(WRF) PCBL-E9409
EZ Form 0.141" semi-rigid / flexible jumper. "SMA" male to "BNC" male. 7" cable, 8" overall length.
$13 each
"BNC" Female to "SMA" Male
"BNC" female (RG-19) to "SMA" male. RG-316 cable. 10" long.
$15 each
"SMA" Male to "TNC" Male
(WRF) 104929-001
Kings "SMA" male to "TNC" male. Stainless steel. Silver. RG-316 cable. 9" long.
$29 each
"SMA" Female Bulkhead to "SMB" Male Jack
(WRF) 9021-0096-00/03
"SMA" female bulkhead to "SMB" male jack. RG-316 cable. 11" cable, 12" overall length. DC: 94+.
$15 each - $13.70 (6+), $12 (25+)
"N" Male to "SMA" Male
(WRF) 3009846W01
"N" male to "SMA" male. M17/128-RG400 cable. 18" long.
$32 each
"SMA" Male to "SMB" Female Plug
50 ohm
"SMA" male to "SMB" female plug. 50 ohms. RG-316 cable. 48" long.
$19 each
"SMA" Male to "SMB" Male
50 ohm
(WRF) 50SMA-M/SMB-M-72
"SMA" male to "SMB" male cable. 50 ohms. Gold connectors. 72" long.
$18 each
"SMA" Male to "TNC" Female
Gold TFE
(WRF) 2000-12207-1
RF cable assembly. "SMA" male to "TNC" female. Gold TFE (PTFE). 6" long. 0.141" semi-rigid. NSN: 5995-00-036-6288.
$49 each - $45 (5+)
"SMA" Right Angle Plug to "TNC"
Bulkhead - RG-188 / 50 Ohm
(WRF) 5187965
"SMA" right angle plug and "TNC" bulkhead jack connectors, 55" total length, RG-188, 50 ohm.
$22 each - $20 (3+)
"SMA" Male Plug to "TNC"
Bulkhead - 0.141" Semi-Rigid
(WRF) 405934-1
"SMA" male plug and "TNC" bulkhead jack connectors, 6" total length. Bends as shown.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"SMA" Male to "TNC" Male
(WRF) 400279-38-36
"SMA" male to "TNC" male. RG-223/U. 36" long.
$25 each - $23 (3+)
"SMA" Right Angle Male to "SMB" Right Angle Female Cable
"SMA" right angle male to "SMB" right angle female cable. RG-178 double shield. 50 ohms. 30" long.
$15 each
Reverse "SMA" Male to Sub-Mini Right Angle Male Connector
Panel mount reverse "SMA" - male to right angle - sub-mini right angle cable. Male connector 0.094" outside diameter outer shell. RG-178U Thermax cable. 13" long.
$15 each