General Radio Connectors: Adapters
Tektronix Signal Pickoff
50 ohm
(RF) CT-3
Tektronix 50 ohm signal pickoff. "BNC" female signal out, 10% into 50 ohm (slightly bent). GR-874 signal in / out (99%). Locking connectors. Tektronix P/N: 017-061.
*** SOLD OUT ***
General Radio Double Banana Plug
(BP) 874-Q10
General Radio double banana plug. GR-874 connector. New, surplus.
General Radio "Tee" Set
(CRF) GR-874-VR/VQ
General Radio "tee" set. Used. Includes 1 of each:
  • 874-VR: Voltmeter Rectifier Tee, GR-874 connectors
  • 874-VQ: Voltmeter Detector Tee, GR-874 connectors
General Radio Double Binding Post
(CRF) 874-Q2
General Radio double binding post. GR874 connector. New, surplus.
*** SOLD OUT ***
GR-874 to "N" Male Locking 874 Connector
(CRF) 0874-QNPL
General Radio GR-874 to "N" male locking 874 connector. 50 ohm. Used.
$45 each
General Radio
General Radio locking double ended coupling.
$65 each
General Radio Tee
(CRF) 0874-TL
General Radio tee. Locking.
$45 each
General Radio Elbow
(CRF) 874-EL
Standard 90º elbow fitting.
$29 each

(CRF) 874-ELL
Locking 90º elbow.
$35 each
General Radio Tee
(CRF) 874-TEE
Standard 3 port fitting.
$35 each
General Radio
Bulkhead Feed-Thru
Can be used without locking style too. Total length 2-5/8". Fits panel up to 1/2" thick.
$39 each